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Comprehensive Guide for Buying a Poker Table In 2018

Do you have a group of friends who love to play poker together every so often? Whether you are a certified poker fanatic or only play occasionally with friends or family, buying a poker table is certainly a boon. However, it is essential to do your homework before you actually buy one. This poker table buying guide gives you some important factors you should consider:

The very first thing you need to ponder upon is, how many players are going to be seated on this table and how often are you going to use it for other purposes?

One of the main criteria you should consider is whether you’d like to place your poker table in your home. There are three main choices of poker tables to consider if you want a table that has pride of a permanent place in your recreational room or home. Take heed that poker tables are expensive and actually a long-term investment, they can survive several years of use. Indeed, it will be presented as a masterpiece of furniture of any home poker room.

Quick Overview of the Main Choices of Poker Tables

  • The race track style poker table can be a great addition to your recreational room or kitchen. One of its main benefits is that it features a felt or cloth surface that can be easily replaced.
  • Octagonal table models made of birch or oak are most elegant tables that can work well in almost any room including your dining room. These tables can give you the aesthetic appeal and dual functionality you desire. One of the main downsides of these all-wood models is that they can scratch very easily. Moreover, picking cards up from furnished surfaces can be a little challenging.
  • You can also select a standard all-felt table which offers a larger playing surface. Although this table is nothing fancy, it’s generally more comfortable and conducive than other models especially when it comes to playing the game.
  • Foldable poker tables are perfect for people who want a more portable option that can be easily thrown into the truck for a thrilling game outdoors or at your lake house. These tables are also great for people who don’t have a lot of space in their apartments or homes.
  • The kitchen table would work perfectly if you were to play with just a few friends and family. But, if you have regular gatherings, it is high time you sort things out. Sorting the food and buying the beer is the easy part, and you might have all the cards and poker chips you need, but do you have a good, reliable poker table?

If people want the professional poker feel, then finding the right poker table is very important. However, in order to ensure that your gathering feels like it’s actually playing on the WSOP, you need to sort a few things out.

If you are looking for economic poker table, foldable and tabletop versions are priced quite reasonably. Whereas, for professional-level of game play, high-quality poker tables featuring wooden legs work best. They are similar to the poker tables used in casinos and have a solid construction.

Which Factors Should You Consider When Buying a Poker Table?

Before buying a poker table for your basement, home or bar’s recreational space, we have recommended a few important points for consideration. Do you have a dedicated room such as a library, den or games room? How much space have you devoted to your poker table? What part of the room will the table occupy? Do you use that space for other activities?

Budget is also a very important factor when shopping for a card table. After all, you can spend a lot or a little on your poker table and experts recommend having a clear idea of the amount of money you want to spend before you actually start looking or shopping for a poker table.

You will find myriads of options available in the market from metal folding feet to solid wooden-made legs, cheaper-looking felt to premium-quality of slick felt. And, you will also discover widespread shapes and sizes of the table. Based on your desired features, budget and available space, you can decide on your final option.

You should have a clear idea of the type of poker table you want for the space in your den or home before heading out to buy the table. There’s a very wide range of poker tables available in the market, of all different styles and sizes. This guide will help you choose the type of poker table that is best suited for the home, den or space in question.

1.Consider the space available for your poker table

One of the most important considerations you should make when choosing the best poker table for your home or den is the space available. Designate and measure the space where your table will be situated. It’s also important to take other pieces of equipment and furniture into consideration. Consider how well your home, den or recreational room can be navigated once you place the table in the designated area. On the other hand, if you want to buy a large poker table for several people to sit around, you should also take the space chairs will occupy into consideration. Once you’ve designated and measured a suitable space where your table will be located, the process of choosing a poker table can begin.

2.Your style of Poker Game

Before you start to look for a poker table with huge options, consider what style of poker you and your group of friends normally prefer to play. Each poker table is designed for specific style of poker, some of them are made for seven-card stud while others are designed to be a Texas Holdem poker table. Choose your style first and then pick your best-suited poker table.

3.​Playing surface

Although it’s important to consider the aesthetics and general appeal of your poker table, you should not forget the playing surface. Remember, felt comes in a very wide variety of qualities and types. According to most experienced players, speed felt material is the best. However, you can choose any material whether it’s velveteen, or wool felt. Just make sure that the type of material you choose is durable and sturdy. After all, you want a table and playing surface you’ll play on for years to come.

  • Tabletop Poker table

Most popular and widely used poker tables are the tabletop versions. Look for a tabletop version that comes with a superior quality of carrying bag to maneuver the tabletop around. Even though these are tabletop versions, they can be quite heavy in weight and thus require a high-quality endurable bag. Best bags are the ones which feature double-stitching.

Cheaper tabletops will use felt that quickly balls up after few games. Look for a tabletop poker table that uses high-quality felt so that the playing cards slide smoothly over it.

Tabletops can be found in varieties of sizes and shapes for you to find the best fit. They are designed to be lightweight in nature and space-saving in design. Either you can fold these tabletops into half or third of their total open size or roll them up for easy storage. Both these designs can be stored away conveniently and also can be carried around anywhere you wish.

  • Roll-up poker tables

Roll-up poker tables fall under the category of tabletop versions. They are generally square or octagonal in shape. As the names suggest, the roll-up poker tables are designed to be space-saving and spare a lot of room. They are also much affordable as compared to Casino poker tables. You can set them up on top of any table, but note that they might slip a bit on varnished wooden tables.

Roll-up tables are typically blue and have a sticky surface in order to ensure that the table does not slide around, especially during play. They are water-resistant and are usually sized at about 70 inches x 35 inches. They can also be stored away easily for future use. However, some fold-able poker tables might start curling up around the edges if handled carelessly or roughly. Therefore, it’s extremely important to ensure that you take good care of your roll-up table and replace when worn. The average price is around $60 to $100.

  • Solid Furniture-style

Solid furniture style poker table will not fold up for convenient storage. It stands up on its legs as a piece of furniture and demands a permanent space to be allotted for it to be used along with the chairs. Furniture style poker tables come in distinct price ranges from cheaper versions to the ones that cost quite a few thousand dollars.

  • Collapsible poker tables

One of the best things about collapsible poker tables is that they usually stand on their own and require no support from other tables. They are smaller than regular/standard poker tables and don’t offer the same sense or level of luxury. However, if you desire a sense of realism, stand-alone poker tables are perfect. These tables will fit up to ten players at a push. However, they are best with eight players. However, if you are a dealer, you might prefer the 9-player poker table which has a dedicated section for the dealer. Moreover, the armrests are usually padded and the felt is thicker when compared to tabletop versions. Collapsible poker tables almost feel like real tables. Although prices vary greatly, they come in at a price range of about $400 to $600.

  • Professional tables

Let’s just be straight; professional poker tables are very expensive. However, the quality is miles away from any of the before mentioned poker tables. In fact, when you buy a professional poker table, you can rest assured that it will last a lifetime. They are typically sized at about 98 inches x 488 inches and they can easily fit up to 10 players with one poker dealer around the edge.

They are usually set lower to the floor than stand-alone tables and extremely sturdy. There are plenty of add-ons you can buy from chip holders to cup holders. However, if you want luxury you can ask about the high-quality mahogany finish. However, such tables cost about $4,000 to $8,000 as a whole. This makes professional poker tables a worthy purchase especially if you play regularly or have the space at home or in your den.

  • Premium poker tables with Extras

You can ask about premium poker tables especially if you want a TV-ready poker table. These come with all the flashy and snazzy extras which include lights around the edge, under-table lipstick cameras and an automatic shuffling machine (for cards) you can easily commentate on your poker games. However, it’s particularly essential to understand that these tables will dent your bank account at around $12,000 to $20,000. Be warned, premium poker tables are a hearty investment. Either way, if you’ve got the space and are a big poker fan, go for it! It will certainly take your game to the whole new level.

  • Customized Poker Table

For those of you who love professional-level poker table, but don’t really fancy the space-eating design, go buy a Customized dining top. Its topper is designed such that the surface for playing poker is fully concealed inside, and you can use the table for any other applications. One huge advantage of customized poker table is that the felt won’t be damaged at all, no matter for what purpose you use the table. Many people actually use their dining or kitchen table to play poker. But, customized poker table is a real poker table above which a removable plain surface is assembled that works as a dining table. Astonishing, isn’t it?

  • Kitchen table/poker table combo

Imagine splashing the cash to get a huge poker table just to realize that you have no space for your normal day-to-day activities. What are you going to do? The solution is very simple; buy a wooden table topper. This way, you can use your table as a normal kitchen table when you’re not playing. These tables are commonly used by very many poker enthusiasts and have proven to be a great compromise especially for home poker players with partners who don’t like poker.

  • Side table

Side poker tables are perfect for people with limited space in their homes or dens/recreational rooms but a surface is still needed, either for storage or drinks. These tables are small and can be easily and conveniently placed at the side of your sofa even in living rooms.

  • Folding poker tables

Folding tables also come under the category of tabletop versions. Folding tables are recommended for people who do have enough space for permanent installation of the table. Such tables are quick to assemble and easy to store. They are mass produced and are usually found at any of the chain stores for around $80 to $120. They can be octagonal in shape and when fully opened they can comfortably seat up to 8 poker players. They are typically topped with felt and can come in a wide range of colors including green. The tables often come with chip and drink holders giving players the true professional poker feel. Some folding tables come in an oval shape with a comfortable, cushioned edge in order to create a sense of luxury.

This might just be the perfect table for your den or recreational rooms. You can use a foldable poker table fleetingly when you need it and simply fold it up and store it away when you need more room for other activities. Besides being readily available in most outlets, foldable tables are also cost-effective in comparison to professional poker tables, large coffee tables or dining tables. Some of the exclusive folding poker tables also come with foldable chairs for your suitability.

Tabletop should be such that the edges of the table must not be overlapped. If it does overlap, there are high chances of the player turning or flipping the top while he sits or stands. You can find folding tables in metal as well as plastic material covered in lively colors of fabric. Some of them also come all-included with chip holders.

4.Base of the Poker Table

A professional-level poker table is assembled using these equipment: poker table set, a frame, base foundation, cushion and a tabletop/countertop. Each of this element is crafted using different material, designed to fulfill different purposes. Standard poker tables generally come in oval shape and the edges of the countertop are reinforced with unique rubber profile. This rubber profile carries aspects of elasticity. Frame and table set are two core elements of a poker table. Both of them determine the even flooring of the table and they are supposed to be crafted using specific technology with the help of MDF or hardwood. As for base of the table, Natural slate is the most preferred material to be used for it. Not only does this material has elasticity, but it also has extreme strength. Some models might use stone or chipboard as a material for base, but none of them compare to Natural slate. Wood poker tables are constructed from Mahogany, a derivative of tropical trees that beautifully suits the poker table. It has amazing texture, good strength and is easy-to-process. Most of the furniture is made from Mahogany and the poker table made from the same, looks very elegant and expensive.

5.What’s the appropriate material for your den table?

Glass Besides giving a room a modern and classy feel, glass tables can also be used for both dining tables and coffee tables. However, when it comes to a den or recreational room, a glass poker table might be too formal. Metal Just like glass tables, metal tables also create a classy, modern aesthetic. These tables are usually lightweight and some metal tables can just be taken apart to ensure that they can be easily moved around. Remember, a lot of side tables and foldable tables are usually made from metals especially light metals.

Wood Top tiers of table games made from wood come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. Some wooden tables come with central pedestal designs and some with legs. Some of these tables come with traditional wood designs such as molding accented edges and banister legs. You can wooden poker tables in round, octagon, square and many other shapes.

Regardless of the style and shape, one of the things that make wood poker tables best is its ability to accommodate many players in close quarters. In fact, you can find very many wood tables that can accommodate up to four or six matching chairs. Some wood poker tables have plain surfaces that are suitable for cocktails and meals. Wooden poker tables can give your room a traditional or rustic feel. However, this depends on the type and quality of wood used. Mahogany, pine and large oak poker tables are robust and sturdy enough to be used in informal settings. They can become an impressive centerpiece of your den or dedicated room.

However, one of the main problems with wooden tables is that they can be quite heavy and hard or impossible to take apart without damaging them. Therefore, this is one of the main factors you must take into consideration especially in terms of how easy a poker table of this weight can be carried into the room. Plastic Although plastic poker tables are light and cheap, they don’t add much value to any room especially in terms of aesthetics. However, plastic tables are the most affordable of all poker tables available. Moreover, most plastic tables come in form of foldable tables so plastic foldable tables may be the best option especially if permanent poker tables are not desired.

7.How often do you play poker?

If you don’t plan on playing poker all that often, a poker table topper might just be the best option for you. The table topper will simply slide over the table you own currently, creating a great poker lobby instantly. Moreover, you simply need to fold it away once you’ve finished playing; no hassle, no mess. However, if you play more often than not, you should invest in a proper poker table. Remember, nobody really wants to play poker on a rickety or unstable table every day. Getting a stationary poker table ensures that you’re always ready to host a group of poker enthusiasts and start playing right away.

8.How many poker players?

Consider the size of your poker gang. If it has less than ten members, then one poker table is enough. Or else, if the players exceed more than 18, you will definitely need to purchase an extra poker table. Remember, if you want to execute a multi-table poker competition, you should think about the cost. Would hiring a few poker tables be a better option? If you’re not planning on hosting multiple tournaments, then we recommend hiring the number of poker tables you need. If the tournaments are later followed by a live-action poker game, then it is better to invest in one high-quality poker table for these live games. And, purchase several affordably-priced tabletop versions for the tournaments.

9.Consider the felt/speed cloth

Even though most of us say that poker table is covered with felt, it is not really what it sounds like. True felt is challenging to work with and not very smooth surface to slide cards. Moreover, felt is also very prone to damage easily and tiny balls of lint can be seen on the surface. So, what exactly is used to cover a poker table, if not felt? Similar in nature to felt, a material named as “Velveteen” is used on low-end poker tables. The predominant material here is Speed cloth, made from olefin and polyester. But, you will also find different types in them viz. Crushed velvet or nylon velvet. Later two types are much softer and cheaply priced, but cards do not slide very smoothly on them.

As for patterned speed cloth made from polyester, the cards slide effortlessly on them. Non-patterned speed cloth is another type available for all of those who don’t like the touch and feel of patterned ones. However, again non-patterned speed cloth has an extremely smooth surface which might cause the cards to fly off the table while dealing. For smooth sliding of cards across the table, you will need to look for a premium quality of sheet. Any sheet of cloth that contains about 80%-20% ratio of cotton and polyester blend will work suitably and also provide longevity. However, these are the cheapest option. The most common colors are blue and green but you might also get grey, red and even yellow. You also have various patterns to choose from including spots, stripes, and suites. You need to open and spread out the sheet for covering the table and later it can be folded down when not in use. Speed cloth generally costs about $30 to $35 per yard and the entire playing surface can be covered for just $70. However, if you’re not certain, you can order sample packs which are offered by most reputable retailers. You should just choose the color and style that matches the general décor of your recreational room and house. For instance, if your house has a neutral décor, then a red or purple table might not be the best choice as it will stand out too much. Take your time because there is a lot you should think about.

People who love the idea of customization would love to order Custom cloth. It is a funky way of decorating and personalizing the surface of your poker table. Any image, logo, banner, designs, patterns can be printed onto this cloth, as per your liking. However, it demands extra charges ranging from about $300 to $500. Choosing pre-designed options will be cheaper, but if you are to select complex or multi-colored patterns or huge image to be printed on your cloth, the cost will be very high.

10.Do you need any extras?

The first thing you should consider before committing your money to buying a poker table is the comfort of players. Do you want them to struggle on some battered chairs, or would you rather sit through the evening in comfort? The chairs need to match the décor of the room as well. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the chairs you choose look the part and this might cost a fair penny. On the other hand, if you want to protect your table, you should get a poker table cover which is ideal for keeping debris and dust off your brand new poker table. The table cover might set you back about $40, but it’s definitely a worthy purchase. So, you should go ahead and buy the poker table of your dreams. It’ll probably set you back a few thousand dollars but it’s definitely worth it.

11.What about drinks?

This question is often overlooked. However, you also need to imagine the potential spillages and stains on your new poker table. You can prepare for this with personalized drink holders. Drink holders can sit conveniently next to players and they can also be shared. Therefore, you might need about 3 or 4 drink holders for a table that sits 7 to 9 players. Do you want food and drinks to be near or on the playing surface? The inconvenience and damage that can result from spillage have driven many poker table owners to make a general rule that drinks of any kind are not allowed at or near the table. Therefore, if you want to allow your guests to imbibe through the game, buying a poker table with cup holders is a very wise idea. After all, if your guests don’t have a good place to rest their favorite drinks they’ll start setting beverages directly on the playing surface and spill is virtually inevitable.

When choosing cup holders, a rule of thumb is to make sure that the cup holders are 3 inches deep and 2¾ inches in diameter in order to ensure that they can easily accommodate both cans and bottles. Cup holders can either be in the armrests, underneath the table or on the table itself. All in all, the beauty of poker is versatility. Remember, poker players can play in a high-class Monte Carlo casino or in a park bench or anywhere in between. All in all, having a poker table can create an atmosphere that is not only fun but also professional. No matter what table you choose and the features it has, having fun is the most important thing. Besides playing losses, buying the most extensive poker table will likely be one of the biggest expenses you’ll incur. Remember, prices vary from more than several hundred dollars for hand crafted design tables to less than a hundred dollars for basic table tops.

Remember, you can only get three main type of poker tables; solid furniture, folding tables and simple table tops. Table tops are simply that; table top covers that are placed on top of other tables. However, one of the most important factors in choosing a poker table top is ensuring that it matches the tabletop you plan on placing it on. However, since most table tops are octagonal, they bet fit on round or square tables. However, you should avoid tops with that overlap the edges of your poker table, because they are prone to be caught and flipped especially when players sit or rise. However, tables without the top are the best because players will have the best experience when playing on tables without the table tops. Therefore, if you want to use tables without the table tops you can cover them with sheets of felt.

Coming into More Details

Poker games can take quite a long time and you might have lost the number of weekends or evenings that have turned into days or evenings seeing poker games right through their thrilling end. This is one of the main reasons why you need to be comfortable. The bumper provides a great place for you and your guests to rest your elbows and arms. Consider buying a poker table that is thicker than the standard in order to maximize player comfort.

