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Ultimate Buying Guide for a Good Ping Pong Table in 2018

Ping Pong is all about competition and entertainment; ideal for players of all ages. As a matter of fact, ping pong table provides you with a highly active lifestyle and fun experience with your friends and family. Moreover, it also sharpens your reflexes and reaction time. If you play ping pong too often, it is better to invest in a good-quality of Ping Pong table. Below given detailed buying guide will provide you with better insights on different types of tables available in the market and how to choose your best-suited one.

Ping pong is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor games, an excellent form of exercise and it enhances your hand/eye coordination.

Many times, users are fooled by boastful claims provided by manufacturers. Take heed, you don’t really need a very expensive Ping Pong table, until and unless you are a state or National-level player.

If it is your first time buying a ping pong table for your family, go for an averagely-priced model for ultimate play experience.

Difference between a Ping Pong and Table Tennis Table?

Many people take ping pong and table tennis as two different games. Whereas, the reality is far away from it. Some people think that equipment used and style of playing is different for both these games. So, to clear your doubts, there is absolutely no difference between a ping pong table and a table tennis table.

Why the confusion, you may ask? The answer lies in its history. “Table tennis” word was first introduced during a board and dice game. When it became popular, different brands started to come up with different patented names.

In 1920s, John Jaques & Son was one of the leading manufacturers and they brought up the latest version of the game called as Ping pong. Other manufacturers wanted to use this name for all games. Table Tennis Association was established in 1901, and later Ping Pong Association was formed. After merging these two, the complete organization was then called as ITTF. When the American rights were sold to Parker Brothers, they threatened to take legal actions if “Ping Pong” name was used without their consent. Which is why ITTF came up with the name of Table Tennis. And hence, there is no difference between these two games.

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Permanent placing or packing?

First and foremost, decide if you are going to install the table permanently somewhere or you will just pack it up and store for later use. If you are going to fold it frequently then make sure the table you choose is easy to install, has foldable feature and is lightweight to allow easy portability.

Preferably, ping pong tables with rollers can be easily maneuvered around by even one person. Premium quality of roller tables will have brakes on the wheels to stop the table on the spot and prevent it from moving.

I would say that, even if you keep the table in one place permanently, still choose a table with rollers as you never know when you might need them. Ping Pong table is a very significant equipment as it will decide the control, speed, and spin of the Ping Pong ball. So, consider all the factors carefully and select your ideal table.

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Main Concerns

Choosing a ping pong table for the first time might turn out to be a confusing and daunting task mainly because of the wide range of ping pong tables available in the market and the difference in quality between various models and manufacturers. This is the main reason why you need impartial expert advice when buying one so you can rest assured that the ping pong table you’ve bought truly represents great value for money.

Is it really necessary to buy a Ping Pong table?

If you are really good at Ping Pong and want to take your game to next level, you must certainly be thinking of buying your own table. But, think a bit. Even though buying a ping pong table feels right and an excellent idea at this moment, are you really going to be serious about it all throughout? One might feel excited at first but completely forget about the table after some time. Ask yourself, do you have enough space to set it up? Who are you going to play ping pong with?

How much space do you need?

Full-sized ping pong table measures about 274 cm x 152.2 cm. Mark these measurements in your house and also leave some clearance space around it (preferably, 1 meter) for movability of players. All in all, recreational players will require about 475 cm x 350 cm of total space for installing a ping pong table. Whereas, players undergoing training will need about 7m x 5m of space. Tournaments that are held locally, provide you with a minimum space of 9m x 5m. As for National-level tournaments, the playing court is about 12m x 6m. ITTF has specified a minimum court size of 14m length x 7m width x 5m height for International competitions. So, if you do not have the above-stated space for setting a table, you can always opt for an outdoor table.

Who are you going to play with?

For just recreational game, you can play with any friend or family member. But, for serious games, you need to think about your opposite player. From personal coaches to professional players, you need to figure out whether you have such options available or no. Once you decide this, you can then go ahead and think about buying a ping pong table.

