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Comprehensive Guide for Buying a Poker Table In 2018

Do you have a group of friends who love to play poker together every so often? Whether you are a certified poker fanatic or only play occasionally with friends or family, buying a poker table is certainly a boon. However, it is essential to do your homework before you actually buy one. This poker table buying guide gives you some important factors you should consider:

The very first thing you need to ponder upon is, how many players are going to be seated on this table and how often are you going to use it for other purposes?

One of the main criteria you should consider is whether you’d like to place your poker table in your home. There are three main choices of poker tables to consider if you want a table that has pride of a permanent place in your recreational room or home. Take heed that poker tables are expensive and actually a long-term investment, they can survive several years of use. Indeed, it will be presented as a masterpiece of furniture of any home poker room.

Quick Overview of the Main Choices of Poker Tables

  • The race track style poker table can be a great addition to your recreational room or kitchen. One of its main benefits is that it features a felt or cloth surface that can be easily replaced.

  • Octagonal table models made of birch or oak are most elegant tables that can work well in almost any room including your dining room. These tables can give you the aesthetic appeal and dual functionality you desire. One of the main downsides of these all-wood models is that they can scratch very easily. Moreover, picking cards up from furnished surfaces can be a little challenging.

  • You can also select a standard all-felt table which offers a larger playing surface. Although this table is nothing fancy, it’s generally more comfortable and conducive than other models especially when it comes to playing the game.

  • Foldable poker tables are perfect for people who want a more portable option that can be easily thrown into the truck for a thrilling game outdoors or at your lake house. These tables are also great for people who don’t have a lot of space in their apartments or homes.

  • The kitchen table would work perfectly if you were to play with just a few friends and family. But, if you have regular gatherings, it is high time you sort things out. Sorting the food and buying the beer is the easy part, and you might have all the cards and poker chips you need, but do you have a good, reliable poker table?

If people want the professional poker feel, then finding the right poker table is very important. However, in order to ensure that your gathering feels like it’s actually playing on the WSOP, you need to sort a few things out.

If you are looking for economic poker table, foldable and tabletop versions are priced quite reasonably. Whereas, for professional-level of game play, high-quality poker tables featuring wooden legs work best. They are similar to the poker tables used in casinos and have a solid construction.

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Which Factors Should You Consider When Buying a Poker Table?


Before buying a poker table for your basement, home or bar’s recreational space, we have recommended a few important points for consideration. Do you have a dedicated room such as a library, den or games room? How much space have you devoted to your poker table? What part of the room will the table occupy? Do you use that space for other activities?

Budget is also a very important factor when shopping for a card table. After all, you can spend a lot or a little on your poker table and experts recommend having a clear idea of the amount of money you want to spend before you actually start looking or shopping for a poker table.

You will find myriads of options available in the market from metal folding feet to solid wooden-made legs, cheaper-looking felt to premium-quality of slick felt. And, you will also discover widespread shapes and sizes of the table. Based on your desired features, budget and available space, you can decide on your final option.

You should have a clear idea of the type of poker table you want for the space in your den or home before heading out to buy the table. There’s a very wide range of poker tables available in the market, of all different styles and sizes. This guide will help you choose the type of poker table that is best suited for the home, den or space in question.

1.Consider the space available for your poker table

One of the most important considerations you should make when choosing the best poker table for your home or den is the space available. Designate and measure the space where your table will be situated. It’s also important to take other pieces of equipment and furniture into consideration. Consider how well your home, den or recreational room can be navigated once you place the table in the designated area. On the other hand, if you want to buy a large poker table for several people to sit around, you should also take the space chairs will occupy into consideration. Once you’ve designated and measured a suitable space where your table will be located, the process of choosing a poker table can begin.

2.Your style of Poker Game

Before you start to look for a poker table with huge options, consider what style of poker you and your group of friends normally prefer to play. Each poker table is designed for specific style of poker, some of them are made for seven-card stud while others are designed to be a Texas Holdem poker table. Choose your style first and then pick your best-suited poker table.

3.​Playing surface

Although it’s important to consider the aesthetics and general appeal of your poker table, you should not forget the playing surface. Remember, felt comes in a very wide variety of qualities and types. According to most experienced players, speed felt material is the best. However, you can choose any material whether it’s velveteen, or wool felt. Just make sure that the type of material you choose is durable and sturdy. After all, you want a table and playing surface you’ll play on for years to come.

  • Tabletop Poker table

Most popular and widely used poker tables are the tabletop versions. Look for a tabletop version that comes with a superior quality of carrying bag to maneuver the tabletop around. Even though these are tabletop versions, they can be quite heavy in weight and thus require a high-quality endurable bag. Best bags are the ones which feature double-stitching.