​The bumper (Padded cushion)

Poker games can take quite a long time and you might have lost the number of weekends or evenings that have turned into days or evenings seeing poker games right through their thrilling end. This is one of the main reasons why you need to be comfortable. The bumper provides a great place for you and your guests to rest your elbows and arms. Consider buying a poker table that is thicker than the standard in order to maximize player comfort.

The betting line

The betting line basically follows the shape of the table and acts as a border line between the poker chips that are ‘play in’ and those that are yours. It’s essential to ensure that your poker table has a clear betting line in order to get rid of issues of uncertainty of whether a bet has actually been made or the possibility that the chips have been scooped up by an excited dealer.

​The racetrack

This is the hard surface inside the bumper. You might prefer the hard, wood effect or the baize next to the bumper. Whether you go for this or the baize that rises up to the bumper, it’s just a matter of choice! You can use the race track as a drinking glass or as the place where players stack chips that are not in use. This area takes the greatest wear because it’s used by players to re-stack and shuffle chips and a wipe down surface that is very durable in order to save some wear. This area can also serve as a demarcation that defines when a player has placed a bet (instead of the usual betting line).

​​Cup holders

Cup holders are designed to protect the playing surface by keeping drinks in a safe, fixed position.

Besides keeping drinks out of the playing area, they also define the position and number of seats at the poker table. Look for stainless steel cup holders that can be removed for cleaning.

Playing cloth

If you want a poker table that you’ll use for many years to come it’s recommended that you get one with high-quality speed cloth to ensure both unbeatable durability and smooth sliding of poker cards. Besides looking stunning, speed cloth is also partially water resistant. However, spills should be wiped as soon as possible.

​Dealer position

Some poker tables come with a fixed chops tray and/or dealer position. If you want to run events such as tournaments which utilize poker dealers or simply like to designate one player as a dealer, it’s recommended that you get poker tables with fixed dealer positions.

Table seating capacity, shape, and size

Before buying a table, it is important to consider all your specific needs in order to balance them with any restrictions you encounter. Remember, space is one of the most common restrictions. First, consider the number of poker players you want to accommodate. Second, give consideration to the space you have and whether you have enough dedicated space for a poker table. Seating comfort is the third consideration; the space each player will have in front of them. Anything less than 18 inches will make people feel crowded. Oval tables provide more room and comfort than octagonal and round tables.

An octagonal or round table with a diameter of at least 48 inches can accommodate 8 players. However, a 54-inch diameter table is much more preferable. A 48” diameter table gives each player about 19 inches of personal space, while a 54-inch poker table gives about 21 inches to every player, which is more comfortable. However, to accommodate eight players at a round poker table it should be about 36 to 42” wide and 72” long. This gives each person 22” to 23” of personal room.

A decagonal or round poker table of about 55 to 60” diameter is perfect for up to ten poker players. However, 55” diameter will make for a rather tight fit of about 17.5 inches per player. On the other hand, 60” will get each player 19” of room. One downside of poker tables of this size is that it’s generally very difficult for players to reach the center when they want to scoop up poker chips from the winning hand. Moreover, these tables are rather expensive and hard to find.

Oval tables accommodating up to 10 poker players should be about 36 to 48” wide and 84 to 96” long. However, if you prefer a dealer to be present at the table the space for each player is reduced by about 2 inches because this makes a total of 11 people at the table.

In addition to comfort, you should also consider the line-of-sight of different tables. For instance, polygon or round poker tables give the same sightlines to the players. However, for oval tables, players who are seated along the straight sides of the table toward the middle have the best sight lines. Players sitting toward the ends may have difficulty seeing other players up cards or board cards which are usually placed at the center of the poker table.

​Felt tabletops

To convert your normal dining table or kitchen table into poker table, you get a fabric layer termed as Felt tabletops. Depending on the quality, you can find them in cheap as well as premium quality materials. The best thing about Felt tabletops is that you can easily roll them up or fold it away and use the table again for normal day-to-day purposes.

​Food trays

What good a poker game would be without food? To make your poker game more exciting and fun experience, you can choose a table that has inbuilt food tray to stack it up with snacks. However, poker purists might not fancy having food around a poker table! It all comes down to your personal preference. Casual players would love the idea of food trays in a poker table!


Yet another feature that completely depends on your personal taste. If you want your poker game to be a relaxed activity, nothing will be better than armrests. They are comfortable, soft and soothing. On the other hand, serious players won’t be that impressed with this aspect.

What is the Price of Poker Table?

Price paid for a poker table can vary greatly, completely depending on its design and features. Moreover, the price you are ready to pay for, determines how serious of a player you really are. Some of you only think poker to be a fun activity that comprises of snacks, a group of friends, etc. But for others, it is a serious game where huge money is involved.

For fun games, Tabletops are an ideal choice. They are pretty cheap, fairly durable and easy-to-store. You can purchase Tabletops for a price of less than $50. Professional-level high-end tables like Texas Holdem are perfect for club owners and poker aficionados. Such tables are priced from $300 to $700. Poker tables that are provided with chairs are very high-priced, generally above $2000.

Ping pong Tabletops Only?

If you have a strong table or desk in your home, then you don’t really have to buy a complete Ping Pong table that comes with the undercarriage. Tabletops are an impeccable choice for people who have constricted space in their home and just want a tabletop to place on top of their already existing table. Such tabletops can be easily removed and stored against a wall or garage, when not in use.

While using tabletops, make sure the height of the already existing table is accurate. For a full-size ping pong table, the table should be at least 9 feet long.

The bottom line

You can buy a poker table from reliable websites like Amazon, or you could visit local stores for better understanding and inspection of the table. While ordering online, always get to know about the shipping and assembly charges first, and then proceed further. If you are not being able to assemble the table, the cost required to get it assembled must be discussed beforehand.

Ultimate Buying Guide for a Foosball Table in 2018

Foosball is a thrilling and highly active recreational game that imitates the outdoor football. In simple words, you can term it as a Table football.

Whether you are an enthusiast looking to set up a foosball table in your recreational room or just a newbie to this exciting game, buying a foosball table will definitely prove to be a great investment.

Anyhow, it is an excellent choice for family game rooms and office game rooms.

Foosball is supposed to be played by 2 to 4 players and it is fun and intense, especially when played with family or friends. The foosball table generally measures about 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. It comprises of 8 rows of men (figures) that are mounted on each horizontal metal pole. One team needs to control 4 rows of men by twisting these poles forward and backward in order to kick the ball. Whereas, the other team will likewise control remaining 4 rows.

Just like football, here in foosball, you need to score into the opposing goal by kicking the ball.

In a nutshell, it’s important to be armed with useful tips before you go shopping for a foosball table in order to buy the best table that suits your specific needs.

In case you are interested in our reviews, you can check from the article below.

Types of foosball tables

If you want to shop for a brand-new foosball table, you will certainly find myriads of options available in the market. To make the whole process of shopping more quick and convenient, it will be better if you understand and know what type of foosball table you actually want to own.

Some variations of tables have their own feet, while others need to be placed on top of another table. They are offered in a variety of sizes and some interesting designs. Depending on your skill level, budget constraints and available space for installation, you can choose your best-suited foosball table.

Below given are the main categories in which a foosball table can be divided:

1. Stand-alone foosball tables

Stand-alone (also called as Standard) foosball tables are full-sized gaming tables; probably the most popular and expensive ones amongst all. Although users need to assemble it on their own when it arrives at home, it can be considered as one-piece foosball table. That’s because the tabletop is eventually integrated with the set of strong legs. They are rather heavy, as they are made of solid wood and are generally designed to remain in one place after being assembled.

Cheaper models that are constructed using a combination of MDF particleboard and solid wood might weigh less but are still at least 100 lbs. Most standard models are made from strong and high-quality components to facilitate you with several years of quality game play.

Some heavy-duty tables can even be placed outdoors. But, if budget is an issue, the size of the table is one of the most important factors you should pay attention to. Remember, some of the cheaper models are not full-sized. Although this might not really matter to you, it’s definitely something you should consider when evaluating foosball tables.

Stand-alone foosball tables come in various sizes, but the most widely found measurement is 5 feet long and 2 ½ feet wide. On the downside, standalone tables can eat up a lot of space and often require levelers to put up with uneven flooring. All in all, it can get very expensive to invest in a standalone table. Beware of cheaper models, they are likely to break apart very quickly.

2. Tabletop foosball tables

Tabletop foosball tables are often referred to as mini foosball tables due to their small size. These entry-level tables are perfect for children and people who don’t have the space for a standard foosball table but still want to enjoy the game when they are in the mood for foosball.

For those of you who have constricted space for installation or want to move around their foosball table to different sites such as family vacations or friend’s house, then a tabletop model will be the most ideal option. To set up tabletop foosball tables, you need to find a sturdy surface such as a countertop, coffee table or dining room table. Even though countertop models can also be placed on the floor, it is not the most comfortable and enjoyable way to play.

Most parents prefer buying tabletop foosball table for their children because it happens to be a cheap and fun way for kids to learn and enjoy the game before buying a larger table. However, tabletop models are not just for kids, they are also commonly found in college dorms. It’s vital to remember that these models are usually made of plastic which is the main reason why they are cheap. This also means that they are not as durable, so you should not expect high-quality. The biggest advantage of tabletop variation is that they are easy to store, easy to maneuver around, have lightweight design and are reasonably priced.

Before buying any tabletop foosball table, one must make sure that its feet has been incorporated with some kind of anti-slip pads so as to protect the furniture (on which it will be placed) from any possible scratches. Considering the cons, tabletop versions are generally made from average quality of parts intended to be used by kids rather than adults. Which is why, they might fall apart too soon. Also, if not placed properly, it can cause scratches on the surfaces.

3. Multi-game or Combination foosball tables

Combination game table is the best alternative for anyone who wants the most bang for their bucks or someone who is just shopping for their kids. Just as the name suggests, these gaming tables can be easily utilized for various types of games. After removing the horizontal rods, you can use the table surface to play variety of games such as Air hockey, table tennis, shuffleboard, chess, checkers, backgammon, draughts and even bowling. You can find these multi-game tables in both tabletop as well as stand-alone versions. Due to their versatile nature, Multi-game tables can be expensive as compared to single foosball table. But they are certainly worth investing in as they offer multiple gaming options, perfect for entire family. Although multi-game tables vary by models and respective manufacturers, most of them are typically full-sized, high-quality tables.

Combination foosball tables are unique and very space-saving, especially for people living in small condos or apartment, who don’t have enough room for setting up different game tables or equipment. These tables are also a great choice if you don’t want to settle for just one table game. Talking about negatives, since they are supposed to be all-in-one type of table, you cannot really expect it to offer exceptional game play. Adding to it, removing the rods and switching to other games can get irritating after a while.

4.Coin-operated tables

Coin-operated foosball tables are deliberately designed to be used in businesses such as sports bars, pubs, clubs and arcades. Coin-operated foosball table is an impeccable purchase for all the owners of such business premises who wants to charge the players for playing on the table. Such tables are generally expensive and has strong construction in order to endure wear and tear. Plus, it is made to handle long hours of playing. It requires players to deposit coins in order to play. If you’re actually shopping for a coin-operated foosball table, you should understand that these tables are the most expensive foosball tables available in the market, mainly due to the extra features for taking coins.

On the other hand, such tables are quite heavy in weight because they are made from high-quality components to withstand all the abuse players might throw at them. Speaking about pros, such tables are really fun to play and add a sense of retro to any gaming room, thanks to the coin mechanism. The parts integrated in such tables are of premium quality and will certainly last longer. Moreover, you can even customize the table with different parts to meet your requirements.

Given all of these amazing aspects, they are really expensive and the coin mechanism can be annoying to handle after some time. If you have petite gaming rooms, such table might not be ideal option for you. Also, coin-operated tables are very heavy and difficult to maneuver around.

Buying Tips List

What should you look for when buying a foosball table?

Although the tips stated above give you a good idea of the type of foosball table you want to buy, it’s also very important to familiarize yourself with the most important features you should look for in a new foosball table. Features may vary a bit, but the price is actually what determines if you’ll get high-end components and features or cheap ones. Therefore, you should determine which features and components are most important to you in order to shop for a foosball table based on that.

Type of application

The overall plan for use is the first and most important thing you should consider when you’re shopping for a foosball table. This is what sets the tone for everything else that needs to be taken into account mainly because different situations involve taking into account different features. For instance, if you want to use the table to teach younger kids how to play foosball, a smaller table might be the best option or a table with design and colors that appeal to your kids.

If you have a business and want to buy a table for your clients, customers or employees to use, then you should look for a sturdily built table that can withstand rugged use or even abuse. That’s because the table is going to take lots of games and it’s important to ensure that it will live up to expectations of longer life.

You should take some time to consider who will be using the table and exactly how often. This is the best way to ensure that you’ll find a foosball table that matches all your needs. As for gaming room in your home, you can go for Standard foosball tables that are fairly of good-quality, affordable and also are durable. For smaller gaming rooms or condos, opt for tabletop models.

Once you’ve chosen the type of application, ask yourself these questions: Who all are going to use it? What will be their age? What is their skill level? What is the strength of their hands? And accordingly, strategize your decision of purchase.

Size of the foosball table and your space

A standard full-sized foosball table is about 56 inches long, 36 inches tall and 30 inches wide, excluding the rods that protrude out from both sides of the table. The length of these rods is not counted in the width of the table. So, if you have narrow or tight space in your home, you should get the table whose width is stated with fully extended rods. You also need to leave some clearance space for players to move around flexibly while playing.

On average, it’s recommended that you have a playing space that is about 8 feet long and 7 feet wide. Tabletop models take up very less space, hence it is recommended for compact spaces and to be used by kids.

If you are looking for a table to sharpen your foosballing skills, opt for a full-sized foosball table. Such table can facilitate up to 4 players with much ease. Height of the table also plays a vital role during selection. Too tall foosball tables will make it hard for kids to reach out to the rods.

Additionally, you also need to consider whether the table you’ve chosen has an end ball return or a side ball return. Side ball return are more favorable due to the fact that you can handily push the table towards the wall. To retrieve the ball, the players don’t have to reach out the back ends of the foosball table.

Goalie configuration

One of the most outstanding aspects you’ll notice when comparing foosball tables is that some tables feature 3-man goalies and others are 1-man goalies. 3-man goalies system has 2 side defenders mounted on either side of the main goalie.

When it comes to deciding between 3-man goalie and 1-man goalie, your ideal table is simply a matter of preference. Most foosball tables in the United Kingdom are single-man goalies, while most tables in the United States are 3-man goalies.

People who prefer a very fast-paced foosball game must go for a 3-man goalie set up. If you want a foosball game that demands more skill and accuracy, you should go for a 1-man goalie setup. To build and improve your skills, a single-man goalie foosball table will definitely help you in enhancement.

Kids and novices should get a three-man goalie foosball table, as it is much easier to handle. Remember, most of the expensive, high-end tables with a 3-man goalie setup can be converted into a 1-man goalie setup.


A good-quality foosball table will have a minimum warranty period of 1 year. The tables that mimic the furniture-style designs carry small warranty, as they are aimed to be more of a decorative gear.

Counterweighted men

If you want the best game play like the professionals, you should opt for a setup that has counterweighted men. This feature is very significant because the men stay in horizontal position when they are released to ensure that they won’t get in the player’s way while taking a shot. You’ll be able to enjoy much better, when playing with rods having counterweighted men.

Counterbalanced men have the weight of their head equal to the weight of their toes. Meaning, they are counter-weighted such that they stay in horizontal position until you rotate the rod, not blocking your shots.

And, it is recommended to select the men featuring fine cross hatching on their toes, rather the toes that are round and shiny. This will allow you to pass the ball forward and backward with the same rod, effortlessly. Men made from plastic are more lightweight, whereas men made from metal are heavier and give more power during shots.

Advanced and intermediate players generally look for table with counterweighted men.

Non-weighted men tend to dangle vertically, blocking your way and making it very challenging for you to score a goal.

Playing rods

You should never compromise with the construction of playing rods. Always ensure that you buy a foosball table with steel playing rods.

Hollow steel rods are usually the best because they help speed up the game play, thanks to their lightweight design. Most high-end tables like Tornado foosball tables have hollow steel rods. Solid steel rods are found in most of the mid-level tables.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with solid rods and they are actually great for slow-paced games. Hollow rods are significantly lighter and this can speed up your game and make it even more thrilling with super-fast shots.

Telescoping rods are designed for the extreme safety of children. Such feature will prevent the kids from hurting themselves when the rod slides.

Construction of the table

Foosball tables vary greatly, especially when it comes to the materials used in the construction of various components. Some of the most common materials used for their construction include solid wood, particleboard and composite.

Most of the high-quality foosball tables are made of solid wood and the low-quality models from particleboard. Although composite falls between the category solid wood and particleboard, they have some advantages over solid wood. Composite can be also termed as MDF or HDF, varying in thickness and density. For instance, tables that are made of solid wood are subject to humidity which leads to warping over time, especially if you live in a wet or humid climate.

Composite is great for humid rooms and climates because it is very durable, dent-resistant and is not adversely affected by humidity as long as it’s at least 1 inch thick. So, make sure the surface and the side walls, where the composite is generally used, is at least 1 inch thick. Particleboard on the other hand, is very cheap and it gradually weakens and breaks down. The table might even end up falling apart over time.

Tables that are made of particleboard usually weigh less than 70 pounds and have very thin surfacing (about ½ inch). Avoid buying models that are made of particleboard to avoid disappointments. High-end models often come with 1.5 inches of thickness. Very thick side walls will help keep the table unaffected due to all the movements, hence it won’t affect your shots whatsoever.

Laminated foosball table

Check whether the table has stick-on designs or are laminated. This will tell a lot about the longevity of your foosball table. Cheap quality of stickers will eventually start to peel off and ruin the look of your table.

Superior quality of laminated composite table will enhance the aesthetic look of the table, making it appear brand-new for a long period of time.

Very high-quality and tournament-level foosball tables feature solid wood construction with furniture-style veneer cabinets and accents of stainless steel to enhance its durability.

Markings on the foosball table

Field markings on the foosball table make a huge impact on your game. It will help you line up the ball while taking shots and also make your table look quite stylish.

As I mentioned above, some brands might use low-quality stickers to provide these markings on the table. These tend to wear off very quickly and before you know it, your table starts to look old and worn out.