Recreational-level tables for Beginners

Such ping pong tables are aimed to be used for either recreational purposes or for practice by newbies. These tables are quite durable, lightweight in design and last a few years. However, you should not expect really high performance, precise bounce and extreme longevity from such tables. They are supposed to be used for fun and entertainment, every so often. I would recommend recreational-level tables for children and teenagers for home games.

Advanced-level tables for professionals

Tournament-level tables are perfect for advanced players to be used frequently in professional courts and other such settings. You will see such tables are very heavy in weight, have extremely sturdy and durable design and feature exclusive tabletops for superior performance. ITTF uses such high-quality tables at their sponsored events. Depending on your desired level of features and affordability, you can select any model from these widespread categories.

Cheap Ping Pong Tables

Ping pong table is not just an ordinary table, which you look around and buy the cheapest option available. Rather, one needs to meticulously inspect the quality and endurance aspects of the table before spending their hard-earned dollars on it. The problem with cheap ping pong tables is that they play extremely bad. The thickness of the tabletop is also not mentioned sometimes. However, usually the thickness of cheap tabletops is about 12mm and the ball won’t bounce very well on such surface. For those who have an extremely low budget, make sure to at least look for a table with a thickness of 16mm. Such tables won’t deliver excellent bounce, but won’t be as disappointing as the 12mm tabletops. Generally speaking, ping pong tables with a thickness of 19mm and more can be termed as ideal.

High-end Ping Pong Tables

On the contrary, if you are not really going to use the table for professional-level play, don’t spend too much on it. The high-end table can range anywhere from $500 to $2000. If you are using the ping pong table just for fun, go for $500 to $600 range, whereas for serious training, there are always high-end models available. Always make sure that even when you pay $500 to $600 on a table, the minimum thickness of its tabletop must be around 22mm or 25mm. After paying more than $500, any tabletop that is 19mm thick is just unacceptable.

Used Ping Pong Tables

A good-quality of table offers several years of endurance. Meaning, you can still find used ping pong tables at an affordable price, if it is in a good condition. Premium quality of tables can be obtained in just $200 to $300, whereas average models for $100 is a huge bargain.

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Basic Decisions 


Indoor or outdoor?

This is not only the first question but also one of the most important questions you need to answer. There are two main types of ping pong tables; indoor tables and outdoor tables. The type of table you choose mainly depends on where you plan to store the table.

Most indoor tables are made of wood and are optimized for performance rather than being water-resistant. Indoor ping pong tables should not be stored in wet or humid conditions because this can cause warping to the surface. Although seasonal temperature changes are okay, indoor table tennis tables usually last longer when temperatures remain fairly constant and this means that not all garages are ideal for storing indoor tables especially if the indoor temperatures are not constant throughout the year. Indoor models provide a more natural and fun bounce than outdoor tables.

On the other hand, good outdoor ping pong tables are more expensive than equivalent indoor tables and are designed to last significantly longer even when left outside for years. They can withstand humid conditions and drastic temperature changes without deformation or rust. The table tops of outdoor ping pong tables may be made from melamine, specially-treated wood and strong non-warping material. Therefore, if you want to keep your table outdoors where it will be exposed to moisture and/or direct sunlight, you should consider buying an outdoor table tennis table.

Storage: Rollaway or stationary

You may choose to store your table away when not in use so you can enjoy more flexibility with the use of your space or simply prefer leaving it set up permanently. ‘Rollaway-style’ tables are easy to fold up and down without the use of any specialized tools and can be rolled away to the garage, patio or side of the room for storage. Such ping pong tables also offer playback capacity where you can leave one side in the vertical position so you can also play against yourself.

Although non-rollaway tables are lower priced due to their simplicity, the setup process requires more effort compared to rollaway tables because you must lift the panels in order to set it up. However, this should not be a problem when two or more people are doing it.

