10 Best Foosball Tables In-depth Reviews for 2018

Being able to buy a good foosball table takes more than an eye for detail. It’s essential to ensure that you actually understand how to play foosball on both the defensive and offensive sides of the foosball table, factor in prices to evaluate every aspect and knowledge about all parts manufacturers us and their quality.

It’s also important to know how pros play at tournament level in order to evaluate whether the table can handle complex shots. This detailed foosball tables review-guide factors in all of these elements and even more in order to provide the best table reviews for different manufacturers and what they have to offer.

We are fully dedicating to providing every customer or foosball enthusiast with relevant education to equip you with all the relevant information especially when shopping for a brand new foosball table. This ensures that you won’t have to upgrade the entire table or table parts later on. Moreover, you’ll neither be disappointed with the table you get nor end up suffering with low or poor performance because there are major differences between the capabilities of different tables. Therefore, it’s very important to review different foosball tables before making a purchase decision. We have reviewed these foosball tables and categorized them into the best budget buys, best value and highest quality.

Remember, some people are interested in getting budget buys, and others simply want to get the best value or highest quality for their money. No matter your interest, we have you fully covered.

Tornado Elite Foosball Table -Editor’s Choice

  • High quality, level playing surface
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Built for professional play
  • Smooth rods​​​​​​

best foodball tables for 2019 - top 10 reviews

If you’re in a hurry, here is a quick list of our top 10 foosball tables.





Tornado Elite Foosball Table

High quality, level playing surface

Fun to play

Smooth rods​​​​​​

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Patented foosballs help enhance true roll.

Safety rod guards​

Solid construction enhances reliability and durability

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Fun to play

Excellent aesthetics

The high-quality rods are very smooth​

Tornado Classic

very sturdy and durable

It’s a professional quality foosball table.

Smooth rods and fast play

Tornado T-3000

This is an incredibly sturdy table that will last a lifetime

excellent and fast play

Professional quality foosball table

KICK Foosball Table Legend

Quality design and build

Comes with a stylish design and ball retrieval system​​​​​

Convenient scoring system

KICK Foosball Table Triumph Black

Elegant and luxurious look

Great value for money

Premium quality of build

Gold Standard/Shelti Pro Foos II Standard Foosball Table

Can withstand vigorous activities

Materials used are all of premium quality

Smooth movement of rods

Carrom Signature

sturdy and fun to play

features counterbalanced men

made in the USA

Garlando G-500 Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table

Heavy, stable and high-quality components

The table is aesthetically appealing​​​​​​

Telescopic rods prevent you from injuries

This model is very similar to the Tornado Classic, with the commercial quality rods being the main difference. It comes with a traditional Victorian Cherry Laminate and costs about $150 more than Tornado Classic. It also features counterbalanced men and commercial grade rods andlevellers.


This table weighs about 225 pounds and it has a 1½” thick cabinet. This table is built to last because it can handle regular heavy duty play. The playfield is very sturdy and it’s also resistant to warping. Just like all Tornado models, Tornado Elite is also made in the United States.


The counterbalanced players give you optimal precision and control and the rods are very smooth. Moreover, gameplay is fast mainly because of the super smooth rods and a sturdy playing surface. The counterbalanced players allow you to keep the men in a horizontal position to avoid blocking their own shots. Therefore, you’ll enjoy a faster-paced, more continuous action.

The table does not budge at all and the thick cabinet guarantees great stability even during aggressive play. The ball returns are located on the sides and this allows users to conveniently grab the ball in order to start playing again quickly. Moreover, the wood handles provide good grip and they are also very comfortable. This table is built for advanced and intermediate players who want to enjoy the ultimate experience.


This table comes with a very traditional Victorian Cherry laminate finish. The green playing surface, wood finish and dark legs are very common among high-quality foosball tables. The light coloured handles and black and yellow robo style men provide contrast. This table is ideal for anyone who wants a high quality, traditional table.

The Tornado elite Foosball table is designed for advanced to intermediate players.