Premium quality tables will come with permanent dyed markings with lamination.

Playing surface

It is important to consider the table surface speed. Many American foosball tables have a hard and very smooth finish which means that the ball will travel faster during play. However, most European models have a solid wood finish that generally results in significantly slower ball travel. Therefore, if you want to get a great table and play just like the professionals, you should buy a table that offers smooth and quick ball travel.

Safety features

The importance of safety features depends on how you plan on using your table. However, this is definitely something that should be taken into account. If your kids will be using the table, you should ensure that it is actually safe for them to play. One of the biggest safety concerns is the rods especially on the ends without handles because fingers can easily get caught if they don’t have ample protection.

You should also ensure that you buy a table that has a good and reliable ball recovery system to ensure that you don’t have to reach into the foosball table itself to grab the ball out of the goal.

It is also important to take safety into consideration if you plan on using the table in a work environment because employees getting injured can create a lot of issues or even losses for your company (in terms of legal expenses and compensation).

Look and feel

It’s definitely very important to get a table that you’ll enjoy having and looking at; probably a table that complements the general appeal of your business or recreational room. Look around to see if you can find a foosball table that matches your personal taste. Fun graphics and sleek designs can even get you more excited about playing and this will make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Some foosball tables also include brightly colored/painted players making the game feel even more real. Other tables have the traditional blue and red peg style take makes the game feel like the good old fun days. The style or design you choose is definitely a personal choice.

Height adjustment of the table

Standard foosball tables usually have a height of about 36” which is perfect for both teens and adults. However, this height is not ideal for children who want to play foosball and this makes it necessary to lower the height. Therefore, if you are looking for a table that will be used by the entire family, you should choose a table that allows height adjustment.

Surface finish

This is mainly determined by the craftsmanship and construction materials used. When playing foosball you need to ensure that the playing surface is actually true and the ball moves freely and evenly. You also need to ensure that you can maneuver to the ball and pin with ease. A good foosball table comes with a hard laminate surface bus some cheap models might not.

A polished and even surface is an important consideration and you should not accept any scuffed finish or poor quality surfaces.

Quick Buying Tips

Heavier the foosball table, more stable will be the platform, even when game gets aggressive. Look for a table that goes beyond 125 pounds of weight. High-end models are also found in over 200 pounds of weight

  • Very thick sidewall width will fasten up your game and provide great consistency. Minimum 1” of thickness is desirable. High-end models will feature 1.5” of thickness.
  • Look for thick playing surface, especially if you desire a high level of play experience and sturdy design. Tempered glass play surface works great in delivering consistency and fat pace.

There are various top brands when it comes to top-level competition standard tables. Some of the post popular brands include Garlando, Bonzini, Leonhart, Roberto Sport amongst others. All these brands make fantastic foosball tables with various unique features.

You should also consider where you want to install the table as well. For instance, coin-operated foosball tables are perfect for the commercial environment whilst other foosball tables come with a wide range of other exciting features that enhance the appeal and Player’s skill level matters sometimes, the best way to choose the perfect foosball table is by shopping based on your skill level.


If you are a serious player or professional player, then only the best equipment will do. Therefore, you need a foosball table that has the highest quality, all the best features and is designed and built to last. Such tournament-level tables feature solid legs, a sturdy cabinet, and look really good in your recreational room. Most high-end models feature smooth moving hollow steel or solid steel rods, completely flat playing surface and the tables are a dream to own and play.

Intermediate players

If you are not new to foosball but only play occasionally, a good mid-level model is a good option. You can get a great mid-quality foosball table with a flat playing surface, durable composite construction, smooth moving steel rods and some high-end features for about $500 or less.

Kids and beginners

In case you are shopping for children or someone who is still trying to sharpen their foosballing skills, then a table top table might be the best option for them. This is because tabletop models are cheap and can still take the abuse children might subject them to. Moreover, the regular tables might be too tall for most kids. On the other hand, if you are buying a foosball table for teenagers or people who are new to the game, then a particle board foosball table might be the best choice. This is partly because you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the table and you can easily upgrade to a model that has the features and quality you desire in future. Additionally, you can easily and conveniently sell a used foosball table at a yard sale or on Craigslist.

Why buy from a reputable brand?

When you’re dealing with expensive things such as foosball tables, you should always ensure that you’re making an informed decision. One way of doing this is by looking at the reputable foosball table brands because they have a history of quality. They also have very many satisfied clients and are trusted even by experts within the industry. Let’s explore some of the most reputable foosball table brands:


This famous Italian brand has been making some of the best sports equipment for about 60 years. From electronic dart boards to pool tables, Garlando brings a pedigree of experience and Italian manufacturing ingenuity to their wide range of products. Garlando tables and equipment are always top quality.


Founded in 1982, the Tornado Foosball Company has been in the foosball industry for quite a long time. They are committed to designing and building tournament-level foosball tables. Tornado Foosball Tables are very popular.


Carom is a great foosball tables and equipment manufacturer that has been in business since 1890. The company is based in Ludington, Michigan and is proud of its commitment to supporting the local economy and employing American workers only. Carom makes some of the best foosball tables.

Warrior table soccer

Besides being committed to making some of the best tournament standard tables, Warrior Table Soccer also sponsors a pro league which uses their foosball table as the official table. Warrior table is all about pro foosball and their tables are used by serious foosball players.


This is a company that really loves foosball and their main goal is to make great tables at affordable prices. Low cost and high quality is their mantra. The company guarantees the best engineering standards and competitive prices.


Atomic is owned by Escalade Sports/DMI Sports Company and is relatively new on the foosball scene. The company is also quite famous due to its new design for the table featuring an area known as the ‘hammerhead’ which is basically a wider toe area. The hammerhead is meant to help in trick shot opportunities and better control. Although their models are not tournament rated, they offer great home options.

Escalade Sports/DMI Sports

This is a large sports equipment company with global reach and is one of the main leaders in the foosball field. DMI Sports is a big company that truly cares for its products. It also offers excellent customer support and their foosball tables reflect their deep desire to continue making quality sports equipment.

Triumph Sports

This is another well-run company that is fully committed to producing high quality sports equipment. Their products including foosball tables are continuously monitored throughout the entire production process. Their commitment to high-quality ensures that their customers get carefully produced and well-made products.

These companies produce some of the best foosball table brands today. Therefore, when buying a foosball table from these companies you can rest assured that you are actually getting quality. There are numerous reputable foosball table companies out there. Be sure to check a bit into a company’s background to ensure that they have trust and experience in this field. This is a very good rule for all purchases.

Unless you want a vintage foosball table or a custom built table, then you should try to stay within these companies when looking to make your purchases.

EastPoint Sports

EastPoint is a very big recreation and sports manufacturer that excels in quality foosball tables and in every other sports and recreational equipment they produce.

Buying a fun foosball table

If you want to buy a table to simply have fun with family and friends, there’s a wide range of good tables available to choose from. There are tables available at modest prices; some go for as little as $150.

There’s a table to suit different needs. Remember, there are very many tables which may be fun to play and great to look at, but may not be ideal for more serious foosball players. For example, as impactful and as incredible as an 11-a-side table may be, it might not be the best choice for discerning professionals, or indeed for many living rooms and recreational rooms.

One of the most important features you should look out for are solid rods or telescopic rods; serious foosballers prefer solid rods. However, if the table will be frequently used by kids, telescopic rods are safer and can even help you avoid serious injury.

You should also consider whether you want leg levelers to ensure that the ball does not annoyingly roll to one side of the playing surface. Would you like to use the table outdoors? There are some foosball tables that are specifically designed for outdoor use. Bear in mind that you can keep indoor tables outdoors, even with covers without damp causing problems.


Buying a foosball table for low-budget

A good foosball table can be very expensive, especially the serious models that are designed to withstand many years of play or models that offer extra flourishes and features. If you want to enjoy the fun that comes from a foosball game, here are some simple tips that will help you get a good foosball table while still staying within your budget.

Look for a smaller size

Looking for smaller foosball tables is a very good way of cutting the price down. Bigger foosball tables usually cost more than smaller tables because they need more materials. Larger tables also use complex construction procedures to ensure that they remain stable despite the size. You can look for a table with a playing surface of about 40” so that it is comfortable for adults, teenagers and kids to use.

Some models with longer playing surface lengths are still within the low price range, but such tables tend to make compromises in other areas. If you’re looking for a high-quality table that’s still affordable, you must explore all of its features in order to understand everything the table offers. Moreover, some small tables might end up being even more expensive mainly because of the additional features they usually offer. Therefore, you should check the table out completely before making the purchase.

Choose tables that are made of composites

You can find more affordable foosball tables by simply choosing composites over solid wood. Anything that is made out of solid wood usually means a bigger price tag especially when you’re looking at high-end foosball tables with beautiful, lacquered finishes. Therefore, you can look for a table that’s made out of MDF (also known as medium density fiberboard). Although these tables are usually much less expensive, they are still pretty durable and reliable.

While Medium Density Fiberboards are pretty reliable and strong, they cannot support weight like tables with metal frames or solid wood. Therefore, if you choose MDF tables you should keep in mind that the foosball table is not indestructible while using it. If you have children, you should remind them not to go hard on the foosball table and everything will be fine. If you’re more mindful about the table, it will definitely last longer.

Don’t prioritize additional features

The price of the foosball table can be kept in the lower range by skipping tables that offer a lot of extra features which might even be unnecessary in some cases. Therefore, when you see an extra feature you should always ask yourself if it is a “nice to have” or “need to have feature”. For instance, a built-in cup holder is a nifty addition especially if you keep drinks handy while playing, but it’s probably a make or break feature.

To remain within your budget you can also look for tables without little adornments. Try to avoid tables that advertise anything electronic or that have metal features. Moreover, manual scorekeeping with an abacus or slider is enough; don’t get fooled by whistles and bells. However, if you really like the whistles and bells and think that they will make the game even more enjoyable, that is up to you. Make a list of priorities and try to find a balance between everything.

Consider buying a tabletop model

Some of the cheapest foosball tables available are probably tabletop models. Since tabletop models don’t have legs, they tend to be significantly cheaper than standard foosball tables. You can find a tabletop foosball table that is big enough for adults to use without crouching or hunching. Therefore, you don’t have to settle for a toy table just to stay within your budget. There are numerous distinct advantages of tabletop models, so it is something worth thinking about when you’re shopping for a foosball table.

Tabletop foosball table

You can find the best budget table by dialing it all back and re-evaluating your budget. Consider how much you’ll be using the table and ensure that you’ve actually set the right budget. Remember, sometimes you can set the budget too low on an item that you plan to use frequently, or too high on an item you’re not going to use a lot. Set a realistic budget in order to ensure that you look at foosball tables in the right price range. This will keep you from sacrificing some features that are actually worth the cost.

Always read through all the fine details to ensure that you truly understand exactly what the table offers. Sometimes you can find a deal breaker or a nifty feature you love in a bullet point list. Therefore, it’s absolutely important to check out all the details and know what you’re buying before committing to the purchase.

How to maintain your Foosball Table

A foosball table can be a long-lasting and fun equipment if taken proper care of. Every gaming table needs proper maintenance to serve you better. You’ll need silicone lubricant, rubbing alcohol (70% to 90%) and cloth rag for the cleaning process.

If you use your foosball table very frequently, I would recommend to clean it every week. For rare usage, you can clean it once every month.

It is highly necessary to keep the field of the table clean using a clean cloth. Place small amounts of rubbing alcohol onto the cleaning cloth and wipe the entire table from top to bottom.

Rubbing alcohol is pretty mild and will not damage your foosball table in any way. If you notice any black stripes, use a little extra rubbing alcohol for its removal.

After a thorough cleaning of the field, pick up separate piece of cloth rag and apply small amounts of silicone lubricant onto it. Place this cloth rag on the steel horizontal rods of your table. This process will ensure the rods work quickly and slickly during your shots.

Apart from this, I would highly recommend to place your foosball table in an ambiance with room temperature and far away from direct sunlight. This will prevent the table from fading out or any other possible damage, especially the furniture-style designs.

Some people use WD-40 on their foosball table, which is very undesirable. It will tend to dry out the bumpers of the table and completely ruin the quality of the foosball table.


Foosball is an enthusiastic and challenging game which requires competitive skills. We hope above mentioned ultimate buying guide for Foosball table will help you pick your Best one, be it for gaming rooms in the home, office premises or business premises.

Ultimate Guide for Buying an Air Hockey Table In 2018

Air hockey is a fast-paced and thrilling game that demands special skill set and practice in order for you to win. No doubt, it is relished by people of all ages and instantly uplifts one’s mood.

Now, what is the core equipment required for this game? That’s right, an Air hockey table. An air hockey table somewhat resembles a pool table, but in reality is far different from it.

We can differentiate air hockey tables based on their design aspects or construction viz. traditional arcade-style tables featuring electronic effects, multi-game tables, tabletop models and simple tables made for homes. But, how to know which table would be right for you?

For that, you need to consider different design criteria and then make your decision of purchase, based on your respective requirements.

Let’s have a quick peek over comprehensive buying guide stated below to get better insights.

If you are planning to buy a brand-new air hockey table for your home, they can be found in two main types: Large-puck models (with full-sized pucks having 3¼ inches diameter or so) and Small-puck models (with lightweight pucks having 2½ inches diameter or less). Small-puck air hockey tables are fairly low-priced, but most of them are made in China. Large-puck tables carry a hefty price tag, but are made with premium quality materials and mostly manufactured in the United States.

When buying a new air hockey table, it’s no brainer that you will get what you pay for! If you happen to choose a small puck version of the table, take note that it has weak airflow. So, you need to use a lightweight and small-sized puck with such tables. The biggest advantage of buying a small puck table is its affordability; some tabletop models are extremely affordable. Whereas, the major disadvantage is that the small-sized puck often flies off the table too much.​

Small-puck tables are best-suited for kids between 8 to 12 years of age. Teenagers might not fancy these small-puck models as puck flies off the table due to an extreme force exerted by them. You cannot really expect extreme durability, puck stability and high performance from small-puck tables.

On the other hand, large-puck tables feature heavy-duty design and can be utilized by both adults as well as teenagers. Most of them are commercial-grade models. Meaning, they are heavier, more durable and expensive than small-puck models. Large-puck tables are almost similar to the coin-operated air hockey tables, the only difference is that large-puck tables have a free play button. Some of these tables are also approved by USAA to be used for State, National or World Air hockey leagues.

Buying a used Air hockey Table

For those of you who are low in budget might want to search for a used air hockey table. If you have enough space at your home for installation, I would highly recommend to look for a full-sized coin or home table (measuring about 8 ft.) approved for games by USAA (U.S Air Hockey Association).

Such air hockey tables are strictly scrutinized by USAA. Only the ones with premium quality construction are sanctioned forward so as to meet the requirements of topnotch players. Many times, you might find a high-quality used air hockey table for sale at a cheap price.

Types of Air hockey tables

There are different types of air hockey tables available in the market today such as basic air hockey table for recreational plays, multi-game tables, Electronic arcade-style tables as well as portable tabletop versions. Even though the playing style does not greatly differ with each table, they still have their own pros and cons. Let’s see what all features they have in store for you:

1.Arcade-style air hockey tables

Arcade-style air hockey tables are generally the best and most expensive type amongst all. Measuring full regulation size in length (8 feet long), these arcade-style tables also come incorporated with powerful blower motors for excellent performance of pucks. Along with solid construction, they also feature electronic components for playing music and other melodious sound effects.

Arcade-style tables have gained much fame, thanks to their sturdy heavy-duty construction and excellent longevity. Topmost surface is crafted to be extremely smooth and has mini perforated holes. Below the table, there is an integration of a blower which forces jets of air through these holes. Due to these air jets, an air cushion is created underneath the puck, causing it to glide smoothly across the table. And that is the reason why pucks are able to gain high speeds. In arcade-style tables, rebound rails on the side are also durably built so as to promote great deflection of puck.

With arcade-style air hockey tables, it is certain to experience amazing playing style and comfort; a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy multiple games for a long period of time. These tables are perfect for placing in restaurants, arcades or businesses to be used by the common public, as they can handle long-lasting playing hours. However, you need to know that these models are not used in professional-level air hockey leagues.

If you are looking for a high-grade air hockey table for professional leagues, the arcade-style table is not for you.

2. Basic design tables

Imitating arcade-style tables in construction, the basic design air hockey tables are less expensive and do not feature any flashing lights, music or electronic scoring sounds like the arcade-style tables. You can find these in varying quality, price ranges, and sizes. A top-grade table deliberately made for teenagers or adults who want to hone their skills with several hours of practice is generally more expensive than a basic air hockey table. Basic design table with minimal features is an optimal choice for kids and beginners who are not so keen to spend too much on a table.

​3. Tabletop tables

Tabletop version of hockey tables are extremely portable and can be easily stored away when not in use. It is ideal for those who don’t have enough space for setting up permanent full-sized tables. These tables are usually reinforced with rubber feet so they can effortlessly stand onto any tabletop, like a game room table, floor surface or kitchen table.

Tabletop models are smaller and more economical for people who want it for family fun. They are ideal for young kids who cannot play on a standard-sized table, as with tabletop version they can easily adjust its height to their desired level.

4. Multi-game tables

As the name suggests, multi-game tables allow you to play several games with just one purchase. This means distinct games are conveniently incorporated into one multi-game table including air hockey. Traditionally, with such table, you can play foosball, table tennis, shuffleboard as well as different board games such as backgammon, checkers or even chess.

However, don’t expect quality as that of large tables. Multi-game tables are supposed to be versatile and but not really of highest quality.

Air hockey tables for different Skill level of players

That was all about design and craftsmanship, but what about tables that are specifically made according to the skill level of players? Yes, before buying an air hockey table, you should consider your skill level to reap maximum benefits out of it. Air hockey tables are offered in various price ranges and are designed with specific type of players in mind.

For Beginners

When purchasing an air hockey table for newbies or kids, it’s not necessary to buy the most expensive model or the one with high-end features, anything minimal will do the trick. A table priced less than $150 is sufficient for kids to learn the game and play occasionally, all while developing their basic gaming skills. These inexpensive air hockey tables are usually made from cheaper and less durable materials. So naturally, they do not really withstand active and repeated use.

Moreover, they are also prone to wobbling and warping due to low-quality construction. On the contrary, we have seen that there are still many manufacturers out there who provide good-quality of cheap beginner-level air hockey tables. Just make sure to avoid China-made versions and rather look for something that is fairly durable as well as low-priced.