Although stationary (non-rollaway) tables are more stable than rollaway tables, they can occupy a huge chunk of your garage or living space. Therefore, before choosing a stationary table tennis table you should make sure that you are willing to dedicate the necessary area to the table.

Playing surface: Does table thickness matter?

The quality of play is determined by the quality of the playing surface which is indicated by the thickness of the tabletop. For indoor ping pong tables whose tops are made from specially coated wood derivatives such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or chipboard, the acceptable thickness is at least 16mm. A 19mm or 22mm table top provides a satisfying and firm bounce which is ideal for indoor use and you’ll enjoy a very good game.

However, thicknesses for melamine and bonded resin tables are generally less. For instance, a 5mm melamine table top provides good play. Thin melamine table tops (below 4mm) are not satisfactory because the bounce is too ‘tinny’ or hollow and they don’t keep their flat shape for long. On the other hand, it is essential to understand that good melamine table tops tend to last longer than treated wood table tops.

Remember, table thickness affects the bounce of the ball and serious players will easily notice the difference between a 12mm and a 25mm table.

Why is table thickness so important?

Although some table tennis tables can be quite costly, most people still do not do proper research especially into understanding all the important features that determine the best brand or model for them.

Table thickness the most important factor you should consider. The thickness of your table tennis table significantly determines the overall quality of your table’s bounce. This eventually determines up to 95% of what’s indicated on ITTF-approved tables.

How is thickness associated with quality and price?

  • Expect 5/8” thick tabletops for tables that are generally cheaper and are typically priced under $350.

  • Expect ¾” thick tops for average quality or recreational tables that are usually priced under $800. These table tennis tables are usually found in homes and garages all around the world. Mid quality tables of this price range and quality provide the best value because they play reasonably well and aren’t expensive.

  • Table tennis tables with a thickness of ¾” and above are generally high-quality tables that are commonly found in competitions. Although a thickness of ¾” or higher signifies that the table tennis table is of higher quality or class threshold, the type and quality of materials used also weigh on the table’s performance.

Therefore, it’s also essential to pay keen attention to the manufacturer’s brand or identity in order to choose the best ping pong table that suits your unique needs. Some of the most reputable and popular table tennis brands include Stiga, Butterfly, JOOLA, Killerspin, and Cornilleau.

How much playing area will I require?

A ping pong table measures 9 feet in length, 5 feet in width and 2’6” in height. Besides, the net is about 6 feet long and 6 inches high. Net brackets will contribute up to 1 feet in the total width of the table. Measure this dimensions in your room and keep some clear space around it, say about 5’ on each side for flexible movement of players.

How to Compare Ping Pong Tables

What other things should you consider? There are many other factors that you should take into consideration when making your choice:

Once you have considered your storage needs and decided whether you need an outdoor or indoor table, you need to look at the different tables available in the market.

Therefore, at this point, you must understand exactly how to compare table tennis tables. The playing surface, undercarriage and top frame are the three main factors you need to consider.

Top frame

This structure keeps the tabletop in a flat plane. Frames that are made of metal generally provide the best support and also tend to last longer.

Material used for playing surface

Most of the ping pong tables in the market today are made from wooden surfaces. Though wooden surfaces are perfect for indoors but is not desirable for outdoor use or under humid climates. On the contrary, aluminum playing surfaces are weatherproof and excellent in performance. The core of such tables is made from wood, which is then sealed by an aluminum shell. Which is why they are highly resistant to warping.


In search of best ping pong table, do not forget about your budget constraints. While deciding on the model, first prepare your budget range. Look for the ping pong tables that fall under the price range of your budget. Then, compare every feature of the model and then select the one that is great value for money.

Performance factor

Professional-level ping pong tables will bounce back the ball 9 times when it is dropped from a distance of 1 foot. Use this factor to check the quality level of your selected ping pong table. Don’t be fooled by the fact that high-priced tables are high in performance as well. There are myriads of models in the market that are equally good, performance-wise and price-wise.