  • High quality, level playing surface
  • Fun to play
  • Smooth rods​​​​​​
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Built for professional play
  • Commercial quality rods


  • Challenging assembly
  • Pricey for average customers

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

The warrior professional foosball table is a high-quality table that is designed and constructed for pro foosball players. However, even with its awesome reputation, it’s still an affordable table that you can still buy to have in your home or den, in youth programs and schools.

This is the only model that is manufactured by Warrior Tables Soccer and this allows them to focus on quality. It features high-quality parts designed especially for American foosball which is generally fast paced and more thrilling compared to the Asian or European type of playing.

On the other hand, players commend this table for the advanced playing options and great game control. The Warrior professional foosball table boasts solid construction which is perfect for the hard play. The table is also easy to assemble for a high-end product. This foosball table is also designed to keep children safe even when they get too close to the table during a game. The rods feature safety guards which offer excellent protection. The Warrior foosball table offers an excellent combination of long-term durability, affordability and class.

Advanced quality

Warrior is very different from other manufacturers; they focus all their energy and time on just this foosball table. Therefore, it’s not surprising that warrior offers a high quality table that is recommended by ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation).

Solid Construction

Warrior Foosball Table is designed to withstand the aggression and finesse of American foosball. The cabinet is made from medium density fibreboard which offers more stability and durability than wood. Although this foosball table is not as other models on the market, this does not compromise its stability in any way.

Easy assembly

This table is remarkably easy to assemble. The company has put out a detailed instructional video on YouTube that takes the fuss out of the assembly process.

Safety guards

Sometimes kids can be hit by the rods especially when they come too close to watch this exciting game. The Warrior Foosball Table comes with rod guards that keep kids and players from being injured by the rods during a game.

This table is easily comparable to top of the range foosball table models such as tornado or dynamo. The Warrior foosball table is solidly built and it comes with professional level features. This is a great investment especially for advanced players looking for a table for their gaming room or workplace. This table is designed and built for professional foosball players and has proven to be superior to other foosball tables.


  • This is an innovative table that features thin inner bearing in order to prevent the ball from passing between the wall and the man.
  • Patented foosballs help enhance true roll.
  • Safety rod guards​
  • Easy to assemble​
  • Professional quality foosball table
  • Solid construction enhances reliability and durability


  • Some pros might find the foosballs a little slow and tacky.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Tornado Sport features an elegant 1 inch thick mahogany cabinet and is priced just over $1,000. It is quite sturdy and weighs about 200 pounds. This entry level model is ideal for intermediate players and beginners.

It features hollow steel rods, an elegant Mahogany Melamine finish and its height can also be easily adjusted.


Although the Tornado Sport foosball table is not flashy, it’s made of high grade MDF material. The 1 inch thick MDF cabinet gives this table excellent sturdiness and durability. Moreover, this table is made in the United States which means that it’s better in quality compared to models that are made in China. This is definitely one of the top brands and you can rest assured that it will last for a very long time.

Game play

Tornado Sport is a heavy foosball table that weighs about 200 pounds giving it a lot of stability. Therefore, the table will not budge even when play becomes very aggressive. Moreover, shims can be placed inside the shims to level the table and provide an even playing surface. You can also enjoy faster game play because the steel rods are hollow and significantly lighter. Experienced players will definitely love this feature. However, this table does not have counterbalanced men.


The black and yellow players, mahogany melamine finish and green surface give this table an elegant yet traditional appearance. The boots are covered by leg levellers which make the table look even more professional.

This table is ideal for adults, teenagers, beginner and intermediate players. It is also heavy and sturdy enough to handle hard play.


  • Tornado Sport foosball table is sturdy and offers excellent quality
  • Fun to play
  • Easy to assemble with the hardest part being getting that hollow rods through the poles
  • The high-quality rods are very smooth​
  • Excellent aesthetics


  • The table does not have counterbalanced men.

Tornado Classic

Tornado classic weighs 225 pounds and it comes with an attractive black leather laminate finish. It has counterbalanced men, an essential feature especially for experienced players.