For Intermediate players

Tables designed for intermediate players are larger and sturdier as compared to beginner-level tables. Just like the name suggests, intermediate tables are made for people who are yet to reach the abilities of professionals but have fairly mastered some amount of skills. If you have large space for installation, go for a 7-foot long table with less add-ons.

For constricted spaces, you can select a small table with substantial features. Keeping your budget in mind, use your discretion to choose between these two choices. Take heed that a 7-ft long table generally features a smooth surface and are less likely to dent or scratch, which can be quite frustrating and inconsistent to play.

For Advanced players

Advanced-level air hockey tables are manufactured with top-quality materials and feature professional or arcade-style design. Such tables have amply spacious and extremely smooth surface for flexible gliding of pucks.

Moreover, the side rebound rails are crafted to be thick and strong enough for precise deflection of pucks. For those of you who seek extreme longevity from an air hockey table that will serve you for a long period of time and endure rugged use, undoubtedly opt for such Advanced-level models. Even though such table is quite pricier, it would still prove to be a great long-term investment for Pros.

General types of air hockey tables

1.Arcade style/heavy-duty air hockey tables

Arcade-style air hockey tables are top of the line tables and are definitely worth investing in as they are built to last. They can withstand rugged gaming from experienced players for long period of time. And, they offer the best value for money, especially to people who plan on using the tables for quite a few years.

2. Mid-level air hockey tables

These tables are widely used, especially for recreational games at home. Apart from being well-constructed, these tables come in wide-ranging designs, so you can find the one that matches the style of your recreational room or man cave. Most of the officially licensed air hockey tables fall under this mid-level category.

3.Economy tables

If you don’t want any fancy electronic add-ons, lighting, digital scoreboards or other such high-end stuff, go for Economy tables. An impeccable choice for kids or novices, these portable models can be placed on top of any type of surface.

If you are not really planning to use an air hockey table too often, these economic tables might be the last stop for you. Although most of these tables are durable and ideal for casual use, we don’t recommend them for intense games and heavy-duty use.

Features to look-for before buying an air hockey table

Before buying an air hockey table, you need to carefully analyze the features of the table and the quality of different components used to make up the table such as the blower, rink walls and exteriors. Air hockey tables can vary greatly, especially in price, design aspects and quality of craftsmanship.

First, make up your mind as to what exactly do you desire in your air hockey table. This will help you make the most out of every dollar you spend on it. Remember, the quality of table you get tells a lot about the money you’ve spent on it.

Below given are some of the core features you should consider before making your decision of purchase:

Table size

The size of an air hockey table mainly determines nothing but the area of space needed for the installation of your table. In addition to that, you also need to allow some clearance space on both sides of the table for the players to move flexibly. Precisely speaking, 2 to 3 feet of space at each end is amply enough. Say, for example, full-sized air hockey tables are approximately 90 inches long and 50 inches wide. Therefore, in order to fit this table, the room should have at least a 10 foot by 7 foot of area. As a matter of fact, more the length of the table, higher will be its respective price tag.

Different sizes of Air hockey table (in length)

Length is the most significant aspect that you need to pay keen attention to before taking the final decision. You need to ask yourself a few questions here like: How much space do you have for setting up the table? How difficult is the installation process going to be? Is it lightweight enough to maneuver around? What about its portability and storage?

You wouldn’t want to fall in love with a table, just to find out later that it can’t fit in the space you have in mind. Therefore, it’s important to measure the space where you are planning to install the table before you begin to shop around.

Air hockey tables can vary anywhere from 2 feet of length to as long as 8 feet. Depending on your budget constraints, available space and personal choice, select your best-suited model.

  • 2 feet (24 inches): These are compact tables that fall under the category of tabletop air hockey table variations, optimum choice for young children and amateurs. Although these tables are typically inexpensive, some of them are quite reliable, stable and sturdy. Most of these tables are manufactured overseas and offered by many retail stores mainly due to their compact nature. Remember, you may have to go to specialty stores to find small format/ high-quality tables but these models are perfect for children and small spaces. That’s because they can be easily and quickly folded down to a petite frame and then stored away under a bed or in a closet.
  • 4 to 6 feet (48 inches to 72 inches): It is a very broad category and most of the tables found in the market feature these measurements. Such tables are perfect for home-based recreational games, as the size has just the right fit for indoor use. Varieties of purposes can be served by these tables, besides the playing surface is ideal for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a table to use during fun nights of family games or for tournaments with your buddies, 4 to 6 foot long tables can never go wrong for any of these purposes.
  • 7 to 8 feet (84 inches to 96 inches): Arcade-style or professional-level air hockey tables fall under this premium category, aimed to provide amazing playing experience. It is a perfect standard size range for tournaments or leagues. In fact, tables in this range can be commonly found in arcades or business premises. Some enthusiasts have such tables in their recreational rooms and basements. Given its state-of-the-art built quality and rugged design, such tables can be somewhat expensive.

Sizes range from 2 feet (24 inches) to 8 feet (96 inches) and you need to ensure that the space you have in your home is roomy enough for the table you want to buy.

Ideally, a good-quality table is the one that is built to last, is assembled with strong components and can endure abusive use. Cheaper models are made from plastic which can last anywhere from few days to few months. Very common type of air hockey tables are the ones made from wood and aluminum. They are quite durable, sturdy and provide a stable platform for the players.

Moreover, such table can handle few hours of occasional plays. The superior quality of air hockey tables is the ones that are crafted with the combination of wood and metal with stable legs. Such table can take the weight of the entire tabletop as well as of players who may be leaning on the sides of the air hockey table. The joints on the table must be very strong and safely secured by screws.

A table that has levelers on the bottom of the legs can be termed as of high-quality. That’s because it will allow you to level it out, even when it’s placed on an uneven surface.In order for puck move smoothly and consistently, the table needs to be perfectly flat and supported with strong stands. Make sure to look for a table with durable and sturdy stands. Unfortunately, if any one of the stands breaks, it might get too hectic to replace them with the ones that will precisely balance the table.

Steel-made legs or wooden-laminate legs work perfectly for stabilizing the table.

As we all know, the puck floats on the air cushion created by the blown air from the small perforated holes on the surface of the table. Which is why, it is so smooth in its motion. Blower carrying the rating above 110V will be perfect for this smooth and reliable performance. Anything that is below this rating will cause the puck to lower its speed and won’t feel as smooth as well, especially on a 7-ft. long table.

​Perforated holes on the table

Low-end air hockey tables fail to create enough air for the puck to float smoothly. High-end models will be having well-designed holes and powerful blowers, thus creating ample amount of air for excellent performance of pucks.

Rink walls

Rink walls or side rails are the components which experience most abuse and aggressive hitting from the players. Avoid the tables that feature a very thin layer of laminated aluminum rink walls, they will not last longer at all. Rather, look for solid aluminum or strong nylon-made side rails for best rebound and deflection of the puck. Such side rails are endurable and are also less likely to scratch or dent.

On a side note, if you just want an inexpensive table for occasional use, you can buy the one with rink walls made from laminated aluminum. Remember, such rink walls might dent over time and may end up giving inaccurate deflection and little rebound.

Most manufacturers try to make rink walls from robust materials to ensure that the air hockey table lasts longer, even when extensively used. Some of the materials that provide excellent deflection are aluminum, nylon and other such durable materials. No doubt, these best quality materials do not get scratched or dented easily.


Air hockey table needs to be installed with a motor to supply the air that’s pumped across the playing surface. The motor must have a high-output UL approval for smooth and constant airflow across the surface of the table. A high-quality motor runs quietly and it does not overheat, so as to ensure reliable and full experience play.

Some of the air hockey tables have two motors installed. But, two motors are really not required, just the existing motor must be amply large and have a Plenum chamber. What is a plenum chamber? It is a cavity area in the table’s surface located between the air distribution system and the blower.

Pressurized air is formed in this plenum chamber and later is uniformly distributed all across the surface of the table.

Power Supply: Plug-in or battery

Battery power or plug-in power supply? Now, that’s a real dilemma. This is usually determined by the size of the air hockey table. Air hockey tables that are powered by batteries are generally small like the tabletop or legged versions, best for kids who don’t play for long hours. Batteries are not capable enough of powering larger tables.

A plug-in table is essential if you want to play a lot on a better Sportcraft or Hathaway setup.

Air hockey tables that are battery-powered can take up to ten double AA batteries which can be rather costly especially if you don’t use rechargeable batteries. A hybrid table is highly recommended if you want to get your game-on in any type of conditions.

The name ‘air hockey” actually comes from the fans that usually blow air through the playing surface. The puck is slightly elevated by the air in order to stimulate smooth movement on the surface. Therefore, your air hockey table must be powered by either batteries or electricity.

A battery-powered air hockey table is preferable if you plan on taking your table out on camping or hiking trips where there’s no electricity. However, air hockey tables that are powered by electricity are much better and more reliable because they have more powerful fans that bring players closer to the tournament or arcade experience.

Small air hockey tables and tabletop models come with rechargeable batteries. However, larger tables use plug-in systems. You can also get an air hockey table that has both a plug-in and battery system, called as a hybrid system. This will ensure that you don’t spend a lot of money on batteries and you’ll also have the possibility of taking your table outdoors.

Table design

A basic design is ideal for recreational use at home. It’s basically a version of the arcade-style table which has got no bells and whistles. They are also cheaper compared to other designs because it lacks some features since it’s mainly used at home by friends and family.

The table has a simple design and it doesn’t produce any flashing lights, electronic scoring or music.

Tables designed for kids and beginners are cheap and simple because they don’t demand specialized skills and can be shared. Arcade-style tables are recommended for experienced players or to be installed in clubs or bars.

Warranty period

Warranty on a product generally illustrates its built quality and performance abilities. An air hockey table must carry minimum 1 year of warranty period.

Thickness of the table

The thickness of the table will determine the quality of the table surface and how smooth it really is. Thicker the table surface, higher will be the quality of the table. For excellent performance, look for a table with a minimum thickness of about ¾ inches.

Scoring Methods

There are two main types of scoring methods featured in an air hockey table viz. Electronic scoring method and a manual slider. Cheaper models use sliders to keep track of your scores, kind of like the abacus.

Expensive models come with Electronic scoreboards, like the ones found in arcades. These are very easy and convenient to play with, no stopping and no worries of manual tracking of your scores.

Ease of assembly

Some air hockey tables are extremely easy to assemble, all you need to do is screw on the legs. But there are few models that demand comprehensive assembly process. Make sure to look for the ease of assembly of a table before purchasing any.

Leg levelers

Good quality air hockey tables have inbuilt leg levelers, which is an outstanding feature. Why so? Because, it will make sure your table is completely leveled up, even when it has been placed on an uneven surface. One might think, the floor in your homes are even. But, what will you do if they are not? Will you return the table? That’s when leg levelers come into picture.

Weight of the table

We all know, how much of a pain it can be to move a heavy-weighted table. Air hockey tables can weigh anywhere from 25 pounds to as heavy as 340 pounds. More the weight of the table, better will be the features of the table. If a table weighs too much, that naturally means it has been installed with powerful driving motor and is crafted with heavy-duty metal parts. So, there will be no compromise with the quality.

However, if you are not really interested in the features, rather want something that’s lightweight and easy to maneuver around, go for lightweight models. Such tables are made from plastics and are perfect for occasional games, especially outdoors.

Who will be using your air hockey table?

If you are a bar-owner or a club-owner, arcade-style tables will be ideal for your purpose. But, if you want a table for your kids, look for a tabletop or small-puck versions.

Endless fun

Playing air hockey for countless hours with family and friends without stopping to put in coins or having to find an associate employee when a quarter is jammed in the inbuilt dispenser plate is what we all seek. You can gather around the table with your kids and teach them how to play the thrilling game you’ve fallen in love with. You can also congregate with family and friends as you play in tournaments on weekends to blow steam off from the long week of work.

All sizes and shapes

The classic arcade game comes in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, finding the perfect size to fit any playroom or garage in any home is not a problem. From the small and short 2 feet by 2 feet air hockey tables designed for kids to use, to mid-sized 5 foot long and 3 foot high tables used in arcades. Then there are larger 7 foot tables available in the market. There is a size designed for every buyer’s need.

Your initial budget

Before you actually start shopping for an air hockey table you must determine how much money you want to spend on the table. Setting an initial budget ensures that you won’t buy something that will end up hurting you financially. Prices can range from about $50 to thousands of dollars. However, the price is determined by the quality of the air hockey table. Some cheap tables can actually be classified as toys and would be a total waste of money if you truly love the game. You should expect to pay $100 to 150 for a good tabletop table and over $170 for a mid-range table.

Choose the right color

Look for the design and color that will go along with your interior décor. Just like any piece of new equipment or furniture, your air hockey table should blend with your recreational room, garage or home. Most people go with the color they like the best or one that matches with the color scheme of their recreational room or home.

Look for a table that reflects your sense of style

Remember, it’s all about taste and style. Therefore, you should look for a table that truly reflects your style and personality. Air hockey tables are designed and created to match and support a wide range of styles. You can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect fit.

Small puck or large puck

Home tables are designed and built for casual players. Air hockey tables that use a small puck have fans that are not very powerful and the puck has to be lighter in order to keep it in play by ensuring that it’s easier to lift. You shouldn’t go too hard on these tables because you can easily send the puck flying out of the table. Small puck tables are ideal for kids and teenagers who like to play, who don’t have high hitting intensity and power of adults. However, if your family and friends have love for air hockey and a competitive spirit, you should go for standard large puck systems that can withstand the beating. Such systems are generally found in larger tables and regulation standard tables in order to challenge players even more and keep them at their level best.

Ultimate Buying Guide for a Good Ping Pong Table in 2018

Ping Pong is all about competition and entertainment; ideal for players of all ages. As a matter of fact, ping pong table provides you with a highly active lifestyle and fun experience with your friends and family. Moreover, it also sharpens your reflexes and reaction time. If you play ping pong too often, it is better to invest in a good-quality of Ping Pong table. Below given detailed buying guide will provide you with better insights on different types of tables available in the market and how to choose your best-suited one.

Ping pong is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor games, an excellent form of exercise and it enhances your hand/eye coordination.

Many times, users are fooled by boastful claims provided by manufacturers. Take heed, you don’t really need a very expensive Ping Pong table, until and unless you are a state or National-level player.

If it is your first time buying a ping pong table for your family, go for an averagely-priced model for ultimate play experience.

Difference between a Ping Pong and Table Tennis Table?

Many people take ping pong and table tennis as two different games. Whereas, the reality is far away from it. Some people think that equipment used and style of playing is different for both these games. So, to clear your doubts, there is absolutely no difference between a ping pong table and a table tennis table.

Why the confusion, you may ask? The answer lies in its history. “Table tennis” word was first introduced during a board and dice game. When it became popular, different brands started to come up with different patented names.

In 1920s, John Jaques & Son was one of the leading manufacturers and they brought up the latest version of the game called as Ping pong. Other manufacturers wanted to use this name for all games. Table Tennis Association was established in 1901, and later Ping Pong Association was formed. After merging these two, the complete organization was then called as ITTF. When the American rights were sold to Parker Brothers, they threatened to take legal actions if “Ping Pong” name was used without their consent. Which is why ITTF came up with the name of Table Tennis. And hence, there is no difference between these two games.

Permanent placing or packing?

First and foremost, decide if you are going to install the table permanently somewhere or you will just pack it up and store for later use. If you are going to fold it frequently then make sure the table you choose is easy to install, has foldable feature and is lightweight to allow easy portability.

Preferably, ping pong tables with rollers can be easily maneuvered around by even one person. Premium quality of roller tables will have brakes on the wheels to stop the table on the spot and prevent it from moving.

I would say that, even if you keep the table in one place permanently, still choose a table with rollers as you never know when you might need them. Ping Pong table is a very significant equipment as it will decide the control, speed, and spin of the Ping Pong ball. So, consider all the factors carefully and select your ideal table.

Main Concerns

Choosing a ping pong table for the first time might turn out to be a confusing and daunting task mainly because of the wide range of ping pong tables available in the market and the difference in quality between various models and manufacturers. This is the main reason why you need impartial expert advice when buying one so you can rest assured that the ping pong table you’ve bought truly represents great value for money.

Is it really necessary to buy a Ping Pong table?

If you are really good at Ping Pong and want to take your game to next level, you must certainly be thinking of buying your own table. But, think a bit. Even though buying a ping pong table feels right and an excellent idea at this moment, are you really going to be serious about it all throughout? One might feel excited at first but completely forget about the table after some time. Ask yourself, do you have enough space to set it up? Who are you going to play ping pong with?

How much space do you need?

Full-sized ping pong table measures about 274 cm x 152.2 cm. Mark these measurements in your house and also leave some clearance space around it (preferably, 1 meter) for movability of players. All in all, recreational players will require about 475 cm x 350 cm of total space for installing a ping pong table. Whereas, players undergoing training will need about 7m x 5m of space. Tournaments that are held locally, provide you with a minimum space of 9m x 5m. As for National-level tournaments, the playing court is about 12m x 6m. ITTF has specified a minimum court size of 14m length x 7m width x 5m height for International competitions. So, if you do not have the above-stated space for setting a table, you can always opt for an outdoor table.

Who are you going to play with?

For just recreational game, you can play with any friend or family member. But, for serious games, you need to think about your opposite player. From personal coaches to professional players, you need to figure out whether you have such options available or no. Once you decide this, you can then go ahead and think about buying a ping pong table.

Recreational-level tables for Beginners

Such ping pong tables are aimed to be used for either recreational purposes or for practice by newbies. These tables are quite durable, lightweight in design and last a few years. However, you should not expect really high performance, precise bounce and extreme longevity from such tables. They are supposed to be used for fun and entertainment, every so often. I would recommend recreational-level tables for children and teenagers for home games.

Advanced-level tables for professionals

Tournament-level tables are perfect for advanced players to be used frequently in professional courts and other such settings. You will see such tables are very heavy in weight, have extremely sturdy and durable design and feature exclusive tabletops for superior performance. ITTF uses such high-quality tables at their sponsored events. Depending on your desired level of features and affordability, you can select any model from these widespread categories.