Consider the undercarriage

The undercarriage mainly comprises the folding mechanism and table tennis leg. It determines the overall strength of your ping pong table. You should buy a table with sturdy undercarriage if the table will be used competitively and intensively, particularly if it’s intended for club or school use. Remember, enthusiastic players especially teenagers might even lunge over the table in order to reach and win a hard-fought game.

You should not be fooled by a cheap table tennis table with a great top and a weak undercarriage because it’s the table’s undercarriage and table legs that keep the entire structure stable in order to provide a great playing surface.

If you go for a bargain table with a weak undercarriage you’ll find that your table will become wobbly over time. It’s not easy to identify exactly what makes up a great undercarriage. However, the weight of the table can help you determine what table tennis tables have a good quality undercarriage.

Your table needs to withstand this sort of passionate play. Therefore, a table with a strong undercarriage is definitely a great choice.

Table legs

You should also ensure that the ping pong table you buy has strong legs that provide ample amount of support. If the floor you’ll be playing on is not levelled, look for a table tennis table that is equipped with a leg leveler. The leveler can be screwed in and out to maintain the recommended table height of about 30 inches (76 cm) off the floor. A spirit level is also great for determining whether the playing surface is even or not.

Heavy-duty steel legs will be excellent as a solid base foundation for your ping pong table. Round legs are acceptable but square-shaped legs are more supportive. For better longevity and performance, look for legs that are large and have strong connecting points. If the table has narrow legs, at least look for crossbars that provide additional support.

Spare parts and guarantees

Before buying a ping pong table, it’s very important to ensure that its spare parts are readily available. Always buy from manufacturers who provide full spare parts services, just in case you need to replace some components.

Just as important as spare parts availability is guaranteed. A good ping pong table can last for very many years. Although guarantees are generally different or different parts, the maximum guarantee for most parts is 10 years. Therefore, you should buy your table from a reputable company in order to ensure that the company is likely to be around for many years just in case you want to make a guarantee claim in future.


The traditional ping pong color is green and 10 years ago almost all tables sold were green. However, nowadays table tennis tables are available in various colors including blue. Many brands have introduced fun color trims that have become very popular. For instance, blue tables are quite popular because they have two main advantages; blue tables are somehow ‘airier and lighter’ and the best color that contrasts with blue is orange (the typical color of table tennis balls). Some people prefer green especially for a table that will be stored outside because green blends better into any garden. However, it is essential to understand that if you’ll use a cover, it’s actually the color of the cover that will have the biggest impact on the general blending, not the table.

Stiga Deluxe 1 millimeter Ping Pong Table (black with yellow trim)

Detachable net or fixed net

The traditional detachable nets always need adjusting and often need repairing and replacing. They were also likely to damage the table itself by scratching it over time. However, modern tables such as the ‘rollaway’ model have fixed nets that maintain their position without adjustment. The main disadvantage of fixed nets is that the width of the table, especially in storage, is generally increased because the posts are usually held permanently away from the ping pong table itself. Modern detachable nets are of the clip on type and are generally more reliable that the old detachable nets.


Most ping pong tables are flat packed and often require assembly. However, most high-end tables usually arrive readily assembled with simple undercarriages. However, the undercarriages of mid-range rollaway ping pong tables typically require assembly. Most of these tables come with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and usually require no strength or special tools. The first-time assembly takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Does brand really matter?

Brand versus non-brand is an age-old question and does it matter? If you want to invest in a ping pong table you definitely want to ensure that you are getting great value for money. Some of the more recognized and reputable brands like Butterfly and Stiga will ensure that the table tennis table you get will stand the test of time. Moreover, renowned brands provide great support and after service should there be a problem with the table you buy. Most of their tables also come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

ITTF approval

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is the governing body of table tennis and they only recommend the best of tables and table tennis equipment. So if you want a table tennis table of exceptional quality and one that is fit for experienced or professional players look for a table that is ITTF-approved.