The Tornado Classic Foosball is built to last. Moreover, the 1½” cabinet provides extra durability and stability. All of the parts on the Tornado Classic Foosball Table are high quality and nothing is cheaply made, from the playing surface to the cabinet, to the rods. Therefore, you can rest assured that this table will last for as long as you want it to.


Tornado Classic features counterbalanced players which is a great feature because it clears space for shots. The players stay horizontal and it gives you more control over the smooth rods. Moreover, this table is solid as a rock and it can handle aggressive play without any concerns about durability and movement.

It has a ¾”- thick playing surface which makes it even more sturdy and level. The hollow rods are smooth and light and are designed to provide faster play. The wood handles are also designed for style and comfort, which is what advanced and intermediate players want.


This table comes with a modern black leather laminate finish, light wood handles, yellow players and green players to provide some contrast. The Tornado Classic table is perfect for contemporary style dens and game rooms.

This table is suited for adults, teenagers, advanced and intermediate players. This professional quality foosball table is very attractive and weighs in at 225 pounds.


  • The Tornado Classic foosball table is very sturdy and durable
  • It has counterbalanced players
  • The table is made in the United States
  • It’s a professional quality foosball table.
  • It comes with commercial grade levellers and solid wood handles
  • Smooth rods and fast play
  • Needs 2 people to assemble
  • Fun to play


  • We didn’t find any shortcoming with the Tornado Classic Foosball Table.

Tornado T-3000

The Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table is ideal for anyone who wants a professional level foosball table. This is a very robust table that weighs in at around 355 lbs. and is designed to last a lifetime. The table is made out of high quality stainless steel, has mechanical bearings, counterbalanced men and a split cabinet design for smoother play.

It features commercial hollow steel rods and patented Tornado men.


This is one of the most durable models available. It has a 1 ½” cabinet that is made out of stainless steel which plays a role in how durable the Tornado T-3000 table will be. Remember, a thin playfield is likely to warp. This table has a ¾ inch thick playfield.


When it comes to gameplay, the Tornado T-3000 has everything a foosball enthusiast can ask for. This table will not budge no matter how hard you play. The thick playfield provides both durability and a level surface in order to ensure that you’ll not have any dead spots.

On the other hand, the telescopic rods do not stick out on the opposite side and this provides more safety especially for kids. The rods are also incredibly smooth in order to provide players with more control. It also features stylish, durable and comfortable wood handles. Ball returns are conveniently located on the sides.

The men have increased cross section and sharper corners for optimal passing and control. The T-3000 is the perfect foosball table for experienced players who want fast play.


The green playing field, black legs and the yellow and black men all look great. The stainless steel exterior is also very classy.

This table is designed and built for professional and intermediate players or someone who wants a top-of-the-range foosball table that will last for very many years.


  • This is an incredibly sturdy table that will last a lifetime
  • It offers excellent and fast play
  • Requires very little assembly
  • Smooth rods make this table fun for everyone​
  • Professional quality foosball table


  • The decals on the sides make the table look cheap
  • The Tornado T-3000 foosball table is designed and built for professional and intermediate players or someone who wants a top-of-the-range foosball table that will last for very many years.

KICK Foosball Table Legend-Best value for Money Foosball Table

Kick legend is a very popular table from Kick that weighs 148 pounds making it very sturdy and reliable. It handles aggressive and fast game play very well and can be easily adjusted for 3 or 1 goalie setup. It also comes with counterbalanced men and the ball return system is set on each end.

Kick legend is made of hard wood and MDF and it comes with steel filled rods. You also get lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Although kick is a newer brand, is building a reputation for building high quality foosball tables and might soon become a preferred manufacturer especially for mid-range tables. Therefore, if you want to spend a little extra to get a reliable and durable table that looks right in your recreational room, Kick Legend might be the perfect choice.

Kick has a number of different foosball tables and our focus for today is the Kick legend Foosball table. Besides being the largest size Kick has, this 55 inch foosball table is an excellent purchase.

Quality of build

Quality of build is one of the most important factors you should consider when shopping for a foosball table. The Kick Legend foosball table is built to last and it also looks great. MDF particle board and hard wood are the main materials used in the construction of the table. Therefore, you can rest assured that this table can handle hard play without compromising the quality of play.