Cheap Ping Pong Tables

Ping pong table is not just an ordinary table, which you look around and buy the cheapest option available. Rather, one needs to meticulously inspect the quality and endurance aspects of the table before spending their hard-earned dollars on it. The problem with cheap ping pong tables is that they play extremely bad. The thickness of the tabletop is also not mentioned sometimes. However, usually the thickness of cheap tabletops is about 12mm and the ball won’t bounce very well on such surface. For those who have an extremely low budget, make sure to at least look for a table with a thickness of 16mm. Such tables won’t deliver excellent bounce, but won’t be as disappointing as the 12mm tabletops. Generally speaking, ping pong tables with a thickness of 19mm and more can be termed as ideal.

High-end Ping Pong Tables

On the contrary, if you are not really going to use the table for professional-level play, don’t spend too much on it. The high-end table can range anywhere from $500 to $2000. If you are using the ping pong table just for fun, go for $500 to $600 range, whereas for serious training, there are always high-end models available. Always make sure that even when you pay $500 to $600 on a table, the minimum thickness of its tabletop must be around 22mm or 25mm. After paying more than $500, any tabletop that is 19mm thick is just unacceptable.

Used Ping Pong Tables

A good-quality of table offers several years of endurance. Meaning, you can still find used ping pong tables at an affordable price, if it is in a good condition. Premium quality of tables can be obtained in just $200 to $300, whereas average models for $100 is a huge bargain.

Basic Decisions

Indoor or outdoor?

This is not only the first question but also one of the most important questions you need to answer. There are two main types of ping pong tables; indoor tables and outdoor tables. The type of table you choose mainly depends on where you plan to store the table.

Most indoor tables are made of wood and are optimized for performance rather than being water-resistant. Indoor ping pong tables should not be stored in wet or humid conditions because this can cause warping to the surface. Although seasonal temperature changes are okay, indoor table tennis tables usually last longer when temperatures remain fairly constant and this means that not all garages are ideal for storing indoor tables especially if the indoor temperatures are not constant throughout the year. Indoor models provide a more natural and fun bounce than outdoor tables.

On the other hand, good outdoor ping pong tables are more expensive than equivalent indoor tables and are designed to last significantly longer even when left outside for years. They can withstand humid conditions and drastic temperature changes without deformation or rust. The table tops of outdoor ping pong tables may be made from melamine, specially-treated wood and strong non-warping material. Therefore, if you want to keep your table outdoors where it will be exposed to moisture and/or direct sunlight, you should consider buying an outdoor table tennis table.

Storage: Rollaway or stationary

You may choose to store your table away when not in use so you can enjoy more flexibility with the use of your space or simply prefer leaving it set up permanently. ‘Rollaway-style’ tables are easy to fold up and down without the use of any specialized tools and can be rolled away to the garage, patio or side of the room for storage. Such ping pong tables also offer playback capacity where you can leave one side in the vertical position so you can also play against yourself.

Although non-rollaway tables are lower priced due to their simplicity, the setup process requires more effort compared to rollaway tables because you must lift the panels in order to set it up. However, this should not be a problem when two or more people are doing it.

Although stationary (non-rollaway) tables are more stable than rollaway tables, they can occupy a huge chunk of your garage or living space. Therefore, before choosing a stationary table tennis table you should make sure that you are willing to dedicate the necessary area to the table.

Playing surface: Does table thickness matter?

The quality of play is determined by the quality of the playing surface which is indicated by the thickness of the tabletop. For indoor ping pong tables whose tops are made from specially coated wood derivatives such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or chipboard, the acceptable thickness is at least 16mm. A 19mm or 22mm table top provides a satisfying and firm bounce which is ideal for indoor use and you’ll enjoy a very good game.

However, thicknesses for melamine and bonded resin tables are generally less. For instance, a 5mm melamine table top provides good play. Thin melamine table tops (below 4mm) are not satisfactory because the bounce is too ‘tinny’ or hollow and they don’t keep their flat shape for long. On the other hand, it is essential to understand that good melamine table tops tend to last longer than treated wood table tops.

Remember, table thickness affects the bounce of the ball and serious players will easily notice the difference between a 12mm and a 25mm table.

Why is table thickness so important?

Although some table tennis tables can be quite costly, most people still do not do proper research especially into understanding all the important features that determine the best brand or model for them.

Table thickness the most important factor you should consider. The thickness of your table tennis table significantly determines the overall quality of your table’s bounce. This eventually determines up to 95% of what’s indicated on ITTF-approved tables.

How is thickness associated with quality and price?

  • Expect 5/8” thick tabletops for tables that are generally cheaper and are typically priced under $350.
  • Expect ¾” thick tops for average quality or recreational tables that are usually priced under $800. These table tennis tables are usually found in homes and garages all around the world. Mid quality tables of this price range and quality provide the best value because they play reasonably well and aren’t expensive.
  • Table tennis tables with a thickness of ¾” and above are generally high-quality tables that are commonly found in competitions. Although a thickness of ¾” or higher signifies that the table tennis table is of higher quality or class threshold, the type and quality of materials used also weigh on the table’s performance.

Therefore, it’s also essential to pay keen attention to the manufacturer’s brand or identity in order to choose the best ping pong table that suits your unique needs. Some of the most reputable and popular table tennis brands include Stiga, Butterfly, JOOLA, Killerspin, and Cornilleau.

How much playing area will I require?

A ping pong table measures 9 feet in length, 5 feet in width and 2’6” in height. Besides, the net is about 6 feet long and 6 inches high. Net brackets will contribute up to 1 feet in the total width of the table. Measure this dimensions in your room and keep some clear space around it, say about 5’ on each side for flexible movement of players.

How to Compare Ping Pong Tables

What other things should you consider? There are many other factors that you should take into consideration when making your choice:

Once you have considered your storage needs and decided whether you need an outdoor or indoor table, you need to look at the different tables available in the market.

Therefore, at this point, you must understand exactly how to compare table tennis tables. The playing surface, undercarriage and top frame are the three main factors you need to consider.

Top frame

This structure keeps the tabletop in a flat plane. Frames that are made of metal generally provide the best support and also tend to last longer.

Material used for playing surface

Most of the ping pong tables in the market today are made from wooden surfaces. Though wooden surfaces are perfect for indoors but is not desirable for outdoor use or under humid climates. On the contrary, aluminum playing surfaces are weatherproof and excellent in performance. The core of such tables is made from wood, which is then sealed by an aluminum shell. Which is why they are highly resistant to warping.


In search of best ping pong table, do not forget about your budget constraints. While deciding on the model, first prepare your budget range. Look for the ping pong tables that fall under the price range of your budget. Then, compare every feature of the model and then select the one that is great value for money.

Performance factor

Professional-level ping pong tables will bounce back the ball 9 times when it is dropped from a distance of 1 foot. Use this factor to check the quality level of your selected ping pong table. Don’t be fooled by the fact that high-priced tables are high in performance as well. There are myriads of models in the market that are equally good, performance-wise and price-wise.

Consider the undercarriage

The undercarriage mainly comprises the folding mechanism and table tennis leg. It determines the overall strength of your ping pong table. You should buy a table with sturdy undercarriage if the table will be used competitively and intensively, particularly if it’s intended for club or school use. Remember, enthusiastic players especially teenagers might even lunge over the table in order to reach and win a hard-fought game.

You should not be fooled by a cheap table tennis table with a great top and a weak undercarriage because it’s the table’s undercarriage and table legs that keep the entire structure stable in order to provide a great playing surface.

If you go for a bargain table with a weak undercarriage you’ll find that your table will become wobbly over time. It’s not easy to identify exactly what makes up a great undercarriage. However, the weight of the table can help you determine what table tennis tables have a good quality undercarriage.

Your table needs to withstand this sort of passionate play. Therefore, a table with a strong undercarriage is definitely a great choice.

Table legs

You should also ensure that the ping pong table you buy has strong legs that provide ample amount of support. If the floor you’ll be playing on is not levelled, look for a table tennis table that is equipped with a leg leveler. The leveler can be screwed in and out to maintain the recommended table height of about 30 inches (76 cm) off the floor. A spirit level is also great for determining whether the playing surface is even or not.

Heavy-duty steel legs will be excellent as a solid base foundation for your ping pong table. Round legs are acceptable but square-shaped legs are more supportive. For better longevity and performance, look for legs that are large and have strong connecting points. If the table has narrow legs, at least look for crossbars that provide additional support.

Spare parts and guarantees

Before buying a ping pong table, it’s very important to ensure that its spare parts are readily available. Always buy from manufacturers who provide full spare parts services, just in case you need to replace some components.

Just as important as spare parts availability is guaranteed. A good ping pong table can last for very many years. Although guarantees are generally different or different parts, the maximum guarantee for most parts is 10 years. Therefore, you should buy your table from a reputable company in order to ensure that the company is likely to be around for many years just in case you want to make a guarantee claim in future.


The traditional ping pong color is green and 10 years ago almost all tables sold were green. However, nowadays table tennis tables are available in various colors including blue. Many brands have introduced fun color trims that have become very popular. For instance, blue tables are quite popular because they have two main advantages; blue tables are somehow ‘airier and lighter’ and the best color that contrasts with blue is orange (the typical color of table tennis balls). Some people prefer green especially for a table that will be stored outside because green blends better into any garden. However, it is essential to understand that if you’ll use a cover, it’s actually the color of the cover that will have the biggest impact on the general blending, not the table.

Stiga Deluxe 1 millimeter Ping Pong Table (black with yellow trim)

Detachable net or fixed net

The traditional detachable nets always need adjusting and often need repairing and replacing. They were also likely to damage the table itself by scratching it over time. However, modern tables such as the ‘rollaway’ model have fixed nets that maintain their position without adjustment. The main disadvantage of fixed nets is that the width of the table, especially in storage, is generally increased because the posts are usually held permanently away from the ping pong table itself. Modern detachable nets are of the clip on type and are generally more reliable that the old detachable nets.


Most ping pong tables are flat packed and often require assembly. However, most high-end tables usually arrive readily assembled with simple undercarriages. However, the undercarriages of mid-range rollaway ping pong tables typically require assembly. Most of these tables come with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and usually require no strength or special tools. The first-time assembly takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Does brand really matter?

Brand versus non-brand is an age-old question and does it matter? If you want to invest in a ping pong table you definitely want to ensure that you are getting great value for money. Some of the more recognized and reputable brands like Butterfly and Stiga will ensure that the table tennis table you get will stand the test of time. Moreover, renowned brands provide great support and after service should there be a problem with the table you buy. Most of their tables also come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

ITTF approval

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is the governing body of table tennis and they only recommend the best of tables and table tennis equipment. So if you want a table tennis table of exceptional quality and one that is fit for experienced or professional players look for a table that is ITTF-approved.

True playback and storage

Most modern table tennis table comes with the playback feature where one side can be raised up into an upright position so you can use it as a bounce back surface which is particularly ideal for solo play. Great tables allows very little gap between the net and vertical playback surface. However, tables that leave a wide gap between the net and elevated side do not allow for realistic and fun playback because you must hit the ball harder to ensure that it does not fall between the net and raised up side. True playback is good for warm-up and practice.

Interestingly, some tables allow you to fold both the sides for convenient storage, making the whole process of portability a breeze!

Net set

Most table tennis tables come with a net but the quality differs depending on the table you’ve bought. According to official table tennis rules, the whole length of the top of the net should be 15.25 cm above the general playing surface. On the other hand, the bottom of the net should be as close as possible to the surface and the ends of the table tennis net should be as close as possible to the posts.

Look for a net with soft attachments where they grip the table to avoid scratching the finish unnecessarily. The clamps used by the net should not dig into the underside of the table or the playing surface. You can reduce the risk of scratching the finish by putting some material or felt between the table and the clamp.

Screw the clamp gently so that it is firm but not too tight to avoid leaving an impression on the table. Also, when removing or putting on the net, don’t drag the clamps or you will cause scratches and unnecessary indentations.

Thicker chassis or apron

If you’ll be playing hard or if you know your table will have to endure constant use, then it’s important to get a table with a thicker apron or chassis to prevent the table from swinging from side to side or bending due to hard and regular use. A heavy-gauge steel rail will work as a solid reinforcement for the structure of the table. Hence, it will be supported well and also adds to the aesthetic beauty of the table.

Transportation wheels

Large caster wheels allow easy portability of the ping pong table. Some of them have brakes incorporated in two or more wheels for stability when needed. High-end and international-level tables feature rubber ball bearing wheel system for smooth maneuvering.

Safety features

Recently, all the manufacturers are trying to inculcate safety features in the design of their ping pong tables. Some of the vital safety features to look for are locking play, locking wheels, protective corners, wheels/brakes and foldable frame.

Holders to store accessories

Some topnotch models feature built-in accessory holders with the frame of the ping pong table. These are deliberately made to store the balls and rackets conveniently.

Assembly time

Having to assemble something with poor instructions and tiny pictures can be very frustrating even for the most patient and courageous people. Although most tables have quick assemblies, some may take more than just a couple of hours. If assembling your table tennis table is something you don’t really look forward to, you should buy a table with a short assembly time or quick-play.

Table tennis accessories

  • Table tennis net: Table tennis net is situated in the middle of the table and we all know what it is used for. The table is split into two halves due to this net, two or four players can stand on either side of the net for playing. For your shot to be counted, you need to hit the ball over the net.
  • Cover: When not in use, make sure you cover your Ping Pong table with a cover, especially when it is set up outdoors. This will protect the surface of the table from weather (when outside) and moisture (when inside).
  • Net brackets: Net brackets, also known as clamps, are used to keep the net in place. Generally, net brackets come included with the purchase of Ping Pong table.
  • Hinges: Hinges is something that links both sides of the table and can be found beneath the table or on the edge of the table. Hinges are necessary to join two separate sides of the table.
  • Frame: Frame of the ping pong table is underneath the actual playing surface and its quality varies with each table. If not provided pre-assembled, you need to assemble the frame of the ping pong table sometimes.
  • Paint: You can change the color of your table or renovate any scratches or marks on it with the help of paint. Make sure the surface is completely smooth and even while painting.
  • Tape: If the tapes around the edges of the table are starting to peel off, you can use these extra tapes to reapply them for support.
  • Catch nets: Catch nets are a great accessory when you are practicing serves on your own. You don’t have to go on the other side of the table to collect all of the balls that you have played. Catch net will happily catch them for you, so you can handily collect them all in one swift go.
  • Cleaner: For proper maintenance and durability of your table, make sure you clean it with specific cleaners deliberately made for ping pong.

Top Brands of Ping Pong tables

Each and every brand greatly differs its quality and featuring of its ping pong tables. Use of different materials, quality standards and versatile range of features can be found in every other brand. Before purchasing your ideal ping pong table, make sure you know some of the leading brands that master in this production.

To name a few,

  • Kettler: Time and time again Kettler has proved that it stands out from all the other brands. Each table by Kettler has patented double locking mechanism which can be handled by just one player and allows easy folding (for storage or playback).
  • Cornilleau: Ping Pong Tables by Cornilleau are manufactured by using galvanized steel and anti-corrosion high-quality materials to deliver better longevity. Cornilleau is also popular for providing excellent warranty period on outdoor tops, indoor tops and frame materials. Portable range from their collection are very easy-to-fold and also allow playback feature. Cornilleau tables come with patented DSI safety system which allows a single player to quickly open or close the table, single-handedly. And that is why Cornilleau is extremely popular for its featuring of safety aspects.
  • Stiga: Stiga offers a versatile range of styles and designs in Ping Pong tables. Some of the professional-level and tournament tables feature self-opening legs and 1” or ¾” of tabletops for high performance. High-end models also feature silver mag ball-bearing wheels for the most smoothest and reliable maneuvering of the table. As for home use or recreational games, there are many traditional tables by Stiga that are fair in performance as well.
  • Butterfly: Butterfly is popular for its diversity. From lightweight to permanent heavy-duty tables, fixed-positioned to rollaway tables, single to double-wheeled designs, or from black, blue to green colored tables, you can find all kinds of tables by Butterfly. Butterfly also offers premium Outdoor tables featuring melamine surface for enhanced resistance against scratches or scuffs.
  • Joola: Joola has manufactured several indoor tables with Polyester coating on the surface for impressive and fast performance. On the other hand, the outdoor tables by Joola also feature aluminum plate in between for excellent weatherproofing and topnotch performance.
  • Prince:Renowned for its range of traditional tables, Ping pong tables from Prince are extremely easy to assemble and install. You can find several options in recreational, traditional and affordable ping pong tables by Prince, optimal for indoor use.

Ping pong Tabletops Only?

If you have a strong table or desk in your home, then you don’t really have to buy a complete Ping Pong table that comes with the undercarriage. Tabletops are an impeccable choice for people who have constricted space in their home and just want a tabletop to place on top of their already existing table. Such tabletops can be easily removed and stored against a wall or garage, when not in use.

While using tabletops, make sure the height of the already existing table is accurate. For a full-size ping pong table, the table should be at least 9 feet long.


What are concrete Ping pong tables?

Concrete Ping Pong tables are aimed to be used by schools, campsites, sports clubs, hotels or colleges. Such tables are kept outside all the time and allow you to anchor them to the ground. These heavy-duty outdoor tables are extremely heavy weight and can endure abusive use. Moreover, they can also survive critical weather conditions. Such ping pong tables are only recommended for regular games where players are not really attended or to be installed in large houses.

Before installation, make sure the floor is strong enough to withstand the heavy weight of the concrete table.

What is the best table tennis table for leiure?

A 15mm or 12mm table will be suitable for families and leisure players, but a thicker table will come with a heavier and stronger frame and are typically more durable; handy for rough or heavy use. This will be great if several family members or friends will be using the table regularly.

Olympic Fitness Whirlwind Table Tennis table (15-inch)

A 12mm or 15mm table is perfect for family leisure. However, it’s essential to remember that thicker table tops typically have heavier and sturdier frames that are ideal for people who need something more durable. This is the main reason why it’s a great idea to get sound advice in order to choose the best ping pong table for your specific needs.

Which are the best tables for heavy-duty use?

Heavier users or professional table tennis players usually prefer thicker tables with heavy-duty frames in order to get a longer lifespan and great play. Serious players usually select tables 19mm or thicker. Thicker tables are less likely to have annoying problems such as buckling or warping.

Stiga Deluxe Table Tennis Table (22 MM)

You can prolong the lifetime of your outdoor ping pong table by using a cover which will keep the worst weather elements such as rain and sunlight at bay.