True playback and storage

Most modern table tennis table comes with the playback feature where one side can be raised up into an upright position so you can use it as a bounce back surface which is particularly ideal for solo play. Great tables allows very little gap between the net and vertical playback surface. However, tables that leave a wide gap between the net and elevated side do not allow for realistic and fun playback because you must hit the ball harder to ensure that it does not fall between the net and raised up side. True playback is good for warm-up and practice.

Interestingly, some tables allow you to fold both the sides for convenient storage, making the whole process of portability a breeze!

Net set

Most table tennis tables come with a net but the quality differs depending on the table you’ve bought. According to official table tennis rules, the whole length of the top of the net should be 15.25 cm above the general playing surface. On the other hand, the bottom of the net should be as close as possible to the surface and the ends of the table tennis net should be as close as possible to the posts.

Look for a net with soft attachments where they grip the table to avoid scratching the finish unnecessarily. The clamps used by the net should not dig into the underside of the table or the playing surface. You can reduce the risk of scratching the finish by putting some material or felt between the table and the clamp.

Screw the clamp gently so that it is firm but not too tight to avoid leaving an impression on the table. Also, when removing or putting on the net, don’t drag the clamps or you will cause scratches and unnecessary indentations.

Thicker chassis or apron

If you’ll be playing hard or if you know your table will have to endure constant use, then it’s important to get a table with a thicker apron or chassis to prevent the table from swinging from side to side or bending due to hard and regular use. A heavy-gauge steel rail will work as a solid reinforcement for the structure of the table. Hence, it will be supported well and also adds to the aesthetic beauty of the table.

Transportation wheels

Large caster wheels allow easy portability of the ping pong table. Some of them have brakes incorporated in two or more wheels for stability when needed. High-end and international-level tables feature rubber ball bearing wheel system for smooth maneuvering.

Safety features

Recently, all the manufacturers are trying to inculcate safety features in the design of their ping pong tables. Some of the vital safety features to look for are locking play, locking wheels, protective corners, wheels/brakes and foldable frame.

Holders to store accessories

Some topnotch models feature built-in accessory holders with the frame of the ping pong table. These are deliberately made to store the balls and rackets conveniently.

Assembly time

Having to assemble something with poor instructions and tiny pictures can be very frustrating even for the most patient and courageous people. Although most tables have quick assemblies, some may take more than just a couple of hours. If assembling your table tennis table is something you don’t really look forward to, you should buy a table with a short assembly time or quick-play.

Table tennis accessories

  • Table tennis net: Table tennis net is situated in the middle of the table and we all know what it is used for. The table is split into two halves due to this net, two or four players can stand on either side of the net for playing. For your shot to be counted, you need to hit the ball over the net.
  • Cover: When not in use, make sure you cover your Ping Pong table with a cover, especially when it is set up outdoors. This will protect the surface of the table from weather (when outside) and moisture (when inside).
  • Net brackets: Net brackets, also known as clamps, are used to keep the net in place. Generally, net brackets come included with the purchase of Ping Pong table.
  • Hinges: Hinges is something that links both sides of the table and can be found beneath the table or on the edge of the table. Hinges are necessary to join two separate sides of the table.
  • Frame: Frame of the ping pong table is underneath the actual playing surface and its quality varies with each table. If not provided pre-assembled, you need to assemble the frame of the ping pong table sometimes.
  • Paint: You can change the color of your table or renovate any scratches or marks on it with the help of paint. Make sure the surface is completely smooth and even while painting.
  • Tape: If the tapes around the edges of the table are starting to peel off, you can use these extra tapes to reapply them for support.
  • Catch nets: Catch nets are a great accessory when you are practicing serves on your own. You don’t have to go on the other side of the table to collect all of the balls that you have played. Catch net will happily catch them for you, so you can handily collect them all in one swift go.
  • Cleaner: For proper maintenance and durability of your table, make sure you clean it with specific cleaners deliberately made for ping pong.
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Top Brands of Ping Pong tables

Each and every brand greatly differs its quality and featuring of its ping pong tables. Use of different materials, quality standards and versatile range of features can be found in every other brand. Before purchasing your ideal ping pong table, make sure you know some of the leading brands that master in this production.

