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Ultimate Buying Guide for a Foosball Table in 2018

Foosball is a thrilling and highly active recreational game that imitates the outdoor football. In simple words, you can term it as a Table football.

Whether you are an enthusiast looking to set up a foosball table in your recreational room or just a newbie to this exciting game, buying a foosball table will definitely prove to be a great investment.

Anyhow, it is an excellent choice for family game rooms and office game rooms.

Foosball is supposed to be played by 2 to 4 players and it is fun and intense, especially when played with family or friends. The foosball table generally measures about 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. It comprises of 8 rows of men (figures) that are mounted on each horizontal metal pole. One team needs to control 4 rows of men by twisting these poles forward and backward in order to kick the ball. Whereas, the other team will likewise control remaining 4 rows.

Just like football, here in foosball, you need to score into the opposing goal by kicking the ball.

In a nutshell, it’s important to be armed with useful tips before you go shopping for a foosball table in order to buy the best table that suits your specific needs.

In case you are interested in our reviews, you can check from the article below.

Types of foosball tables

If you want to shop for a brand-new foosball table, you will certainly find myriads of options available in the market. To make the whole process of shopping more quick and convenient, it will be better if you understand and know what type of foosball table you actually want to own.

Some variations of tables have their own feet, while others need to be placed on top of another table. They are offered in a variety of sizes and some interesting designs. Depending on your skill level, budget constraints and available space for installation, you can choose your best-suited foosball table.

Below given are the main categories in which a foosball table can be divided:

1.Stand-alone foosball tables

Stand-alone (also called as Standard) foosball tables are full-sized gaming tables; probably the most popular and expensive ones amongst all. Although users need to assemble it on their own when it arrives at home, it can be considered as one-piece foosball table. That’s because the tabletop is eventually integrated with the set of strong legs. They are rather heavy, as they are made of solid wood and are generally designed to remain in one place after being assembled.

Cheaper models that are constructed using a combination of MDF particleboard and solid wood might weigh less but are still at least 100 lbs. Most standard models are made from strong and high-quality components to facilitate you with several years of quality game play.

Some heavy-duty tables can even be placed outdoors. But, if budget is an issue, the size of the table is one of the most important factors you should pay attention to. Remember, some of the cheaper models are not full-sized. Although this might not really matter to you, it’s definitely something you should consider when evaluating foosball tables.

Stand-alone foosball tables come in various sizes, but the most widely found measurement is 5 feet long and 2 ½ feet wide. On the downside, standalone tables can eat up a lot of space and often require levelers to put up with uneven flooring. All in all, it can get very expensive to invest in a standalone table. Beware of cheaper models, they are likely to break apart very quickly.

2.Tabletop foosball tables

Tabletop foosball tables are often referred to as mini foosball tables due to their small size. These entry-level tables are perfect for children and people who don’t have the space for a standard foosball table but still want to enjoy the game when they are in the mood for foosball.

For those of you who have constricted space for installation or want to move around their foosball table to different sites such as family vacations or friend’s house, then a tabletop model will be the most ideal option. To set up tabletop foosball tables, you need to find a sturdy surface such as a countertop, coffee table or dining room table. Even though countertop models can also be placed on the floor, it is not the most comfortable and enjoyable way to play.

Most parents prefer buying tabletop foosball table for their children because it happens to be a cheap and fun way for kids to learn and enjoy the game before buying a larger table. However, tabletop models are not just for kids, they are also commonly found in college dorms. It’s vital to remember that these models are usually made of plastic which is the main reason why they are cheap. This also means that they are not as durable, so you should not expect high-quality. The biggest advantage of tabletop variation is that they are easy to store, easy to maneuver around, have lightweight design and are reasonably priced.

Before buying any tabletop foosball table, one must make sure that its feet has been incorporated with some kind of anti-slip pads so as to protect the furniture (on which it will be placed) from any possible scratches. Considering the cons, tabletop versions are generally made from average quality of parts intended to be used by kids rather than adults. Which is why, they might fall apart too soon. Also, if not placed properly, it can cause scratches on the surfaces.