What to consider while buying an outdoor ping pong table?

Outdoor table tennis tables are generally more expensive and it is for a good reason. Manufacturers of outdoor ping pong tables must also ensure that outdoor tables’ bounce is just as good as that of good indoor tables. Moreover, the surface must be coated with distinct materials to ensure that they can withstand elements such as UV (ultraviolet rays) and exposure to rain.

If you leave an indoor table tennis table in the rain it will start bubbling-up and if it’s exposed to direct sun the paint will fade.

How can you compare outdoor and indoor tables?

A $600 indoor table performs better compared to a $600 outdoor table. This is mainly because the manufacturer does not have to weather-proof indoor tables. Even on expensive outdoor table tennis tables, it is generally hard to get a good bounce that is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation unless you buy one of the high-end tables that are generally more expensive.

Convertible Ping Pong tables

Convertible ping pong tables allow playing of Ping pong as well as another game such as 8-ball pool. For that, all you need to do is lift up the top surface of the table and underneath will be a surface for this other sport.

Setting up an Indoor table in a garage

If your garage or outbuilding is not prone to become damp, it is OK to install your ping pong table over there. For testing, you can put a dry cardboard box in your garage and leave it as it is for a week. After a week, if the cardboard has lost its crispiness and has become softened, then it is not the place to store your ping pong table. The room is then considered as too humid and your table might warp easily.

Can you use Outdoor tables in indoors?

Absolutely yes. Outdoor tables are deliberately crafted to be used in all kinds of environments, be it rains, snow, indoor, outdoor, sunshine. Some of the manufacturers mention “Indoor/Outdoor Tables” on their product, meaning they are just Indoor tables featuring paint-coated surface.

The best place to buy a Ping Pong table

Reliable online stores such as or eBay are great platforms to buy Ping pong tables. Most of your local stores might not have a wide variety of options to display in the store, but through online sites, you will find a huge range of models. Moreover, you can also read user testimonials to understand the usability of each table.

How to Maintain Your Ping Pong Table

  • After every game, wipe the table with a dry and smooth cleaning cloth for removing dust/dirt from the surface.
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner to meticulously clean the table, every two or three months. Mix ⅓ cups of white vinegar in 2 cups of water. Take a soft, clean cloth and dip into this mixture. Then, gently wipe all of the tables. If you use your ping pong table frequently, do this procedure once a month.
  • If you take abrasive cleaner, your table might be ruined (especially wooden tables). If you don’t want to make your own home-made cleaner, you can even find cleaners at local stores, specifically made for ping pong tables.
  • If necessary, remove the net and wash it with lukewarm water and a little detergent. Soak it for about half an hour and then let it dry. After drying, install the net again.
  • For metal components of the table, use lubricant for their proper functioning.

Common problems in Ping Pong tables

  • Weak bounce: The bounciness of the ball determines whether a tabletop has a good quality of thickness and finishing or not. If the surface of the table is not thick enough, the ball won’t bounce much.
  • Difficulty in Transportation of table: Ping pong table must allow easy portability across the rooms. Apart from its weight, some other factors that contribute towards easy portability are design of legs and foldable features.
  • Lack of leveling: Floors on the outdoor can be really uneven, causing the table to be unstable. Which is why it becomes very challenging for players to perform precise shots. Make sure to look for a table that comes with wheel levelers for you to adjust it as per your convenience.

The bottom line

If you look at the tables currently available in the market, you will notice the price and quality generally increase according to the table’s thickness. Therefore, you should not be distracted by some of the insignificant characteristics highlighted between different models.

Does a change in the way the table’s wheels are locked or an increase in wheel size from 2½” to 3” really impact your opinion of the ping pong table? Explore other tables in the same price range in order to gauge the true quality of the table. And remember, the table’s thickness is the main feature you should care most about.

10 Best Table Tennis Tables In-depth Reviews for 2019

We have compiled the best table tennis tables in this comprehensive review-guide. The products listed below have been tested by their construction, performance, ratings and user experience. Among all the units, our top recommendation is the STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table which works similar to the best professional table tennis tables.Moreover, the table can be easily and conveniently assembled and set up in a modern home or office.However, if your budget is a bit tight but you still want a great table tennis table, then the best choice is the JOOLA Outdoor Table Tennis Table. On the other hand, if you have some space issues, the JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table would be an excellent choice that will save money as well.

Best Overall - JOOLA Inside 15mm 5/8 Inch Table Tennis Table

  • Quick set-up, no hassle
  • Tournament-quality table tennis table
  • Level/reliable play​​​​​
  • Playback mode is great when you don’t have a playing partner

best table tennis tables for 2019 - top 10 reviews

If you’re in a hurry, here is a quick list of our top 10 table tennis tables.





JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table

Features double anti-tilting devices

2 magnetic abacus scorekeepers

Recreational table with 15 mm MDF surface

Centerfold 25 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

Locking wheel design

Approved by ITTF

5 years of warranty

JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

heavy gauge steel

table stable even during hard play

stands humidity and heat

EastPoint Sports EPS 3000 Table Tennis Table

Powder coated, rust resistant steel frame is very stable

Seamless two-piece table tennis top

sturdy and self-folding

Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table

aluminum for extreme stability

Looks very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing

Heavy-gauge steel frame

JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table

provides a good bounce for a mini table tennis table

Each half can be used for other things including board games.

designed to last

STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table

The table top comes with silk screen stripping.

even bounce throughout the playing surface.

The levelers are well folded to prevent unwanted scratches

STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table

No Assembly Required, features InstaPlay Technology

¾ ” of thick black table top with silk screen strips

2″ of steel aprons with corner protectors

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

Dimensions: 63” x 56” x 5”

Competition-ready table that is perfect for your office or home

The 5/8 inch-thick top with silk-screen stripping offers excellent playability.

JOOLA Inside 15mm 5/8 Inch Table Tennis Table

Competition grade table and net set

quick assembly in less than 20 minutes

comes with a sturdy 15 mm wood composite playing surface

JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table

It also features adjustable feet that allow players to level the table when playing and fold them under the table for easy and compact storage. Each independent half is perfectly mounted on a 30 x 30mm thick undercarriage that’s secured on durable locking casters and an anti-tilting device for easy and safe transportation. You can also train solo by simply setting up your JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table on the playback position.

Description and specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 108” x 60” x 63”
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Recreational table with 15 mm MDF surface
  • Powder coated 30 mm x 30 mm undercarriage
  • Matching net set
  • Four corner ball holders that can hold up to three table tennis balls each.
  • 2 magnetic abacus scorekeepers
  • Folds up for compact storage and playback mode
  • Adjustable feet level the playing surface during game play.
  • Features double anti-tilting devices
  • Locking wheels ensure easy and safe transportation.


  • The corners are fitted with a JOOLA-patented ball holder that can hold up to 3 balls so you don’t have to chase after stray balls.
  • The table features two magnetic score keepers that can be easily and conveniently attached to the sides or ends of the table in order to keep track of the game.
  • It comes with an easy to assemble net and adjustable, sturdy posts to ensure that you’ll always have a level playing surface.
  • You can play just like a champion with a table and accessories designed and developed for professionals by JOOLA.
  • The table is designed in The United States and is USATT-approved.


  • We didn’t come across any issue with this table tennis table.

Centerfold 25 Rollaway Table Tennis Table: Best Expensive Table

Now you are looking at one of the sturdiest, heavy-duty and excellent quality of Table Tennis table by Butterfly. Not just in looks, but this particular table qualifies to be one of the best in performance as well. With 1” thick table top, you are provided with amazing bounce, spin, and speed; which is the most looked-for feature by Tennis pros.

With the approval of ITTF, you are to experience professional-level of tennis play with Butterfly Centrefold. For ease of maneuvrability and better steadiness during games, this comes with 5” of locking rubber wheels. The legs have been spaced 400mm inward, so the table qualifies with the ITTC regulations for wheelchair players.

Foldable frame allows one person to easily handle the table and move it around while setting it up. Plus, it occupies minimum space during storage as the top folds up compactly. Talking about even leveling, the Butterfly Centrefold comes with adjustable feet having screws at its base. This is why the surface will be perfectly leveled and won’t cause a mess.

Durability and Performance

Centrefold 25 comes preassembled and has a fold-and-roll design. 1 inch of scratch-proof table top is constructed from compressed particle board, which is further protected by a hard PVC band on the edges. Heavy-duty steel rails on the sides greatly support the whole structure and act as a strong backing. A Europa NET set comes included with the table for your suitability. Such nets are of highest quality and are USATT/ITTF approved as well. With the weight of 280 pounds, this table is heavy and stable enough; certainly won’t wobble whatsoever.

Who is it for?

It is a top-level competition table that can be used in clubs or for professional tournaments. The optimal thickness of the table top offers precise speed, spin, and bounce to the players. The table comes fully assembled, so that’s a huge relief!

Features and specifications

  • Very easy to install and breakdown
  • Locking wheel design
  • 5 inch of rubber wheels
  • 2” of square-shaped steel legs with adjustable design
  • Approved by ITTF
  • In compliance with ITTC regulations for wheelchair players
  • Steel rim measures 2” x ¾”
  • 1” (25mm) thick wooden table top with anti-skid properties
  • 5 years of warranty


  • Extremely heavy and stable
  • Absolutely no assembly required
  • Features highest quality of materials and craftsmanship​​​​​
  • Looks very appealing
  • Comes with the net set
  • Comes with a Release lock safety feature


  • At first, getting it out of the truck is very challenging

JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

If you want an outdoor table tennis table that will withstand the elements and is not expensive then the JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table is for you. It features a 6 mm aluminum composite top adjustable leg levelers and a 40 mm thick apron that prevents warping.

The table is also reinforced with a 2” heavy gauge steel undercarriage that keeps the table stable even during hard play. You can also use the JOOLA NOVA DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table for excellent playback during practice or when you don’t have a partner.

The JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table is designed for outdoor use. Therefore, if you want a well-made and cheap outdoor table, then this is the right table for you. However, it is important to remember that you’ll not be getting a table that offers excellent play like indoor tables and it might take a while to get used to.


  • checkJOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table is designed and built to withstand elements. The table has been tested against changes in humidity and heat. This means that this table can be left in the yard and you’ll never have to worry about it getting damaged or warping due to weather elements.
  • checkThe JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table features a sturdy undercarriage. The table top is supported by a 40 mm thick PVC apron that is designed to prevent warping and damage.​​​​​
  • checkThe apron is connected to heavy duty 2” gauge steel legs that provide leveling especially on uneven surfaces which is really great.
  • checkThe table comes with 4 wheels which are designed to withstand the elements. They are rust-proof and specially designed to support the 120 lbs set.


  • This table tennis table has a thin tabletop that is mainly made of aluminum composite and the bounce is not the best.
  • The bounce is sometimes low and not entirely consistent
  • It gives off an annoying ‘pinging’ sound which can take some time to get used to.
  • The net set that comes with the table is what holds the two independent table pieces together. Therefore, if you nudge the table accidentally the clamps might come loose. Therefore, you may have to re-adjust the net regularly and this is no fun at all.

Overall Impression

If you don’t really want to spend too many bucks on a poker table, yet are ready to extend your budget up to $500, go with this one! It looks beautiful, it features strength and just can’t go wrong for the money!

EastPoint Sports EPS 3000 Table Tennis Table

The EastPoint Sports EPS 3000 Table Tennis Table offers real value for money. It features a seamless two-piece tabletop that folds up very easily for excellent playback and convenient storage. It also comes with a paddle storage system and an on-center net. However, balls and paddles are not included.

Therefore, if you are looking for a competition sized table tennis table on a budget, then the EastPoint Sports EPS 3000 Two-piece Table Tennis Table is worth looking into. The table can be folded into playback position with ease enabling a single player to train or practice alone. It can also be folded to fit a small storage space for easy and convenient storage in your office or garage.


  • Seamless two-piece table tennis top with a ¾-inch laminated play surface that offers aconsistent bounce.
  • It comes with an on-center net and a convenient paddle storage system that holds up to 6 balls and 4 paddles (balls and paddles not included)
  • Powder coated, rust resistant steel frame is very stable, sturdy and self-folding.
  • The molded corner caps and 1.375 inch aprons resist warping while ensuring a level playing surface.
  • The table can be easily adjusted into playback position allowing a single player to practice. Both sides can also be folded up and locked for storage.
  • The sturdy 2-inch diameter wheels can be locked for easy and convenient storage and transport.
  • Dimensions when assembled: 108” length x 60” width x 30” height
  • Dimensions in playback position: 71” length x 60” width x 30” height
  • Weight: 154.98 lbs.


  • It comes with a steel frame for good stability
  • The powder coated frame is sturdy and rust resistant making it a durable table.​​​​​​
  • The lockable wheels are a great advantage
  • It features 2” double wheels that make transportation of this table convenient and effortless. The wheels can also be locked during game play in order to enhance stability which improves the quality of the game.
  • The fully laminated play surface provides a consistent bounce.
  • It comes with a net and paddle storage system that allows you to store up to 3 balls and 2 paddles on each side.
  • The table features molded corner caps that resist warping and damage in order to provide a level playing surface.


  • The playing surface might become wrinkled, chipped at corners or scratched a short while after unboxing it from the package.
  • The table might be a little hard to assemble especially for the first time.

Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table- Best Expensive Table

Killerspin is a popular brand, known to offer aesthetically beautiful table tennis gear for competition-level games and eye-catching style. Killerspin Revolution is their flagship product, which signifies a perfect combination of world-class design and premium quality of craftsmanship. Just take a minute and look at the build quality of the equipment. Looks astonishing, isn’t it? Given its stylish looks, you can set up Killerspin Revolution as a centerpiece of any game room or office rec rooms.

Now talking about its materials. Revolution series shines in its performance, given its premium table top made from 22mm of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). It delivers excellent and reliable bounce all throughout the game, without showing any signs of warping or dead spots.

To strengthen the table top, it has been further finished with 16 -layer RRC (Repeat Roller Coating) by Killerspin. It is a process where the table is coated so as to reduce its glare and make the surface resistant against ball marks.

Exclusive design

The base of the Killerspin Revolution is extremely strong and is what makes it stand out from all the other tables in the market. The unique arch-shaped base looks very appealing and is highly supportive as well. This base is covered in an aluminum panel for excellent steadiness and alluring look of the table.


The frame of the Revolution is crafted from heavy-gauge steel, which offers strength and longevity to the table. The solid frame also works as a durable base for consistency in your games. The 2-piece design will allow easy setup and breakdown of the table in a matter of few seconds. A bolt-lock mechanism is what secures these 2-pieces together. It is ready to play just with few minutes out of the box. So, that’s a win-win.

Specifications and Features

  • High-end table tennis gear; Engineered for performance
  • Arches base is plated with aluminum for extreme stability
  • Uses premium quality of 22mm MDF table top
  • Looks very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing
  • Heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Includes 1 year of warranty
  • Comes with high-quality Killerspin Apex Net and Steel Post gear

Table top is uniquely coated to reduce glare and prevent it from marks


  • Professional-level table
  • Impeccable combination of style and performance
  • Solid build​​​​​
  • Consistent and reliable bounce
  • Worth the money
  • Strong and stable base
  • Eye-catching arch-shaped base


  • It is nearly immovable; some of you might not like it
  • Very expensive

JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table– Best Cheap Table

This is a top-of-the line table that is not only portable but also one of the best table tennis tables, especially for small spaces. JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table features a high-quality playing surface and components that rival many costly full-size regulation tables.

This midsize table is regulation size and just 2/3 the width and length of ITTF certified tables. Therefore, JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table is an excellent way to allow anyone who lives in an apartment, uses a small office or small living space to play ping pong where they otherwise couldn’t. You’ll be surprised to learn that playing on the JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table feels just like playing on an ITTF-certified table tennis table and not just a gimmick of the actual professional playing surface.


  • JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table assembled dimension is just 71” x 30” x 36” for increased use of small spaces. This is just 2/3 the width of ITTF approved tables.
  • It weighs 62 pounds only for easy transportation.
  • JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table is designed to last
  • The table can be separated into two separate pieces for convenient storage and increased practicality.
  • JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table top is very solid and sturdy and it provides a good bounce for a mini table tennis table
  • It features a 5/8 thick Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) that is similar in quality to full sized competition or regulation tables that usually cost much more. This is a serious table tennis table that allows for great, competitive play. The table top is 5/8 inches thick and is of the same quality as JOOLA’s high end table tennis tables.
  • The table is made of two halve that are joined together where the net set is mounted.
  • Each half can be stored individually or used for other things including board games.
  • One of the outstanding benefits of the JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table is that no assembly is required because the table is simply folded up in the shipping box. Therefore, you simply need to unfold the table legs and attach the two table tops before you can start playing.
  • The table is also easy to fold up for storage. The legs fold under each half and each side can be stored separately. Infact, when folded, each table half is only a few inches thick and can be easily stored in a closet or under a bed.

JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table is perfect for anyone with a limited budget and/or limited space. Although it is not regulation size, this table still provides ample room and an excellent bounce for competitive play among seasoned table tennis players.


  • Superior quality table tennis table with a great overall look and excellent performance
  • It is very lightweight and easily portable. You can place the JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table almost anywhere you want.
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Great midsized table that only occupies a very small space.
  • It comes with 2 sturdy pairs of fold out legs that help lock the ping pong table in position.
  • Saves space because it only requires small room size.
  • Very useful especially for indoor winter play


  • Its size is 2/3 of the standard table
  • JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table is not ITTF approved.

STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table

Just like the name suggests, the main feature of this table tennis table is that it is a space saver. STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Tableis a great choice for people who want to play table tennis but have limited space at home or in the office. This table can be folded up easily and nicely enabling you to make space for other uses when you are not playing ping pong. Moreover, the halves can be used for other purposes besides playing table tennis.

Dimensions and specifications

  • The Medium Density Fiberboard on the table top is 5/8 inches which helps in ensuring that you enjoy an even bounce throughout the playing surface.
  • The table top comes with silk screen stripping.
  • STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table features 1.25” steel apron.
  • The 1.25 inches thick steel legs come with leg levelers that provide an even playing surface and a sturdy base.
  • The levelers are well folded to prevent unwanted scratches
  • You can use the levelers to adjust the table height so you can play exactly the way you want.
  • Dimensions: 40.5 inches x 71 inches x 30 inches
  • Weight: 73 pounds

The STIGA Space Saver table Tennis Table offers three different table arrangements for different purposes; the playing position for playing purposes, multipurpose styling where the two halves are used for other purposes such as playing card and board games and the storage arrangement where the two halves are folded up for easy and convenient storage when you’re not playing.