Kick legend looks durable and solid from top to bottom. It has a curved ebony legs design that makes it a table you can be proud to have in your den. The legs have levellers at the bottom and this makes it very easy to adjust your table to any surface. The table measures in at 55”L, 30”W and 34”H which is very close to standard foosball table dimensions. It weighs in at 148 lbs. and it’s definitely solid and sturdy.


The Kick Legend Foosball Table comes with a nicely painted playing surface that is free from dead spots which might make playing a nightmare. The playing rods are chrome painted and the players are painted in blue and red. The nicely painted players are also easy and fun to control.

The table also features convenient ball return systems located at both ends of the table. Both ends of the table also have scoring markers and the balls are also of great quality. You also get four balls included with your new foosball table.

The kick Legend Foosball Table is a mid-range table that is designed and built for intermediate players and beginners with a budget of around $550. Its size makes this table more suited for adults and teenagers, although kids will surely enjoy playing on it as well. This table is very durable and it is difficult for kids and inexperienced players who use the table to damage the table in any way. However, the table comes with lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and damages should not be a concern.


  • Quality design and build
  • Complements the aesthetic appeal of any room
  • Comes with a stylish design and ball retrieval system​​​​​
  • Convenient scoring system
  • The table can be easily and conveniently assembled into a 3 goalie or 1 goalie design.
  • Comes with counterbalanced men since November 2016


  • Too many components are detachable, and this means that you need to spend some time trying to assemble it
  • Digital scorers are allegedly too sensitive
  • Battery-powered
  • Pushers are quite small

KICK Foosball Table Triumph Black– Best Cheap Table

Packed with elegance, simplicity, and longevity, the Triumph Black Foosball Table by KICK excels in its performance. If you wish to buy an equipment that fully compensates for your bucks, but also fits in your budget, then our top suggestion would be this KICK Triumph Foosball table.

Boasting a high-end design, this table looks very expensive yet is very reasonably priced. Its cabinet has been designed with sleek black finishing along with chrome molding accents, giving a touch of elegance and class to it.

With counterbalanced men and leg levelers, you ought to experience a high level of performance from this table with just an average price. Two chrome cup holders are optionally provided along with the table if you wish you can detach it as well. Thanks to its classic butcher block look, it is more suitable to set this table up in a home rec room.

Remarkable Features

Some of the most impressive features of this table are sturdy 5” leg levelers, 1 Goalie or 3 Goalie design (as per your preference, all-included with the kit), front ball return on each side and premium quality of bearings.

Durability and Performance

KICK Triumph has been deliberately designed for serious foosball players, who also play just for fun sometimes. Chrome accents with the black color of the table provide a luxurious contrast to its appearance.

Constructed from 8 semi-solid stainless steel rods, these foundation rods are further plated with chrome for great durability. KICK Triumph comes incorporated with 13 Red & Blue Counterweighted men and also a set of 26 uniformed men.

All of the 8 handles are made from wood with anti-slip design for firm grip. 2 KICK Premier Balls and 2 Soccer balls come included with the table. The leg levelers are reinforced with rubber bottoms to prevent the table from slipping on the surface.

Speaking about the scoring system, there are slide scorers mounted on each end of the table, so that’s supposed to be monitored manually.


  • Elegant and luxurious look
  • Great value for money
  • Premium quality of build
  • Includes Lifetime Warranty
  • Handles are extremely sturdy


  • It’s very challenging to assemble the table; Instructions are underprovided.
  • Some of you might not like slide scoring system

Overall Impression

All in all, KICK Triumph is the best value for money, thanks to its contemporary and sleek design. It will undoubtedly complement any home rec room, office rooms, man caves, etc. But, what’s even more exciting than that? You get Unlimited Lifetime Warranty on this table, you heard it right.

Gold Standard/Shelti Pro Foos II Standard Foosball Table

Foos II Standard Foosball Table by Gold Standard/Shelti is a top-grade American-style table, made for premium competition games. With the amalgamation of robust parts and sleek aesthetics, you will certainly experience an amazing game play with the Foos II. It remarkably aims to combine competition, premium quality, professionalism and longevity, all in one single Foosball table.