3.Multi-game or Combination foosball tables

Combination game table is the best alternative for anyone who wants the most bang for their bucks or someone who is just shopping for their kids. Just as the name suggests, these gaming tables can be easily utilized for various types of games. After removing the horizontal rods, you can use the table surface to play variety of games such as Air hockey, table tennis, shuffleboard, chess, checkers, backgammon, draughts and even bowling. You can find these multi-game tables in both tabletop as well as stand-alone versions. Due to their versatile nature, Multi-game tables can be expensive as compared to single foosball table. But they are certainly worth investing in as they offer multiple gaming options, perfect for entire family. Although multi-game tables vary by models and respective manufacturers, most of them are typically full-sized, high-quality tables.

Combination foosball tables are unique and very space-saving, especially for people living in small condos or apartment, who don’t have enough room for setting up different game tables or equipment. These tables are also a great choice if you don’t want to settle for just one table game. Talking about negatives, since they are supposed to be all-in-one type of table, you cannot really expect it to offer exceptional game play. Adding to it, removing the rods and switching to other games can get irritating after a while.

4.Coin-operated tables

Coin-operated foosball tables are deliberately designed to be used in businesses such as sports bars, pubs, clubs and arcades. Coin-operated foosball table is an impeccable purchase for all the owners of such business premises who wants to charge the players for playing on the table. Such tables are generally expensive and has strong construction in order to endure wear and tear. Plus, it is made to handle long hours of playing. It requires players to deposit coins in order to play. If you’re actually shopping for a coin-operated foosball table, you should understand that these tables are the most expensive foosball tables available in the market, mainly due to the extra features for taking coins.

On the other hand, such tables are quite heavy in weight because they are made from high-quality components to withstand all the abuse players might throw at them. Speaking about pros, such tables are really fun to play and add a sense of retro to any gaming room, thanks to the coin mechanism. The parts integrated in such tables are of premium quality and will certainly last longer. Moreover, you can even customize the table with different parts to meet your requirements.

Given all of these amazing aspects, they are really expensive and the coin mechanism can be annoying to handle after some time. If you have petite gaming rooms, such table might not be ideal option for you. Also, coin-operated tables are very heavy and difficult to maneuver around.

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Buying Tips List

What should you look for when buying a foosball table?
Although the tips stated above give you a good idea of the type of foosball table you want to buy, it’s also very important to familiarize yourself with the most important features you should look for in a new foosball table. Features may vary a bit, but the price is actually what determines if you’ll get high-end components and features or cheap ones. Therefore, you should determine which features and components are most important to you in order to shop for a foosball table based on that.
Type of application
The overall plan for use is the first and most important thing you should consider when you’re shopping for a foosball table. This is what sets the tone for everything else that needs to be taken into account mainly because different situations involve taking into account different features. For instance, if you want to use the table to teach younger kids how to play foosball, a smaller table might be the best option or a table with design and colors that appeal to your kids.

If you have a business and want to buy a table for your clients, customers or employees to use, then you should look for a sturdily built table that can withstand rugged use or even abuse. That’s because the table is going to take lots of games and it’s important to ensure that it will live up to expectations of longer life.

You should take some time to consider who will be using the table and exactly how often. This is the best way to ensure that you’ll find a foosball table that matches all your needs. As for gaming room in your home, you can go for Standard foosball tables that are fairly of good-quality, affordable and also are durable. For smaller gaming rooms or condos, opt for tabletop models.

Once you’ve chosen the type of application, ask yourself these questions: Who all are going to use it? What will be their age? What is their skill level? What is the strength of their hands? And accordingly, strategize your decision of purchase.

Size of the foosball table and your space
A standard full-sized foosball table is about 56 inches long, 36 inches tall and 30 inches wide, excluding the rods that protrude out from both sides of the table. The length of these rods is not counted in the width of the table. So, if you have narrow or tight space in your home, you should get the table whose width is stated with fully extended rods. You also need to leave some clearance space for players to move around flexibly while playing.

On average, it’s recommended that you have a playing space that is about 8 feet long and 7 feet wide. Tabletop models take up very less space, hence it is recommended for compact spaces and to be used by kids.

If you are looking for a table to sharpen your foosballing skills, opt for a full-sized foosball table. Such table can facilitate up to 4 players with much ease. Height of the table also plays a vital role during selection. Too tall foosball tables will make it hard for kids to reach out to the rods.

Additionally, you also need to consider whether the table you’ve chosen has an end ball return or a side ball return. Side ball return are more favorable due to the fact that you can handily push the table towards the wall. To retrieve the ball, the players don’t have to reach out the back ends of the foosball table.