  • checkYou don’t need to follow any installation steps. Just unpack the table, fold it up and you can start playing right away.​​​​​
  • checkThe table comes with a net set to ensure that you can get started easily.
  • checkThe quality of materials used in making the STIGA Space Saver table Tennis Table is great.
  • checkThe table is compact in design and can be set up anywhere with ease.


  • It does not include any extra gaming accessories.

STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table

As the name suggests, the STIGA InstaPlay Table tennis table is ready for the immediate game right out of the box. Meaning, no hassles of assembly whatsoever. The legs on this table consist of 2” of square steel columns and 2” of steel support apron. So, rest assured you get a solid platform for your games. Plastic caps on the legs protect your floor from undesirable scratches.

The ¾” of playfield features a nice, smooth black color top with white strips. This table top is then fitted with a 66” of net and mounting posts.

Table at Play

To favor the structure and improve the strength of the table, STIGA has provided an edge banding here. You know how annoying it is when you are trying to take a close shot and the edges restrict you. So STIGA has made sure to eradicate this problem by offering a significant edge banding at all corners of the table. And this is exactly what adds a professional sense to this table. InstaPlay comes with 3” of ball bearing casters to make its portability a breeze! Moreover, storing the InstaPlay is as easy as a snap of fingers, thanks to the foldable frame. The table top here is sanded and is further UV filled to form a smooth, even-leveled playfield.


  • No Assembly Required, features InstaPlay Technology
  • ¾ ” of thick black table top with silk screen strips
  • 2″ square steel legs and 3″ mag ball bearing locking wheels
  • 2″ of steel aprons with corner protectors
  • 66″ net and mounting post set Included
  • Offers 3 table positions: Normal playing position, Playback position (one half of the table is lifted up for single player) and folded position (both sides are folded up)


  • Comes fully pre-assembled
  • Solid construction
  • Great value for money
  • Foldable design
  • Lockable transportation wheels provided
  • Edge banding provides extra security


  • After some period of use, the legs tend to wobble
  • Might sag in the middle after repeated use

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table– Best Value for Money

The STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table features a 5/8 inch MDF table top with a heavy duty frame, silk-screen striping and a quick and easy assembly process. Although the STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table lacks extra features, it delivers a great playing experience especially for someone on a budget. It’s one of the best sellers because it’s a solid table that’s built with excellent materials for an entry-level price.


  • Dimensions: 63” x 56” x 5”
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Competition-ready table that is perfect for your office or home
  • The table is 95% pre-assembled for an easy and quick setup process that only takes 10 minutes.
  • Transport and roll table halves effortlessly using 3 inch lockable caster wheels for convenient storage and setup.
  • Attach and remove the net easily with 72 inch clamp style net set
  • The 5/8 inch-thick top with silk-screen stripping offers excellent playability.

Table construction

The STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table has a 5/8 inch thick Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) table top that is finished with a roller coating process. This automated process creates an excellent and durable playing surface with silkscreen printed lines. Unlike most tables that come with taped-on lines, this table comes with printed lines that will not come off or affect the natural bounce of the ball. Although the playing surface is pretty durable, it’s particularly important to note that this table is ideal for indoor use only because the MDF surface cannot withstand severe temperature changes or moisture.

Playing experience

The STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table offers excellent playing experience for its price range. The frame is also very solid and sturdy and the 5/8” MDF surface offers an excellent and consistent bounce. The overall craftsman is great and the net system is excellent for an entry-level table.


The STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table has a quick and easy assembly process where the entire table is 95% pre-assembled. STIGA claim that the assembly process takes 10 minutes only. The entire process involves attaching the wheels to the frame and tightening some bolts here and there. Therefore, if you have a crest wrench or some pliers, the entire process will go smoothly and quickly.


  • Playing surface is supported by a 1.5” welded steel apron that offers great support.
  • The MDF top gives a highly consistent bounce over the entire playing surface.
  • It features a heavy duty apron which is connected to a set of 1.5” thick steel legs with included leg levers.
  • The 3” caster wheels with convenient locks make it very easy to just roll the table into the desired position.​​​​​
  • The safety latch system locks the table into the storage position and prevents accidental openings.
  • The table is made up of two halves and this means that you can place one independent half in the standing position in order to enjoy excellent playback.
  • Both halves nest perfectly into each other for compact and convenient storage.


  • The STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table lacks any extra features that can enhance the overall experience

Overall Impression

This is a no-nonsense table tennis table that offers a quality MDF playing surface, a sturdy all-steel construction and good craftsmanship. This high quality indoor-only table is an excellent option for intermediate players who want a table that offers a great playing experience and is generally designed to stand up to abuse for a long time.

JOOLA Inside 15mm 5/8 Inch Table Tennis Table– Editor’s choice

JOOLA Inside 15mm Competition Grade Table Tennis Table is a great table for anyone who wants to enjoy a fun-filled game at an affordable price. It comes with separable nesting halves and a sleek frame that make this table tennis table great for compact storage. The table features a professional-grade 15 mm (5/8 inch) wood composite surface that offers excellent durability and a consistent ball bounce. Moreover, the 1.5 inch diameter legs and 1.5 inch resin apron create a durable table tennis table that will last for years.

On the other hand, the table legs come with adjustable height levers to make sure that you’ll have a level playing surface. The 3” locking caster wheels provide added stability and the dual safety locking system ensures safety both in storage and playing positions. The table comes with a net and post set that features an adjustable tension system and a removable clamp post. Both the net set and table are USATT-approved.

Features of JOOLA Inside 15mm Competition Grade Table Tennis Table

  • Competition grade table and net set is perfect for your office, community center or home.
  • It comes with a sturdy 15 mm wood composite playing surface for a consistent and reliable ball bounce
  • The separate folding table halves are perfect for solo playback mode, compact storage and easy setup.
  • Easy and quick assembly in less than 20 minutes.
  • The four locking casters and dual locking devices per half provide additional safety and stability during storage and transportation.


Dimensions and weight

  • Overall: 30” Height x 61” Width x 108” Length
  • Folded: 65.5” Height x 60” Width x 24.5” Length
  • Playing surface: 60” Width x 108 “ Length
  • Legs: 30” Height
  • Tabletop thickness: 0.625”
  • Weight: 140 pounds
  • Wheel size: 3”


  • Quick set-up, no hassle
  • Tournament-quality table tennis table
  • Level/reliable play​​​​​
  • Mobile and safe storage​
  • Playback mode is great when you don’t have a playing partner
  • Foldable and easily portable


  • There’s really no significant downside to the JOOLA Inside 15mm Competition Grade Table Tennis Table

Quick Guide to Buying Table Tennis Tables

Type of table tennis table

The type of table you choose is primarily determined by where you want to use and store your table. You should also consider whether you want a full size table or smaller table.

Outdoor ping pong tables

Outdoor tables are primarily designed to withstand elements such as moisture, extreme temperature changes and direct sunlight because they are left out all year round. They are generally more expensive than indoor ping pong tables. Most outdoor tables are also full-size but may fold at the center. They may also come with wheels that make movement easy. Some tables can be folded in half enabling users to play or practice by themselves.

Indoor ping pong tables

For indoor ping pong tables, you should look for a unit which can be folded away for storage especially if space is restricted. Therefore, it’s particularly important to consider the size of the area where you want to set up the table and its planned storage space. Besides making storage easy, tables that come in two pieces can have multiple uses. For instance they can be used as tables for playing board games or as homework desks for your kids when you’re not playing ping pong.

What size should you buy?

Ping pong tables are available in small size, intermediate size and full size. The size you choose depends on who is playing and the available playing and storage space. Professional or serious players need full size tables but amateurs and younger children can use small or intermediate sized tables.

Do you need any extra features or accessories?

Your ping pong table should come with a net set, 2 or 4 table tennis bats and some balls. It’s essential to check whether these accessories are included in the package to avoid being disappointed when your tables arrives without extra accessories and equipment.

10 Best Air Hockey Tables In-depth Reviews for 2019

If you want to host the perfect poker game at home or in a venue of your choice, you need to invest in a good poker table. Gone are the days when professional poker tables used to be found in casinos exclusively; with the advent of the internet, you’re just one click away from buying a professional table that enables you to host fun and exciting poker games. If you’re ready to take the game to the next level, you’ve stumbled across the right place.

Let’s shed light on a few aspects. There is a plethora of poker tables to buy in the market, and if you don’t know what to look for in one, you risk not making the right choice. Fret not though, the process is far from complicated, and by the time you finish reading this guide, we guarantee you will be an expert.

Best overall – Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite

  • Electronic scoreboard offers great control
  • Excellent build quality with aluminum rails
  • Includes a full-size puck
  • Playing surface is made from thick MDF and then laminated
  • Optimal air cushioning

As fellow customers, we understand how hard it is to make an ultimate choice. There is just so much to choose from that no matter what product you stumble across, there is definitely bound to be something else to catch your eye the following instant. Don’t worry, we are one step ahead of you. Below you can find our top 10 list of air hockey tables. All the products that you see in the list have been handpicked by us and selected according to extensive criteria, such as reliability, durability, price/quality ratio, relevance of auxiliary features and items, purpose, etc.

Without further ado, let us begin!

best air hockey tables for 2019 - top 10 reviews

If you’re in a hurry, here is a quick list of our top 10 air hockey tables.





Sport Squad HX40 Electric-Powered Air Hockey Table

Very easy to assemble​​​​​

No fancy auxiliary items to affect the price tag

Made of sturdy wood

Goplus 54″ Air Powered Hockey Table Indoor Sports

Digital scorer included in the package

Can be easily assembled and disassembled​​​​​

Good materials

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′ Air Hockey Table

Price/quality ratio

LED lights for more immersive games


Hathaway Matrix 54″ 7-in-1 Multi-Game Table

Sturdy materials

play 6 other games

Smooth surface

Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Includes 2 pucks and 2 paddles

Good quality construction

Compact size; Easy portability

Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table

Comes with 2 strikers

Compact design

Comes with 2 strikers

Playcraft Derby 6′ Air Hockey Table

Electronic scorers

Sleek and glossy PVC laminated surface​​​​​​

Impressive graphics

NG1009H Carmelli Face-Off Air Hockey Table

Relatively durable materials

Easy and quick assembly

Pucks and pushers included

EastPoint Sports 84″ Sting Ray Hover Hockey Table

Great size

Looks professional

Can be used in both casual and competitive environments

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

Electronic scoreboard offers great control

Excellent build quality with aluminum rails

Ideal for large gaming rooms

Sport Squad HX40 Electric-Powered Air Hockey Table–Best Cheap Table

The first entry in our list is an air hockey table designed to cater to customers who are on a budget, or whose needs are not stringent; young kids would definitely enjoy playing air hockey on this table. The tabletop is smooth, punctured by many barely-noticeable holes that do not tamper with the game whatsoever, and designed for added portability and convenient storage. Underneath the tabletop, there is a silent high-output fan that smoothens the surface for fast action. The components are detachable so you can easily tuck it into any corner of your house when you don’t play; on the same note, assembly is very quick and easy.

Reliability & Durability

Despite the low price tag, the air hockey table is made of high quality wood for enhanced durability. The tabletop is electric-powered so as to maintain even and continuous airflow. Although it is preferred to not jiggle the table too much when playing, you don’t have to worry about any undue scratches on your floor because the HX40 features rubber-padded feet for added protection.

The Table at Play

This table renders air hockey a very enjoyable activity that you and your family can partake in at any time. In spite of its apparent lack of sturdiness, the table does not shake regardless of how hard you play, the pushers and pucks glide smoothly on the surface, while the pucks do not risk leaping over the table. However, the side rails do not offer that good a rebound because of them consisting of plastic entirely.


  • No fancy auxiliary items to affect the price tag
  • Very easy to assemble​​​​​
  • Can be tucked easily in any corner of the house
  • Made of sturdy wood
  • The size is ideal for casual use (5 feet)


  • The fan is allegedly of low quality
  • The table looks pretty cheap at first sight
  • Rebound is not that great

Overall Impression

Considering the price bracket, this air hockey table doesn’t look bad at all at first sight. While it would certainly not be used in professional environments, it does make for a great choice if your goal is to buy a table to keep your kids busy while you’re at work. It is simple, easy to assemble, and has very simple features so as to not affect the price tag in any way (e.g. manual scorer instead of digital scorer).

Goplus 54″ Air Powered Hockey Table Indoor Sports– Best Mid-range Table

The second entry in our list is an air hockey table that is still meant to be bought by casual users, but whose features are more plentiful and overall better. The table is made of wood and plastic materials, while the surface is punctured by numerous holes through which air is blown by means of a reliable 12V fan. If you cannot place the table anywhere, it can be held by a wooden support included in the package. Unlike other air hockey tables in the same price range, this table also features a digital scorer; if you don’t want to use it, there is a manual scorer included at no additional cost. Also included in the package are two pushers, two pucks, as well as two goal scorers. A lot of the components are detachable, so you can easily store it anywhere you want.

Reliability & Durability

The table being made of plastic and wood might put you off initially, but they are actually of good quality. According to the overwhelmingly high number of positive reviews, the table is quite sturdy, doesn’t tilt from side to side at play, and is the ideal size for children aged 6 and upwards to game comfortably. If you – the adult – want to join in and have relatively big hands, you might want to consider buying separate pushers, since the ones included in the package are quite small.

The Table at Play

One thing you might want to keep in mind if you buy this product is that it’s quite heavy; if you live on the eighth floor in a block of flats, you definitely have to ask your neighbor to carry it up with/for you. However, this is inherently great an advantage, because whoever plays air hockey on it won’t be able to jolt it even if he or she wants to. The pushers are the ideal size for children aged 6 and upwards, but definitely not large enough for big-handed adults. The fan that pushes the air out the tabletop holes is powerful enough to ensure a smooth surface without much hassle.


  • Simple and cheap table that ensures straightforward play
  • Digital scorer included in the package
  • Can be easily assembled and disassembled​​​​​
  • Good materials


  • Too many components are detachable, and this means that you need to spend some time trying to assemble it​​​​​
  • Digital scorers are allegedly too sensitive​​​​​
  • Battery-powered​​​​​
  • Pushers are quite small

Overall Impression

Pretty much everything concerning this table is good save for the small pushers. The materials that compose it are of good quality, the fan is powerful enough, and the digital scorers work as advertised. This air hockey table hands-down offers the best bang for your buck in this price range.

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′ Air Hockey Table– Best LED lighting Table

This is another Triumph entry in our list, but this time the table we are going to review is by far more professional and feature-packed than the previous product. Triumph’s Lumen-X air hockey table is six feet, which is an ideal size for competitive plays, has a complete set of features such as LED lights placed on all table sides, in addition to two ultra-bright pushers (strikers) and light-up pucks. Colorful, convenient, and very durable, this table is bound to provide your entire family with hours of fun during daylight hours, and double the fun in pitch darkness! Underneath the tabletop two fans ensure continuous airflow to the surface, while the electronic board keeps record of the score with pinpoint accuracy. The table is heavy, so you might want to ask someone to help you carry it with or for you. Assembly is straightforward – even if you get lost in details, there is a user guide included in the package. Worry-free product indeed!

Reliability & Durability

According to the many 5-star reviews the table has received till now, the materials are very sturdy to the touch, and the table overall feels like it was designed to last a lifetime. Unlike other products in the same price range, there are two fans that blow air to the tabletop, and do not make that much noise; however, if you play for a lot of time, you will start noticing some noise coming from the fans, albeit not disturbing at all.

The Table at Play

You can find LED light-up tables in lower price ranges, but we can guarantee that they don’t come close to this table at all, especially in terms of “immersive factor” and overall LED quality. Side lights are almost surreal, while the pushers feel more like light sabers in your hand than anything; same thing goes for the light up puck. Since the lights are LED-based, you can expect them to light up your room for days before needing another recharge.


  • Price/quality ratio
  • LED lights for more immersive games
  • Durability
  • Fans and scoreboard are corded


  • LED lights do tamper with the total price; if you’re more of a practical person, you may look at our previous products
  • “Expert assembly” fee

Overall Impression

The table does not feature the largest size out there (6ft compared to 8ft maximum), but it can definitely be used at competitive level if this is the main reason you want to buy it. What’s more, the built-in LED lights provide a level of immersiveness that not many tables in this price range offer. Gimmicky as it may be, your friends would definitely drop their jaws playing on this table at night.

Hathaway Matrix 54″ 7-in-1 Multi-Game Table– Best Multipurpose table

The next table we are going to review is multipurpose, in that it can support 7 different classic games, including air hockey. The other 6 games are as follows: billiard, chess, checkers, backgammon, table tennis, as well as foosball. In what concerns the air hockey capability, the table does a great job, but you should be aware of the fact that the game you are playing is not air hockey in the traditional sense of the word, but rather a game that imitates it. There are no holes punctured in the tabletop, and, obviously, there is no fan to blow out air through them. However, this game table deserves an honorary spot in our list because of the game diversity: if you get bored of playing air hockey, you can easily switch to chess, table tennis, and so on! There are very few game tables in this price range that feature this kind of flexibility, so don’t miss out.

Reliability & Durability

You don’t need to be put off by the versatility of this game table. Although it is a jack-of-all-trades-kind of table, it is actually pretty decent and can make for a great choice if you want to invite your friends over but don’t want to be saddled with playing the same game over and over again till everyone gets bored to death. The materials that make up this table are of relatively good quality, and so are the tabletops of each separate game.

The Table at Play

Considering the price you pay, you should be surprised that every parts required to play each of the total of 7 games are included in the standard package. That’s right, everything ranging from the chess pieces to the pushers and pucks will be given to you at no additional cost. If you want to play air hockey, the table might prove a little burdensome to deal with because of the absence of the fan underneath the tabletop, which is in essence the only component that makes air hockey possible in the first place. If that is no concern to you, then you will absolutely love the variety. Game on!