To name a few,

  • Kettler: Time and time again Kettler has proved that it stands out from all the other brands. Each table by Kettler has patented double locking mechanism which can be handled by just one player and allows easy folding (for storage or playback).
  • Cornilleau: Ping Pong Tables by Cornilleau are manufactured by using galvanized steel and anti-corrosion high-quality materials to deliver better longevity. Cornilleau is also popular for providing excellent warranty period on outdoor tops, indoor tops and frame materials. Portable range from their collection are very easy-to-fold and also allow playback feature. Cornilleau tables come with patented DSI safety system which allows a single player to quickly open or close the table, single-handedly. And that is why Cornilleau is extremely popular for its featuring of safety aspects.
  • Stiga: Stiga offers a versatile range of styles and designs in Ping Pong tables. Some of the professional-level and tournament tables feature self-opening legs and 1” or ¾” of tabletops for high performance. High-end models also feature silver mag ball-bearing wheels for the most smoothest and reliable maneuvering of the table. As for home use or recreational games, there are many traditional tables by Stiga that are fair in performance as well.
  • Butterfly: Butterfly is popular for its diversity. From lightweight to permanent heavy-duty tables, fixed-positioned to rollaway tables, single to double-wheeled designs, or from black, blue to green colored tables, you can find all kinds of tables by Butterfly. Butterfly also offers premium Outdoor tables featuring melamine surface for enhanced resistance against scratches or scuffs.
  • Joola: Joola has manufactured several indoor tables with Polyester coating on the surface for impressive and fast performance. On the other hand, the outdoor tables by Joola also feature aluminum plate in between for excellent weatherproofing and topnotch performance.
  • Prince:Renowned for its range of traditional tables, Ping pong tables from Prince are extremely easy to assemble and install. You can find several options in recreational, traditional and affordable ping pong tables by Prince, optimal for indoor use.

Ping pong Tabletops Only?

If you have a strong table or desk in your home, then you don’t really have to buy a complete Ping Pong table that comes with the undercarriage. Tabletops are an impeccable choice for people who have constricted space in their home and just want a tabletop to place on top of their already existing table. Such tabletops can be easily removed and stored against a wall or garage, when not in use.

While using tabletops, make sure the height of the already existing table is accurate. For a full-size ping pong table, the table should be at least 9 feet long.

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What are concrete Ping pong tables?

Concrete Ping Pong tables are aimed to be used by schools, campsites, sports clubs, hotels or colleges. Such tables are kept outside all the time and allow you to anchor them to the ground. These heavy-duty outdoor tables are extremely heavy weight and can endure abusive use. Moreover, they can also survive critical weather conditions. Such ping pong tables are only recommended for regular games where players are not really attended or to be installed in large houses.

Before installation, make sure the floor is strong enough to withstand the heavy weight of the concrete table.

What is the best table tennis table for leiure?

A 15mm or 12mm table will be suitable for families and leisure players, but a thicker table will come with a heavier and stronger frame and are typically more durable; handy for rough or heavy use. This will be great if several family members or friends will be using the table regularly.

Olympic Fitness Whirlwind Table Tennis table (15-inch)

A 12mm or 15mm table is perfect for family leisure. However, it’s essential to remember that thicker table tops typically have heavier and sturdier frames that are ideal for people who need something more durable. This is the main reason why it’s a great idea to get sound advice in order to choose the best ping pong table for your specific needs.

Which are the best tables for heavy-duty use?

Heavier users or professional table tennis players usually prefer thicker tables with heavy-duty frames in order to get a longer lifespan and great play. Serious players usually select tables 19mm or thicker. Thicker tables are less likely to have annoying problems such as buckling or warping.