Goalie configuration
One of the most outstanding aspects you’ll notice when comparing foosball tables is that some tables feature 3-man goalies and others are 1-man goalies. 3-man goalies system has 2 side defenders mounted on either side of the main goalie.

When it comes to deciding between 3-man goalie and 1-man goalie, your ideal table is simply a matter of preference. Most foosball tables in the United Kingdom are single-man goalies, while most tables in the United States are 3-man goalies.

People who prefer a very fast-paced foosball game must go for a 3-man goalie set up. If you want a foosball game that demands more skill and accuracy, you should go for a 1-man goalie setup. To build and improve your skills, a single-man goalie foosball table will definitely help you in enhancement.

Kids and novices should get a three-man goalie foosball table, as it is much easier to handle. Remember, most of the expensive, high-end tables with a 3-man goalie setup can be converted into a 1-man goalie setup.

A good-quality foosball table will have a minimum warranty period of 1 year. The tables that mimic the furniture-style designs carry small warranty, as they are aimed to be more of a decorative gear.
Counterweighted men
If you want the best game play like the professionals, you should opt for a setup that has counterweighted men. This feature is very significant because the men stay in horizontal position when they are released to ensure that they won’t get in the player’s way while taking a shot. You’ll be able to enjoy much better, when playing with rods having counterweighted men.

Counterbalanced men have the weight of their head equal to the weight of their toes. Meaning, they are counter-weighted such that they stay in horizontal position until you rotate the rod, not blocking your shots.

And, it is recommended to select the men featuring fine cross hatching on their toes, rather the toes that are round and shiny. This will allow you to pass the ball forward and backward with the same rod, effortlessly. Men made from plastic are more lightweight, whereas men made from metal are heavier and give more power during shots.

Advanced and intermediate players generally look for table with counterweighted men.

Non-weighted men tend to dangle vertically, blocking your way and making it very challenging for you to score a goal.

Playing rods
You should never compromise with the construction of playing rods. Always ensure that you buy a foosball table with steel playing rods.

Hollow steel rods are usually the best because they help speed up the game play, thanks to their lightweight design. Most high-end tables like Tornado foosball tables have hollow steel rods. Solid steel rods are found in most of the mid-level tables.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with solid rods and they are actually great for slow-paced games. Hollow rods are significantly lighter and this can speed up your game and make it even more thrilling with super-fast shots.

Telescoping rods are designed for the extreme safety of children. Such feature will prevent the kids from hurting themselves when the rod slides.

Construction of the table
Foosball tables vary greatly, especially when it comes to the materials used in the construction of various components. Some of the most common materials used for their construction include solid wood, particleboard and composite.

Most of the high-quality foosball tables are made of solid wood and the low-quality models from particleboard. Although composite falls between the category solid wood and particleboard, they have some advantages over solid wood. Composite can be also termed as MDF or HDF, varying in thickness and density. For instance, tables that are made of solid wood are subject to humidity which leads to warping over time, especially if you live in a wet or humid climate.

Composite is great for humid rooms and climates because it is very durable, dent-resistant and is not adversely affected by humidity as long as it’s at least 1 inch thick. So, make sure the surface and the side walls, where the composite is generally used, is at least 1 inch thick. Particleboard on the other hand, is very cheap and it gradually weakens and breaks down. The table might even end up falling apart over time.

Tables that are made of particleboard usually weigh less than 70 pounds and have very thin surfacing (about ½ inch). Avoid buying models that are made of particleboard to avoid disappointments. High-end models often come with 1.5 inches of thickness. Very thick side walls will help keep the table unaffected due to all the movements, hence it won’t affect your shots whatsoever.

Laminated foosball table
Check whether the table has stick-on designs or are laminated. This will tell a lot about the longevity of your foosball table. Cheap quality of stickers will eventually start to peel off and ruin the look of your table.

Superior quality of laminated composite table will enhance the aesthetic look of the table, making it appear brand-new for a long period of time.

Very high-quality and tournament-level foosball tables feature solid wood construction with furniture-style veneer cabinets and accents of stainless steel to enhance its durability.

Markings on the foosball table
Field markings on the foosball table make a huge impact on your game. It will help you line up the ball while taking shots and also make your table look quite stylish.