Game Play

Counterbalanced men on the rods stay in their horizontal position so that players can hit their shots uninterruptedly. High-grade ABS players feature angled foot for better durability and precise playing strategy regarding control and ball capture. Moreover, these men feature Lock-on-Men compression bumpers that don’t allow their free movement on the rods. This feature is what gives a professional touch to this table.

If you observe closely, there is a slight elevation at the edges of the table to prevent the ball from stopping frequently. And, the playfield is fully supported all across its perimeter for responsive and reliable foosball games.


The playing rods are made from stainless steel that are sturdy in their built and aesthetically pleasing as well. The exterior of Foos II flaunts a beautiful laminated surface with a touch of chestnut burl finishing for added elegance. Not just that, the playing field on the table has been incorporated with natural rubber cushions to take your game to the next level.

Talking about the foundation, the Foos II boasts the construction of 12” thick steel-walled rods that are further coated with 3 types of plating viz. Copper, nickel, and chrome. Astonishing, isn’t it?

The solid and durable 3.5” of square legs are integrated with levelers to offer you stability, as you play. Moreover, a thick cabinet of this table is seen as a huge bonus point here and fuels its premium durability.


  • Amazing construction; Solid, sleek and durable
  • Counterbalanced men with Lock-on-Men compression bumpers
  • Can withstand vigorous activities
  • Materials used are all of premium quality
  • Smooth movement of rods
  • Comes with leg levelers


  • Assembly is difficult; Takes time
  • Expensively priced

Overall Impression

Weighing about 255 pounds, you can fairly maneuvre this table across the room, yet it’s heavy enough stay stable in its place. Seeing its build quality and high specifications, the Foos II will be best suited for home game rooms that still need commercial-level tables. Teenagers, adults, intermediate to pros, all of them can play on this table who need an exceptional foosball game experience.

Carrom Signature

Carom brand foosball tables are manufactured in the United States, instantly providing great value. Some of the main features that separate the Carrom Signature Foosball Table from other tables in this price range include the counterbalanced men and the fact that it’s available with two different sets of players and three different finishes.

The table is made of solid MDF material and it also features hollow steel rods. Its dimensions are 55 inches length, 29 inches width and 36 inches height. Carom Signature weighs 177 pounds and it comes with counterbalanced players and premium bearings.


The table’s cabinet is made with 1 inch high quality manufactured wood which is warp resistant. The playing surface is thick and features enamel screen-printed graphics which protect it from damage (wear and tear). The hollow steel rods are very durable and the table comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, you can rest assured that durability will not be an issue.

Game play

Many experienced and intermediate players value counterbalanced players tremendously because it helps the players stay horizontal and it also clears more space for shots. Counterbalanced players also give you more control over the playing rods. The carom Signature Foosball Tables comes with intermediate players which is one of the main reasons why it’s very popular even among intermediate and pro foosball players.

The 1 inch thick table combined with the weight of the cabinet provides stability in order to keep the table stable even during aggressive and fast play. The hollow rods are smooth, light and very high quality. They provide faster play and are built to last which is exactly what advanced and intermediate players want. It also features angled side pieces which keep the ball in play. It comes with natural wood handles which are primarily designed for style, control and comfort. The ball return systems are also located on the ends making ball retrieval rather inconvenient compared to tables which have ball returns on the sides.

Carrom Signature comes with two sets of men, which is a great bonus. One set is painted players and the others are robo-style men. It also offers 3-men goalie and 1-man goalie configurations. The latter is ideal for players who want a challenging game while the former is generally easier and it also speeds up play. This table also comes with four cup holders which are perfect for players who like to have their favorite drinks while playing.


This table is available in 3 different colors: burr Oak, Moroccan and Agean Fresco and you can choose a color that complements the aesthetics of your game room. The burr Oak and Moroccan are contrasted nicely especially with the chrome levelers and black legs. Hlowever, the green surface combined with the Agean fresco is a little too much green.