Cheaper tabletops will use felt that quickly balls up after few games. Look for a tabletop poker table that uses high-quality felt so that the playing cards slide smoothly over it.

Tabletops can be found in varieties of sizes and shapes for you to find the best fit. They are designed to be lightweight in nature and space-saving in design. Either you can fold these tabletops into half or third of their total open size or roll them up for easy storage. Both these designs can be stored away conveniently and also can be carried around anywhere you wish.

  • Roll-up poker tables

Roll-up poker tables fall under the category of tabletop versions. They are generally square or octagonal in shape. As the names suggest, the roll-up poker tables are designed to be space-saving and spare a lot of room. They are also much affordable as compared to Casino poker tables. You can set them up on top of any table, but note that they might slip a bit on varnished wooden tables.

Roll-up tables are typically blue and have a sticky surface in order to ensure that the table does not slide around, especially during play. They are water-resistant and are usually sized at about 70 inches x 35 inches. They can also be stored away easily for future use. However, some fold-able poker tables might start curling up around the edges if handled carelessly or roughly. Therefore, it’s extremely important to ensure that you take good care of your roll-up table and replace when worn. The average price is around $60 to $100.

  • Solid Furniture-style

Solid furniture style poker table will not fold up for convenient storage. It stands up on its legs as a piece of furniture and demands a permanent space to be allotted for it to be used along with the chairs. Furniture style poker tables come in distinct price ranges from cheaper versions to the ones that cost quite a few thousand dollars.

  • Collapsible poker tables

One of the best things about collapsible poker tables is that they usually stand on their own and require no support from other tables. They are smaller than regular/standard poker tables and don’t offer the same sense or level of luxury. However, if you desire a sense of realism, stand-alone poker tables are perfect. These tables will fit up to ten players at a push. However, they are best with eight players. However, if you are a dealer, you might prefer the 9-player poker table which has a dedicated section for the dealer. Moreover, the armrests are usually padded and the felt is thicker when compared to tabletop versions. Collapsible poker tables almost feel like real tables. Although prices vary greatly, they come in at a price range of about $400 to $600.

  • Professional tables

Let’s just be straight; professional poker tables are very expensive. However, the quality is miles away from any of the before mentioned poker tables. In fact, when you buy a professional poker table, you can rest assured that it will last a lifetime. They are typically sized at about 98 inches x 488 inches and they can easily fit up to 10 players with one poker dealer around the edge.

They are usually set lower to the floor than stand-alone tables and extremely sturdy. There are plenty of add-ons you can buy from chip holders to cup holders. However, if you want luxury you can ask about the high-quality mahogany finish. However, such tables cost about $4,000 to $8,000 as a whole. This makes professional poker tables a worthy purchase especially if you play regularly or have the space at home or in your den.

  • Premium poker tables with Extras

You can ask about premium poker tables especially if you want a TV-ready poker table. These come with all the flashy and snazzy extras which include lights around the edge, under-table lipstick cameras and an automatic shuffling machine (for cards) you can easily commentate on your poker games. However, it’s particularly essential to understand that these tables will dent your bank account at around $12,000 to $20,000. Be warned, premium poker tables are a hearty investment. Either way, if you’ve got the space and are a big poker fan, go for it! It will certainly take your game to the whole new level.

  • Customized Poker Table

For those of you who love professional-level poker table, but don’t really fancy the space-eating design, go buy a Customized dining top. Its topper is designed such that the surface for playing poker is fully concealed inside, and you can use the table for any other applications. One huge advantage of customized poker table is that the felt won’t be damaged at all, no matter for what purpose you use the table. Many people actually use their dining or kitchen table to play poker. But, customized poker table is a real poker table above which a removable plain surface is assembled that works as a dining table. Astonishing, isn’t it?

  • Kitchen table/poker table combo

Imagine splashing the cash to get a huge poker table just to realize that you have no space for your normal day-to-day activities. What are you going to do? The solution is very simple; buy a wooden table topper. This way, you can use your table as a normal kitchen table when you’re not playing. These tables are commonly used by very many poker enthusiasts and have proven to be a great compromise especially for home poker players with partners who don’t like poker.

  • Side table

Side poker tables are perfect for people with limited space in their homes or dens/recreational rooms but a surface is still needed, either for storage or drinks. These tables are small and can be easily and conveniently placed at the side of your sofa even in living rooms.