As I mentioned above, some brands might use low-quality stickers to provide these markings on the table. These tend to wear off very quickly and before you know it, your table starts to look old and worn out.

Premium quality tables will come with permanent dyed markings with lamination.

Playing surface

It is important to consider the table surface speed. Many American foosball tables have a hard and very smooth finish which means that the ball will travel faster during play. However, most European models have a solid wood finish that generally results in significantly slower ball travel. Therefore, if you want to get a great table and play just like the professionals, you should buy a table that offers smooth and quick ball travel.

Safety features

The importance of safety features depends on how you plan on using your table. However, this is definitely something that should be taken into account. If your kids will be using the table, you should ensure that it is actually safe for them to play. One of the biggest safety concerns is the rods especially on the ends without handles because fingers can easily get caught if they don’t have ample protection.

You should also ensure that you buy a table that has a good and reliable ball recovery system to ensure that you don’t have to reach into the foosball table itself to grab the ball out of the goal.

It is also important to take safety into consideration if you plan on using the table in a work environment because employees getting injured can create a lot of issues or even losses for your company (in terms of legal expenses and compensation).

Look and feel

It’s definitely very important to get a table that you’ll enjoy having and looking at; probably a table that complements the general appeal of your business or recreational room. Look around to see if you can find a foosball table that matches your personal taste. Fun graphics and sleek designs can even get you more excited about playing and this will make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Some foosball tables also include brightly colored/painted players making the game feel even more real. Other tables have the traditional blue and red peg style take makes the game feel like the good old fun days. The style or design you choose is definitely a personal choice.

Height adjustment of the table

Standard foosball tables usually have a height of about 36” which is perfect for both teens and adults. However, this height is not ideal for children who want to play foosball and this makes it necessary to lower the height. Therefore, if you are looking for a table that will be used by the entire family, you should choose a table that allows height adjustment.

Surface finish

This is mainly determined by the craftsmanship and construction materials used. When playing foosball you need to ensure that the playing surface is actually true and the ball moves freely and evenly. You also need to ensure that you can maneuver to the ball and pin with ease. A good foosball table comes with a hard laminate surface bus some cheap models might not.

A polished and even surface is an important consideration and you should not accept any scuffed finish or poor quality surfaces.

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Quick Buying Tips

Heavier the foosball table, more stable will be the platform, even when game gets aggressive. Look for a table that goes beyond 125 pounds of weight. High-end models are also found in over 200 pounds of weightEnter your text here…

  • Very thick sidewall width will fasten up your game and provide great consistency. Minimum 1” of thickness is desirable. High-end models will feature 1.5” of thickness.
  • Look for thick playing surface, especially if you desire a high level of play experience and sturdy design. Tempered glass play surface works great in delivering consistency and fat pace.

There are various top brands when it comes to top-level competition standard tables. Some of the post popular brands include Garlando, Bonzini, Leonhart, Roberto Sport amongst others. All these brands make fantastic foosball tables with various unique features.

You should also consider where you want to install the table as well. For instance, coin-operated foosball tables are perfect for the commercial environment whilst other foosball tables come with a wide range of other exciting features that enhance the appeal and

Player’s skill level matters

Sometimes, the best way to choose the perfect foosball table is by shopping based on your skill level.


If you are a serious player or professional player, then only the best equipment will do. Therefore, you need a foosball table that has the highest quality, all the best features and is designed and built to last. Such tournament-level tables feature solid legs, a sturdy cabinet, and look really good in your recreational room. Most high-end models feature smooth moving hollow steel or solid steel rods, completely flat playing surface and the tables are a dream to own and play.

Intermediate players

If you are not new to foosball but only play occasionally, a good mid-level model is a good option. You can get a great mid-quality foosball table with a flat playing surface, durable composite construction, smooth moving steel rods and some high-end features for about $500 or less.

Kids and beginners

In case you are shopping for children or someone who is still trying to sharpen their foosballing skills, then a table top table might be the best option for them. This is because tabletop models are cheap and can still take the abuse children might subject them to. Moreover, the regular tables might be too tall for most kids. On the other hand, if you are buying a foosball table for teenagers or people who are new to the game, then a particle board foosball table might be the best choice. This is partly because you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the table and you can easily upgrade to a model that has the features and quality you desire in future. Additionally, you can easily and conveniently sell a used foosball table at a yard sale or on Craigslist.