Stiga Deluxe Table Tennis Table (22 MM)

You can prolong the lifetime of your outdoor ping pong table by using a cover which will keep the worst weather elements such as rain and sunlight at bay.

What to consider while buying an outdoor ping pong table?

Outdoor table tennis tables are generally more expensive and it is for a good reason. Manufacturers of outdoor ping pong tables must also ensure that outdoor tables’ bounce is just as good as that of good indoor tables. Moreover, the surface must be coated with distinct materials to ensure that they can withstand elements such as UV (ultraviolet rays) and exposure to rain.

If you leave an indoor table tennis table in the rain it will start bubbling-up and if it’s exposed to direct sun the paint will fade.

How can you compare outdoor and indoor tables?

A $600 indoor table performs better compared to a $600 outdoor table. This is mainly because the manufacturer does not have to weather-proof indoor tables. Even on expensive outdoor table tennis tables, it is generally hard to get a good bounce that is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation unless you buy one of the high-end tables that are generally more expensive.

Convertible Ping Pong tables

Convertible ping pong tables allow playing of Ping pong as well as another game such as 8-ball pool. For that, all you need to do is lift up the top surface of the table and underneath will be a surface for this other sport.

Setting up an Indoor table in a garage

If your garage or outbuilding is not prone to become damp, it is OK to install your ping pong table over there. For testing, you can put a dry cardboard box in your garage and leave it as it is for a week. After a week, if the cardboard has lost its crispiness and has become softened, then it is not the place to store your ping pong table. The room is then considered as too humid and your table might warp easily.

Can you use Outdoor tables in indoors?

Absolutely yes. Outdoor tables are deliberately crafted to be used in all kinds of environments, be it rains, snow, indoor, outdoor, sunshine. Some of the manufacturers mention “Indoor/Outdoor Tables” on their product, meaning they are just Indoor tables featuring paint-coated surface.

The best place to buy a Ping Pong table

Reliable online stores such as or eBay are great platforms to buy Ping pong tables. Most of your local stores might not have a wide variety of options to display in the store, but through online sites, you will find a huge range of models. Moreover, you can also read user testimonials to understand the usability of each table.

How to Maintain Your Ping Pong Table

  • After every game, wipe the table with a dry and smooth cleaning cloth for removing dust/dirt from the surface.
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner to meticulously clean the table, every two or three months. Mix ⅓ cups of white vinegar in 2 cups of water. Take a soft, clean cloth and dip into this mixture. Then, gently wipe all of the tables. If you use your ping pong table frequently, do this procedure once a month.
  • If you take abrasive cleaner, your table might be ruined (especially wooden tables). If you don’t want to make your own home-made cleaner, you can even find cleaners at local stores, specifically made for ping pong tables.
  • If necessary, remove the net and wash it with lukewarm water and a little detergent. Soak it for about half an hour and then let it dry. After drying, install the net again.
  • For metal components of the table, use lubricant for their proper functioning.

Common problems in Ping Pong tables

  • Weak bounce: The bounciness of the ball determines whether a tabletop has a good quality of thickness and finishing or not. If the surface of the table is not thick enough, the ball won’t bounce much.
  • Difficulty in Transportation of table: Ping pong table must allow easy portability across the rooms. Apart from its weight, some other factors that contribute towards easy portability are design of legs and foldable features.
  • Lack of leveling: Floors on the outdoor can be really uneven, causing the table to be unstable. Which is why it becomes very challenging for players to perform precise shots. Make sure to look for a table that comes with wheel levelers for you to adjust it as per your convenience.
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The bottom line

If you look at the tables currently available in the market, you will notice the price and quality generally increase according to the table’s thickness. Therefore, you should not be distracted by some of the insignificant characteristics highlighted between different models.

Does a change in the way the table’s wheels are locked or an increase in wheel size from 2½” to 3” really impact your opinion of the ping pong table? Explore other tables in the same price range in order to gauge the true quality of the table. And remember, the table’s thickness is the main feature you should care most about.


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