  • Folding poker tables

Folding tables also come under the category of tabletop versions. Folding tables are recommended for people who do have enough space for permanent installation of the table. Such tables are quick to assemble and easy to store. They are mass produced and are usually found at any of the chain stores for around $80 to $120. They can be octagonal in shape and when fully opened they can comfortably seat up to 8 poker players. They are typically topped with felt and can come in a wide range of colors including green. The tables often come with chip and drink holders giving players the true professional poker feel. Some folding tables come in an oval shape with a comfortable, cushioned edge in order to create a sense of luxury.

This might just be the perfect table for your den or recreational rooms. You can use a foldable poker table fleetingly when you need it and simply fold it up and store it away when you need more room for other activities. Besides being readily available in most outlets, foldable tables are also cost-effective in comparison to professional poker tables, large coffee tables or dining tables. Some of the exclusive folding poker tables also come with foldable chairs for your suitability.

Tabletop should be such that the edges of the table must not be overlapped. If it does overlap, there are high chances of the player turning or flipping the top while he sits or stands. You can find folding tables in metal as well as plastic material covered in lively colors of fabric. Some of them also come all-included with chip holders.


5.Base of the Poker Table

A professional-level poker table is assembled using these equipment: poker table set, a frame, base foundation, cushion and a tabletop/countertop. Each of this element is crafted using different material, designed to fulfill different purposes. Standard poker tables generally come in oval shape and the edges of the countertop are reinforced with unique rubber profile. This rubber profile carries aspects of elasticity. Frame and table set are two core elements of a poker table. Both of them determine the even flooring of the table and they are supposed to be crafted using specific technology with the help of MDF or hardwood. As for base of the table, Natural slate is the most preferred material to be used for it. Not only does this material has elasticity, but it also has extreme strength. Some models might use stone or chipboard as a material for base, but none of them compare to Natural slate. Wood poker tables are constructed from Mahogany, a derivative of tropical trees that beautifully suits the poker table. It has amazing texture, good strength and is easy-to-process. Most of the furniture is made from Mahogany and the poker table made from the same, looks very elegant and expensive.

6.What’s the appropriate material for your den table?

Glass Besides giving a room a modern and classy feel, glass tables can also be used for both dining tables and coffee tables. However, when it comes to a den or recreational room, a glass poker table might be too formal. Metal Just like glass tables, metal tables also create a classy, modern aesthetic. These tables are usually lightweight and some metal tables can just be taken apart to ensure that they can be easily moved around. Remember, a lot of side tables and foldable tables are usually made from metals especially light metals.

Wood Top tiers of table games made from wood come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. Some wooden tables come with central pedestal designs and some with legs. Some of these tables come with traditional wood designs such as molding accented edges and banister legs. You can wooden poker tables in round, octagon, square and many other shapes.

Regardless of the style and shape, one of the things that make wood poker tables best is its ability to accommodate many players in close quarters. In fact, you can find very many wood tables that can accommodate up to four or six matching chairs. Some wood poker tables have plain surfaces that are suitable for cocktails and meals. Wooden poker tables can give your room a traditional or rustic feel. However, this depends on the type and quality of wood used. Mahogany, pine and large oak poker tables are robust and sturdy enough to be used in informal settings. They can become an impressive centerpiece of your den or dedicated room.

However, one of the main problems with wooden tables is that they can be quite heavy and hard or impossible to take apart without damaging them. Therefore, this is one of the main factors you must take into consideration especially in terms of how easy a poker table of this weight can be carried into the room. Plastic Although plastic poker tables are light and cheap, they don’t add much value to any room especially in terms of aesthetics. However, plastic tables are the most affordable of all poker tables available. Moreover, most plastic tables come in form of foldable tables so plastic foldable tables may be the best option especially if permanent poker tables are not desired.

7.How often do you play poker?

If you don’t plan on playing poker all that often, a poker table topper might just be the best option for you. The table topper will simply slide over the table you own currently, creating a great poker lobby instantly. Moreover, you simply need to fold it away once you’ve finished playing; no hassle, no mess. However, if you play more often than not, you should invest in a proper poker table. Remember, nobody really wants to play poker on a rickety or unstable table every day. Getting a stationary poker table ensures that you’re always ready to host a group of poker enthusiasts and start playing right away.

8.How many poker players?

Consider the size of your poker gang. If it has less than ten members, then one poker table is enough. Or else, if the players exceed more than 18, you will definitely need to purchase an extra poker table. Remember, if you want to execute a multi-table poker competition, you should think about the cost. Would hiring a few poker tables be a better option? If you’re not planning on hosting multiple tournaments, then we recommend hiring the number of poker tables you need. If the tournaments are later followed by a live-action poker game, then it is better to invest in one high-quality poker table for these live games. And, purchase several affordably-priced tabletop versions for the tournaments.