The Carrom Signature is ideal for teenagers, adults, intermediate players and beginners. The hollow chrome rods combined with the table’s weight and counterbalanced feature make this foosball table particularly great for intermediate players.


  • The table is very sturdy and fun to play
  • Carom signature comes in three attractive colors​
  • The chrome playing rods are very smooth and fun to use.
  • It features counterbalanced men
  • This table is made in the USA


  • There are some reports of dead spots
  • The assembly process is a bit complicated and typically requires two people

Garlando G-500 Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table

Garlando is hands-down one of the leading brands to manufacture weatherproof foosball gaming tables. So, rest assured that you are going to get a high-grade product when it comes to Garlando G-500 Weatherproof table.

Build quality

G-500 is made from highly durable marine plywood playing surface, having a sleek plastic laminate exterior. This is why it is fairly resistant against water and also uses a top-grade of solid waterproof glue for its assembly.

Metal legs are extremely sturdy and solid, no doubt on that. Worried about its wearing? These durable legs are armored with anti-scratch varnish, so no need to worry about its early wear out.

Let’s talk about some precise high-end features of G-500. All of the hardware parts are treated topical anti-rust coating for added endurance. Often foosball players are prone to injuries due to the playing rods. G-500 features telescopic steel-made playing rods to eradicate this problem. These playing rods are resistant to high stress and also are strengthened with triple anti-rust chromium-plating to improve its longevity.

Furthermore, there are men permanently mounted on these playing rods, made from molded plastic and are quite unbreakable.

As for reliable playing surface, there are 4” of heavy-duty nylon leg levelers integrated into the table for extreme steadiness.


  • The table holds up very well for hard games
  • Worth its expensive price
  • Heavy, stable and high-quality components
  • Fun to play outdoors
  • The table is aesthetically appealing​​​​​​
  • Telescopic rods prevent you from injuries
  • Weatherproof design


  • Handle grips are slightly narrow as compared to other tables in the market
  • Instructions provided are unclear

Overall Impression

As the name suggests, you do not need to worry about bad weather or rain damaging your foosball table. Want to know the coolest thing? You will be getting a heavy-duty vinyl-made waterproof cover along with the table to cover it fully, when not in use. And that’s why it is an impeccable purchase for people who want to set up a table outdoors this season.


How do you clean the G-500? All of the surfaces on this table are coated with waterproof materials, so they can be easily washed or cleaned.

Bring the enthusiasm of soccer to your home with this incredible G-500 weatherproof model, which can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.

A Quick guide FOR buying a quality foosball table

Here are some buying tips and important questions you should ask yourself when looking at a foosball table:

  • Is the ball rolling around randomly on the playing surface? Remember, this is one of the main signs of a low-quality foosball table. If you level the table properly, the ball should stop and stay put.
  • Does the table have hollow rods? Hollow playing rods are generally of higher quality because they reduce weight and increase lateral speed.
  • Are the ball returns on the side or ends of the table? Although this is not a deal breaker, higher quality foosball tables feature side ball returns to allow players to quickly grab the ball and continue playing even when you are simply practicing by yourself.
  • Are the legs adjustable? Adjustable legs are very important especially when it comes to providing a smooth-rolling foosball game.
  • Does the table feature counterbalanced men? Your players should hold steady when placed in a horizontal position. Remember, non-counterbalanced players will fall back down and this can be very frustrating especially when you’re playing one-on-one games where you need to avoid blocking your own shots.
  • Does it have wooden foosball handles? Wood provides the best grip because it does not become slippery even when your hands are sweaty. Quality foosball tables feature wooden foosball handles.


We have reviewed several foosball tables in order to provide you with detailed and accurate information on the features, pros and cons of the table. Remember, there are many things you can’t notice about a table on a department store display floor or in a picture.

High rated foosball tables are ideal for home use because they are typically made of high quality parts and are proven to last for years. Moreover, this table will help you become a great play and compete in tournament level. However, it is important to do your own research and educate yourself on the different features, pros, and cons of different tables.

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