Why buy from a reputable brand?

When you’re dealing with expensive things such as foosball tables, you should always ensure that you’re making an informed decision. One way of doing this is by looking at the reputable foosball table brands because they have a history of quality. They also have very many satisfied clients and are trusted even by experts within the industry. Let’s explore some of the most reputable foosball table brands:

  • Garlando

This famous Italian brand has been making some of the best sports equipment for about 60 years. From electronic dart boards to pool tables, Garlando brings a pedigree of experience and Italian manufacturing ingenuity to their wide range of products. Garlando tables and equipment are always top quality.

  • Tornado

Founded in 1982, the Tornado Foosball Company has been in the foosball industry for quite a long time. They are committed to designing and building tournament-level foosball tables. Tornado Foosball Tables are very popular.

  • Carrom

Carom is a great foosball tables and equipment manufacturer that has been in business since 1890. The company is based in Ludington, Michigan and is proud of its commitment to supporting the local economy and employing American workers only. Carom makes some of the best foosball tables.

  • Warrior table soccer

Besides being committed to making some of the best tournament standard tables, Warrior Table Soccer also sponsors a pro league which uses their foosball table as the official table. Warrior table is all about pro foosball and their tables are used by serious foosball players.

  • Kick

This is a company that really loves foosball and their main goal is to make great tables at affordable prices. Low cost and high quality is their mantra. The company guarantees the best engineering standards and competitive prices.

  • Atomic

Atomic is owned by Escalade Sports/DMI Sports Company and is relatively new on the foosball scene. The company is also quite famous due to its new design for the table featuring an area known as the ‘hammerhead’ which is basically a wider toe area. The hammerhead is meant to help in trick shot opportunities and better control. Although their models are not tournament rated, they offer great home options.

  • Escalade Sports/DMI Sports

This is a large sports equipment company with global reach and is one of the main leaders in the foosball field. DMI Sports is a big company that truly cares for its products. It also offers excellent customer support and their foosball tables reflect their deep desire to continue making quality sports equipment.

  • EastPoint Sports

EastPoint is a very big recreation and sports manufacturer that excels in quality foosball tables and in every other sports and recreational equipment they produce.

  • Triumph Sports

This is another well-run company that is fully committed to producing high quality sports equipment. Their products including foosball tables are continuously monitored throughout the entire production process. Their commitment to high-quality ensures that their customers get carefully produced and well-made products.

These companies produce some of the best foosball table brands today. Therefore, when buying a foosball table from these companies you can rest assured that you are actually getting quality. There are numerous reputable foosball table companies out there. Be sure to check a bit into a company’s background to ensure that they have trust and experience in this field. This is a very good rule for all purchases.

Unless you want a vintage foosball table or a custom built table, then you should try to stay within these companies when looking to make your purchases.

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Buying a fun foosball table

If you want to buy a table to simply have fun with family and friends, there’s a wide range of good tables available to choose from. There are tables available at modest prices; some go for as little as $150.

There’s a table to suit different needs. Remember, there are very many tables which may be fun to play and great to look at, but may not be ideal for more serious foosball players. For example, as impactful and as incredible as an 11-a-side table may be, it might not be the best choice for discerning professionals, or indeed for many living rooms and recreational rooms.

One of the most important features you should look out for are solid rods or telescopic rods; serious foosballers prefer solid rods. However, if the table will be frequently used by kids, telescopic rods are safer and can even help you avoid serious injury.

You should also consider whether you want leg levelers to ensure that the ball does not annoyingly roll to one side of the playing surface. Would you like to use the table outdoors? There are some foosball tables that are specifically designed for outdoor use. Bear in mind that you can keep indoor tables outdoors, even with covers without damp causing problems.

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Buying a foosball table for low-budget

A good foosball table can be very expensive, especially the serious models that are designed to withstand many years of play or models that offer extra flourishes and features. If you want to enjoy the fun that comes from a foosball game, here are some simple tips that will help you get a good foosball table while still staying within your budget.

  • Look for a smaller size

Looking for smaller foosball tables is a very good way of cutting the price down. Bigger foosball tables usually cost more than smaller tables because they need more materials. Larger tables also use complex construction procedures to ensure that they remain stable despite the size. You can look for a table with a playing surface of about 40” so that it is comfortable for adults, teenagers and kids to use.