9.Consider the felt/speed cloth

Even though most of us say that poker table is covered with felt, it is not really what it sounds like. True felt is challenging to work with and not very smooth surface to slide cards. Moreover, felt is also very prone to damage easily and tiny balls of lint can be seen on the surface. So, what exactly is used to cover a poker table, if not felt? Similar in nature to felt, a material named as “Velveteen” is used on low-end poker tables. The predominant material here is Speed cloth, made from olefin and polyester. But, you will also find different types in them viz. Crushed velvet or nylon velvet. Later two types are much softer and cheaply priced, but cards do not slide very smoothly on them.

As for patterned speed cloth made from polyester, the cards slide effortlessly on them. Non-patterned speed cloth is another type available for all of those who don’t like the touch and feel of patterned ones. However, again non-patterned speed cloth has an extremely smooth surface which might cause the cards to fly off the table while dealing. For smooth sliding of cards across the table, you will need to look for a premium quality of sheet. Any sheet of cloth that contains about 80%-20% ratio of cotton and polyester blend will work suitably and also provide longevity. However, these are the cheapest option. The most common colors are blue and green but you might also get grey, red and even yellow. You also have various patterns to choose from including spots, stripes, and suites. You need to open and spread out the sheet for covering the table and later it can be folded down when not in use. Speed cloth generally costs about $30 to $35 per yard and the entire playing surface can be covered for just $70. However, if you’re not certain, you can order sample packs which are offered by most reputable retailers. You should just choose the color and style that matches the general décor of your recreational room and house. For instance, if your house has a neutral décor, then a red or purple table might not be the best choice as it will stand out too much. Take your time because there is a lot you should think about.

People who love the idea of customization would love to order Custom cloth. It is a funky way of decorating and personalizing the surface of your poker table. Any image, logo, banner, designs, patterns can be printed onto this cloth, as per your liking. However, it demands extra charges ranging from about $300 to $500. Choosing pre-designed options will be cheaper, but if you are to select complex or multi-colored patterns or huge image to be printed on your cloth, the cost will be very high.

10.Do you need any extras?

The first thing you should consider before committing your money to buying a poker table is the comfort of players. Do you want them to struggle on some battered chairs, or would you rather sit through the evening in comfort? The chairs need to match the décor of the room as well. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the chairs you choose look the part and this might cost a fair penny. On the other hand, if you want to protect your table, you should get a poker table cover which is ideal for keeping debris and dust off your brand new poker table. The table cover might set you back about $40, but it’s definitely a worthy purchase. So, you should go ahead and buy the poker table of your dreams. It’ll probably set you back a few thousand dollars but it’s definitely worth it.

11.What about drinks?

This question is often overlooked. However, you also need to imagine the potential spillages and stains on your new poker table. You can prepare for this with personalized drink holders. Drink holders can sit conveniently next to players and they can also be shared. Therefore, you might need about 3 or 4 drink holders for a table that sits 7 to 9 players. Do you want food and drinks to be near or on the playing surface? The inconvenience and damage that can result from spillage have driven many poker table owners to make a general rule that drinks of any kind are not allowed at or near the table. Therefore, if you want to allow your guests to imbibe through the game, buying a poker table with cup holders is a very wise idea. After all, if your guests don’t have a good place to rest their favorite drinks they’ll start setting beverages directly on the playing surface and spill is virtually inevitable.

When choosing cup holders, a rule of thumb is to make sure that the cup holders are 3 inches deep and 2¾ inches in diameter in order to ensure that they can easily accommodate both cans and bottles. Cup holders can either be in the armrests, underneath the table or on the table itself. All in all, the beauty of poker is versatility. Remember, poker players can play in a high-class Monte Carlo casino or in a park bench or anywhere in between. All in all, having a poker table can create an atmosphere that is not only fun but also professional. No matter what table you choose and the features it has, having fun is the most important thing. Besides playing losses, buying the most extensive poker table will likely be one of the biggest expenses you’ll incur. Remember, prices vary from more than several hundred dollars for hand crafted design tables to less than a hundred dollars for basic table tops.

Remember, you can only get three main type of poker tables; solid furniture, folding tables and simple table tops. Table tops are simply that; table top covers that are placed on top of other tables. However, one of the most important factors in choosing a poker table top is ensuring that it matches the tabletop you plan on placing it on. However, since most table tops are octagonal, they bet fit on round or square tables. However, you should avoid tops with that overlap the edges of your poker table, because they are prone to be caught and flipped especially when players sit or rise. However, tables without the top are the best because players will have the best experience when playing on tables without the table tops. Therefore, if you want to use tables without the table tops you can cover them with sheets of felt.