  • Sturdy materials
  • Apart from air hockey, you can play 6 other games
  • Smooth surface in spite of the lack of a fan to blow air
  • Parts required to play each game are included in the standard package


  • The table needs to accommodate 7 different games, which tampers with overall playability​
  • The air hockey game is not air hockey in the traditional sense of the word, but rather an imitation. Improvisation is not always desirable in such cases.
  • Small size – it may or may not be a disadvantage depending on your needs

Overall Impression

Everything to convince you to choose this game table is right in front of you. It’s made of durable materials, it supports a total of 7 different games, and can be used by people of all ages. However, because of its short length (4.5 ft.), it cannot be used competitively.

Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table– Best Cheap Tabletop version

Harvil Tabletop Air Hockey Table is a portable and compact equipment aimed to be used in your homes. Made from dense fiber wood and reinforced with solid legs featuring blue finishing and black painting, Harvil Tabletop intends to last. With just 14.77 pounds of weight, it’s a breeze to carry this table around!

Moreover, there are 2 goals and 2 slide scorers provided for a convenient game experience. Cool and stylish white playing surface is laminated and features catchy graphics. This playing surface is powered by a CUL-certified AC-12V motor; perfect for casual games. Seeing its 40-inch of length, the tabletop has been made to be used by kids and occasional players who have very constricted space for installation. Given its compact size, the table takes about 20 minutes to assemble and comes included with 2 paddles and 2 pucks. But, these accessories are also very compact in size, which some of you might not like! So, we say adults might not fancy this petite model.

Reliability & Durability

At such a shockingly low price, you are facilitated with good quality of construction and strong legs. The ⅜” L-style legs have anti-skid padding on it so as to prevent the surface (on which it will be placed- floor/table) from scratches or marks. It is a perfect game equipment to be set up in home game rooms, patios, rec rooms, backyards, etc.

An electric blower is quite reliable and creates a steady airflow across the playing surface. The bottom of the legs feature blue finishing and are painted with black to offer durability. Dense fiber wood construction provides a stable and non-wobbly platform for your games.

The Table at Play

The powerful blower motor delivers steady airflow through several small holes on the table, causing the puck to glide smoothly on the table. Obviously, at such a low price, you cannot really expect the motor to be extremely powerful, it is satisfactory and low-powered. As for score keeping, there are manual slide scorers provided on each end of the table. Hence, it uses a classic way to keep track of your scored points.


  • Compact size; Easy portability
  • Easy to assemble
  • 90 days of warranty period
  • Includes 2 pucks and 2 paddles
  • Good quality construction


  • Manual scoring system
  • Accessories provided are of poor quality
  • The airflow is not extremely powerful; it is just okay​
  • Strikers are very small

Overall Impression

Since it is a Tabletop variation of Air hockey table, you are free to place it on top of any other table or even on the floor. It measures about 4.25” in height and 19.63” in width; so, it is more suitable for kids and teenagers. It would fall short for adults. If you want a gaming equipment just for fun and entertainment, go for this one!

Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table Best Affordable for Family Game rooms

The second entry in our list is an air hockey table that is still meant to be bought by casual users, but whose features are more plentiful and overall better. The table is made of wood and plastic materials, while the surface is punctured by numerous holes through which air is blown by means of a reliable 12V fan. If you cannot place the table anywhere, it can be held by a wooden support included in the package. Unlike other air hockey tables in the same price range, this table also features a digital scorer; if you don’t want to use it, there is a manual scorer included at no additional cost. Also included in the package are two pushers, two pucks, as well as two goal scorers. A lot of the components are detachable, so you can easily store it anywhere you want.

Reliability & Durability

The table being made of plastic and wood might put you off initially, but they are actually of good quality. According to the overwhelmingly high number of positive reviews, the table is quite sturdy, doesn’t tilt from side to side at play, and is the ideal size for children aged 6 and upwards to game comfortably. If you – the adult – want to join in and have relatively big hands, you might want to consider buying separate pushers, since the ones included in the package are quite small.

The Table at Play

One thing you might want to keep in mind if you buy this product is that it’s quite heavy; if you live on the eighth floor in a block of flats, you definitely have to ask your neighbor to carry it up with/for you. However, this is inherently great an advantage, because whoever plays air hockey on it won’t be able to jolt it even if he or she wants to. The pushers are the ideal size for children aged 6 and upwards, but definitely not large enough for big-handed adults. The fan that pushes the air out the tabletop holes is powerful enough to ensure a smooth surface without much hassle.


  • Comes with 2 strikers (3” each) and 2 pucks (2.5” each)
  • Non-skid legs
  • Ideal for kids and teenagers
  • Extremely lightweight; Weighs just about 49.5 pounds
  • Features automatic puck-return system
  • 180 days of warranty period
  • Compact design; 5 foot long
  • Easy to assemble; Looks attractive


  • Electronic scoring system is not very reliable
  • Not for adult
  • You cannot really use it harshly or lean on it

Overall Impression

Pretty much everything concerning this table is good save for the small pushers. The materials that compose it are of good quality, the fan is powerful enough, and the digital scorers work as advertised. This air hockey table hands-down offers the best bang for your buck in this price range.

Playcraft Derby 6′ Air Hockey Table– Best for Family Game rooms

We are now going to review a product that falls in a higher price category, and which is consequently better in terms of quality, reliability, as well as features provided. Offered in two amazing colors viz. Cherry wood grain and Black PVC laminate finish with a touch of chrome accents, this Playcraft Derby 6’ Table will add elegance to your home decor. The table comes mostly pre-assembled and just needs some final assembly. With glossy PVC laminate playfield that’s scratch-resistant, players will experience a smooth and slick sense of game.

Reliability & Durability

Playcraft Derby 6’ Air Hockey Table features premium-grade craftsmanship with MDF construction and pedestal legs. The MDF materials used here are all environmentally safe and sound. You will be getting a sturdy and solid platform that won’t wobble or skid whatsoever. Pedestal-style legs offer extreme stability and are equipped with leg levelers to give you an even surface for playing. Derby is powered by a 110V UL-approved Air fan motor; works great for fast-paced air hockey.

The Table at Play

Electronic scorer of the table has various game settings for a personalized gaming experience. With the product, you also get 2 strikers (3.75” each) and 2 pucks (2.5” each). The electronic scoring system features digital scoreboard that needs to be plugged-in; no need of batteries at all. The assembled weight of the table is about 117 pounds, so it might be a little challenging to set up the equipment all on your own. Owing to its size (6 feet), the table is ideal for youth and teenage players, but that doesn’t mean adults cannot enjoy a quick game with their kids.


  • Electronic scorers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aesthetic design is very stylish and appealing
  • Sleek and glossy PVC laminated surface​​​​​​
  • Strong MDF construction
  • Pedestal-style legs give stability
  • Impressive graphics


  • Puck is very lightweight, tends to fly off the table
  • Airflow is weak

Overall Impression

In a nutshell, Playcraft Derby 6’ Air hockey Table is not too short, nor too long. It would best-suit family game rooms for your kids to play. The base foundation is pretty stable, as the table does not move while playing. The air fan motor, on the other hand, is not very powerful. The air cushion created on the playing surface is enough to move the puck smoothly, but not high enough for fast games. For its price, it is pretty compact, rugged and durable.

NG1009H Carmelli Face-Off Air Hockey Table

As can be seen from the pictures, the tabletop is designed to resemble an ice hockey rink, which gives the table a more realistic design, which in turn renders the overall game more exciting for both players involved. The classic air hockey game can be played on this table due to the presence of a relatively powerful fan underneath the tabletop. The table is not the sturdiest out there, and it should be pretty obvious considering the price. However, the materials used are not bad at all. The pushers and pucks glide smoothly on the tabletop, while the silent fan underneath blows enough air to render the game enjoyable.

Reliability & Durability

The Carmelli 5 ft. Air Hockey Table brings the experience and quality of arcade-style air hockey in your home. Extra thick ⅛” MDF frame (CARB-certified) and strong legs won’t let the table to twist or wobble. L-shaped legs and large-sized levelers facilitate you with an even-leveled playing surface on any type of floor. The MDF core has been laminated for added longevity. As said above, the table is not too sturdy, but not too flimsy either. Playing air hockey on it is quite enjoyable. The pushers are the ideal size for kids, but might prove a little too small for adults; however, for a quick non-competitive game, it should do the trick.

The Table at Play

Electronic scorer monitors who’s ahead in the game and the attractive graphics give stylish detailing to the table. The playfield has an 110V UL-approved electric blower lying underneath, creating a smooth air cushion on the surface. There are dual goal boxes featuring inbuilt automatic puck return system. Some of the customers have expressed the goal boxes to be very small.


  • Relatively durable materials
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Pucks and pushers included in the package for added convenience
  • Perfect for kids and adult teenagers


  • Tall adults might not play comfortably
  • Scoring system stops working after a while
  • Weak airflow

Overall Impression

Weighing just up to 49.5 pounds, the table is easy to assemble. The only readily apparent disadvantage is that if considerably tall adults (6 feet and above) play on this table, they may not feel very comfortable.

EastPoint Sports 84″ Sting Ray Hover Hockey Table– Best Value for Money

Our next part of the review deals with products on the higher end of the spectrum. This table, while not particularly cheap, is one of the best in its price range, both due to the impressive quality of the materials used in manufacture, as well as the features included in the price. Being produced by NHL exclusively, you can expect to get the best bang for your buck. The table is not freestanding, but it can be easily assembled alone, and even better with another pair of hands. Unlike other air hockey tables that we have reviewed thus far, this one stands out due to its large size (7ft), which is just one feet below the maximum size of any air hockey table. As a result, you can use it in both casual and professional environments without any problem whatsoever. It is the perfect addition to any recreation room, office break room, and game room out there. The tabletop is scratch resistant, and closely resembles an ice hockey rink. The fan underneath is powerful enough to push air through the minuscule holes punctured into the surface.

Reliability & Durability

For the price you pay, you can rest assured that the materials used in manufacturing this air hockey table are state-of-the-art. The great majority of reviews suggest that the table features a rugged construction, the surface is indeed scratch-proof, and that the fan, while powerful, does not make too much noise.

The Table at Play

The table performs well in action. The surface is neat, the pushers and pucks glide seamlessly at lightning speeds, and the electronic scoreboard records every goal precisely. You and your friends will definitely enjoy playing air hockey on this table. If you own a game room and want to turn a profit, you definitely need to consider placing this table in there. Everyone is bound to have a lot of fun playing on this table.


  • Great size
  • Looks professional
  • Nice rugged construction
  • Can be used in both casual and competitive environments
  • Pushers are the ideal size for anyone


  • While the fan is corded, the electronic scoreboard works on batteries.

Overall Impression

This table is great fun if used by adults. For kids under 10, you might want to consider the products that we reviewed above, as this table smacks of the ones you can usually see being used at competitive level. The size (7ft) is also not ideal. In all other cases, game on, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table– Editor’s Choice

And finally, our last air hockey table in our extensive list. We’ve saved the best for last, so if you’re ready, let us begin. This table is probably the most expensive in its category, easily reaching four figures. Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey table is designed by one of the legendary players of Air Hockey aka Mark Robbins. Featuring commercial-grade blower motors, high-quality of aluminum rails and laminated top surface, Home Pro Elite would certainly appeal champions out there. It has been deliberately designed to endure daily use and serve you for long years. If you are to use this table in work premises or social places like clubs or schools, then this pro-style table is the one for you. Even though it is slightly expensive, you will be content with the quality and performance of this table. That’s because Home Pro Elite can take a lot of abuse and withstand plenty of action from your family or friends. Weighing about 270 pounds, its construction is very sturdy and might need two individuals for assembly.

Reliability & Durability

Home Pro Elite is a competition-level table, intended to be used by serious players. If you are extremely interested in Air hockey and want to have intense games, this table might be optimal for you. With a solid construction, low-profile design and high-quality aluminum rails, the pucks deliver amazing bounce and bankability.

Legs are crafted from solid-core polymer for better support and stability of the table. Moreover, they are integrated with levelers for your suitability. Talking about longevity, the playing surface is reinforced with wear-resistant lamination for several years of use.

The Table at Play

Home Pro Elite comes with a full-sized 3.1875” diameter of puck for stable and high-performance game. To instigate the competition, the table also features centerline and face-off circle. Playing experience on this table is pretty smooth, where puck just effortlessly glides across the table; perfect for fast-paced gamers. The best thing about this table is that commercial-grade blower motor used here is of same quality as that you would find in most of the high-end arcade-style tables.


  • Electronic scoreboard offers great control
  • Excellent build quality with aluminum rails
  • Includes a full-size puck
  • Playing surface is made from thick MDF and then laminated
  • Optimal air cushioning
  • Ideal for large gaming rooms


  • Low-profile design is not very impressive
  • Heavyweight; Needs 2 people for assembly/handling
  • Expensive

Overall Impression

Home Pro Elite might not be a cheap Air Hockey table available on the market today, it’s not even averagely-priced. This high-end expensive table is one of the Best Air hockey tables for professionals and serious players. With myriads of impressive features, superior craftsmanship and excellent exteriors, you are indeed going to be a proud-owner of Home Pro Elite. It delivers finest game experience and competition-level of performance. This air hockey table is absolutely fantastic from every point of view. Everything from the sleek design to the quality of the materials used in manufacture is bound to convince you to just go for it. If your budget allows for such ambitious expenditure, don’t hesitate. You’ll thank us and yourself later. Best bang for your buck? This table provides beyond that!

Quick Buying Tips

What is an air hockey table & how does it work?

If viewed from a distance, an air hockey table closely resembles a pool table. However, the main difference lies in the former having a smooth surface punctured by thousands of minuscule air holes meant to reduce friction. Underneath the table, there is a powerful fan that blows air upwards, forcing jets of air to come out through the numerous punctured holes, hence allowing air hockey to be played. The goal of this game is to get the puck into the other person’s goal a predetermined number of times.

What to keep in mind when buying an air hockey table:

First of all, it is important to bear in mind that there are many air hockey tables available in the market. Some are good, some are bad, and some are beyond bad. Although the definition of the best air hockey table varies depending on each customer, there are some general features to ponder before adding it to your shopping cart, such as reliability, durability, auxiliary items/features, purpose, etc.

As the old adage says, the more you are willing to pay, the better the quality you receive is. In our case, the price you pay directly reflects the quality of the materials that the air hockey table is made of, as well as the presence (or lack thereof) of any auxiliary features (e.g. electronic scorers).

  • Table size:

If you want to buy an air hockey table for very young kids, you may want to consider the smaller (up to 5 ft.) and less sturdy tables, which should not normally exceed a few dozens of dollars. If you intend to use the table in more professional environments (e.g. tournaments), you definitely want the larger (6ft to 8 ft.) and more durable tables. However, do expect to pay quite a bit of money for that kind of quality.

  • Tables with built-in fans:

The traditional air hockey game can only work if there is a fan underneath the tabletop to blow air through the thousands of holes punctured into it; any other variants are simple imitations. The old myth has it that you need an overly powerful fan to be able to play air hockey, but that is not true at all. A simple 12V fan will do just fine. However, a common problem among the built-in fans on the lower end of the spectrum is that they tend to break down quite quickly. If your budget allows it, you might want to orient to high-end tables so as to avoid any undue complications.

  • Simple or multi-game tables:

One crucial aspect to keep in mind when searching for air hockey tables is that some are not made for air hockey only, but also to accommodate other games, including but not limited to pool, poker, chess, etc. This comes with its inherent advantages, but also with a few disadvantages. For instance, if you and your friends get bored of playing air hockey, you can easily switch to pool, chess, or perhaps backgammon. The only noteworthy disadvantage affects air hockey directly, in that the tabletop does not have holes punctured into it, nor any fan to blow air through them.

  • Aesthetics & Use:

Whom is the table for? What are you going to do with it? If you are an adult and don’t care so much about fancy design and other gimmicks meant to upsell, you definitely want to orient to tables that offer practical advantages (price/quality ratio, ease of assembly and use, ergonomics, etc.). However, if the table is going to be used by kids exclusively, you already know what they will be attracted to (LED lights, colorful pucks and pushers, decorative stickers, etc.)

10 Best Foosball Tables In-depth Reviews for 2018

Being able to buy a good foosball table takes more than an eye for detail. It’s essential to ensure that you actually understand how to play foosball on both the defensive and offensive sides of the foosball table, factor in prices to evaluate every aspect and knowledge about all parts manufacturers us and their quality.

It’s also important to know how pros play at tournament level in order to evaluate whether the table can handle complex shots. This detailed foosball tables review-guide factors in all of these elements and even more in order to provide the best table reviews for different manufacturers and what they have to offer.

We are fully dedicating to providing every customer or foosball enthusiast with relevant education to equip you with all the relevant information especially when shopping for a brand new foosball table. This ensures that you won’t have to upgrade the entire table or table parts later on. Moreover, you’ll neither be disappointed with the table you get nor end up suffering with low or poor performance because there are major differences between the capabilities of different tables. Therefore, it’s very important to review different foosball tables before making a purchase decision. We have reviewed these foosball tables and categorized them into the best budget buys, best value and highest quality.

Remember, some people are interested in getting budget buys, and others simply want to get the best value or highest quality for their money. No matter your interest, we have you fully covered.

Tornado Elite Foosball Table -Editor’s Choice

  • High quality, level playing surface
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Built for professional play
  • Smooth rods​​​​​​

best foodball tables for 2019 - top 10 reviews

If you’re in a hurry, here is a quick list of our top 10 foosball tables.





Tornado Elite Foosball Table

High quality, level playing surface

Fun to play

Smooth rods​​​​​​

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Patented foosballs help enhance true roll.

Safety rod guards​

Solid construction enhances reliability and durability

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Fun to play

Excellent aesthetics

The high-quality rods are very smooth​

Tornado Classic

very sturdy and durable

It’s a professional quality foosball table.

Smooth rods and fast play

Tornado T-3000

This is an incredibly sturdy table that will last a lifetime

excellent and fast play

Professional quality foosball table

KICK Foosball Table Legend

Quality design and build

Comes with a stylish design and ball retrieval system​​​​​

Convenient scoring system

KICK Foosball Table Triumph Black

Elegant and luxurious look

Great value for money

Premium quality of build

Gold Standard/Shelti Pro Foos II Standard Foosball Table

Can withstand vigorous activities

Materials used are all of premium quality

Smooth movement of rods

Carrom Signature

sturdy and fun to play

features counterbalanced men

made in the USA

Garlando G-500 Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table

Heavy, stable and high-quality components

The table is aesthetically appealing​​​​​​

Telescopic rods prevent you from injuries