Some models with longer playing surface lengths are still within the low price range, but such tables tend to make compromises in other areas. If you’re looking for a high-quality table that’s still affordable, you must explore all of its features in order to understand everything the table offers. Moreover, some small tables might end up being even more expensive mainly because of the additional features they usually offer. Therefore, you should check the table out completely before making the purchase.

  • Choose tables that are made of composites

You can find more affordable foosball tables by simply choosing composites over solid wood. Anything that is made out of solid wood usually means a bigger price tag especially when you’re looking at high-end foosball tables with beautiful, lacquered finishes. Therefore, you can look for a table that’s made out of MDF (also known as medium density fiberboard). Although these tables are usually much less expensive, they are still pretty durable and reliable.

While Medium Density Fiberboards are pretty reliable and strong, they cannot support weight like tables with metal frames or solid wood. Therefore, if you choose MDF tables you should keep in mind that the foosball table is not indestructible while using it. If you have children, you should remind them not to go hard on the foosball table and everything will be fine. If you’re more mindful about the table, it will definitely last longer.

  • Don’t prioritize additional features

The price of the foosball table can be kept in the lower range by skipping tables that offer a lot of extra features which might even be unnecessary in some cases. Therefore, when you see an extra feature you should always ask yourself if it is a “nice to have” or “need to have feature”. For instance, a built-in cup holder is a nifty addition especially if you keep drinks handy while playing, but it’s probably a make or break feature.

To remain within your budget you can also look for tables without little adornments. Try to avoid tables that advertise anything electronic or that have metal features. Moreover, manual scorekeeping with an abacus or slider is enough; don’t get fooled by whistles and bells. However, if you really like the whistles and bells and think that they will make the game even more enjoyable, that is up to you. Make a list of priorities and try to find a balance between everything.

  • Consider buying a tabletop model

Some of the cheapest foosball tables available are probably tabletop models. Since tabletop models don’t have legs, they tend to be significantly cheaper than standard foosball tables. You can find a tabletop foosball table that is big enough for adults to use without crouching or hunching. Therefore, you don’t have to settle for a toy table just to stay within your budget. There are numerous distinct advantages of tabletop models, so it is something worth thinking about when you’re shopping for a foosball table.

Tabletop foosball table

You can find the best budget table by dialing it all back and re-evaluating your budget. Consider how much you’ll be using the table and ensure that you’ve actually set the right budget. Remember, sometimes you can set the budget too low on an item that you plan to use frequently, or too high on an item you’re not going to use a lot. Set a realistic budget in order to ensure that you look at foosball tables in the right price range. This will keep you from sacrificing some features that are actually worth the cost.

Always read through all the fine details to ensure that you truly understand exactly what the table offers. Sometimes you can find a deal breaker or a nifty feature you love in a bullet point list. Therefore, it’s absolutely important to check out all the details and know what you’re buying before committing to the purchase.

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How to maintain your Foosball Table

A foosball table can be a long-lasting and fun equipment if taken proper care of. Every gaming table needs proper maintenance to serve you better. You’ll need silicone lubricant, rubbing alcohol (70% to 90%) and cloth rag for the cleaning process.

If you use your foosball table very frequently, I would recommend to clean it every week. For rare usage, you can clean it once every month.

It is highly necessary to keep the field of the table clean using a clean cloth. Place small amounts of rubbing alcohol onto the cleaning cloth and wipe the entire table from top to bottom.

Rubbing alcohol is pretty mild and will not damage your foosball table in any way. If you notice any black stripes, use a little extra rubbing alcohol for its removal.

After a thorough cleaning of the field, pick up separate piece of cloth rag and apply small amounts of silicone lubricant onto it. Place this cloth rag on the steel horizontal rods of your table. This process will ensure the rods work quickly and slickly during your shots.

Apart from this, I would highly recommend to place your foosball table in an ambiance with room temperature and far away from direct sunlight. This will prevent the table from fading out or any other possible damage, especially the furniture-style designs.

Some people use WD-40 on their foosball table, which is very undesirable. It will tend to dry out the bumpers of the table and completely ruin the quality of the foosball table.

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Foosball is an enthusiastic and challenging game which requires competitive skills. We hope above mentioned ultimate buying guide for Foosball table will help you pick your Best one, be it for gaming rooms in the home, office premises or business premises.


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