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Coming into More Details

Versatile range of poker tables can be found on the market, each carrying different features. You need to figure out which features are worth investing in and what table is affordable to you. Some of the main features are as follows:

​The bumper (Padded cushion)

Poker games can take quite a long time and you might have lost the number of weekends or evenings that have turned into days or evenings seeing poker games right through their thrilling end. This is one of the main reasons why you need to be comfortable. The bumper provides a great place for you and your guests to rest your elbows and arms. Consider buying a poker table that is thicker than the standard in order to maximize player comfort.

The betting line

The betting line basically follows the shape of the table and acts as a border line between the poker chips that are ‘play in’ and those that are yours. It’s essential to ensure that your poker table has a clear betting line in order to get rid of issues of uncertainty of whether a bet has actually been made or the possibility that the chips have been scooped up by an excited dealer.

​The racetrack

This is the hard surface inside the bumper. You might prefer the hard, wood effect or the baize next to the bumper. Whether you go for this or the baize that rises up to the bumper, it’s just a matter of choice! You can use the race track as a drinking glass or as the place where players stack chips that are not in use. This area takes the greatest wear because it’s used by players to re-stack and shuffle chips and a wipe down surface that is very durable in order to save some wear. This area can also serve as a demarcation that defines when a player has placed a bet (instead of the usual betting line).

​​Cup holders

Cup holders are designed to protect the playing surface by keeping drinks in a safe, fixed position.

Besides keeping drinks out of the playing area, they also define the position and number of seats at the poker table. Look for stainless steel cup holders that can be removed for cleaning.

Playing cloth

If you want a poker table that you’ll use for many years to come it’s recommended that you get one with high-quality speed cloth to ensure both unbeatable durability and smooth sliding of poker cards. Besides looking stunning, speed cloth is also partially water resistant. However, spills should be wiped as soon as possible.

​Dealer position

Some poker tables come with a fixed chops tray and/or dealer position. If you want to run events such as tournaments which utilize poker dealers or simply like to designate one player as a dealer, it’s recommended that you get poker tables with fixed dealer positions.

Table seating capacity, shape, and size

Before buying a table, it is important to consider all your specific needs in order to balance them with any restrictions you encounter. Remember, space is one of the most common restrictions. First, consider the number of poker players you want to accommodate. Second, give consideration to the space you have and whether you have enough dedicated space for a poker table. Seating comfort is the third consideration; the space each player will have in front of them. Anything less than 18 inches will make people feel crowded. Oval tables provide more room and comfort than octagonal and round tables.

An octagonal or round table with a diameter of at least 48 inches can accommodate 8 players. However, a 54-inch diameter table is much more preferable. A 48” diameter table gives each player about 19 inches of personal space, while a 54-inch poker table gives about 21 inches to every player, which is more comfortable. However, to accommodate eight players at a round poker table it should be about 36 to 42” wide and 72” long. This gives each person 22” to 23” of personal room.

A decagonal or round poker table of about 55 to 60” diameter is perfect for up to ten poker players. However, 55” diameter will make for a rather tight fit of about 17.5 inches per player. On the other hand, 60” will get each player 19” of room. One downside of poker tables of this size is that it’s generally very difficult for players to reach the center when they want to scoop up poker chips from the winning hand. Moreover, these tables are rather expensive and hard to find.

Oval tables accommodating up to 10 poker players should be about 36 to 48” wide and 84 to 96” long. However, if you prefer a dealer to be present at the table the space for each player is reduced by about 2 inches because this makes a total of 11 people at the table.

In addition to comfort, you should also consider the line-of-sight of different tables. For instance, polygon or round poker tables give the same sightlines to the players. However, for oval tables, players who are seated along the straight sides of the table toward the middle have the best sight lines. Players sitting toward the ends may have difficulty seeing other players up cards or board cards which are usually placed at the center of the poker table.

​Felt tabletops:

To convert your normal dining table or kitchen table into poker table, you get a fabric layer termed as Felt tabletops. Depending on the quality, you can find them in cheap as well as premium quality materials. The best thing about Felt tabletops is that you can easily roll them up or fold it away and use the table again for normal day-to-day purposes.

​Food trays

What good a poker game would be without food? To make your poker game more exciting and fun experience, you can choose a table that has inbuilt food tray to stack it up with snacks. However, poker purists might not fancy having food around a poker table! It all comes down to your personal preference. Casual players would love the idea of food trays in a poker table!


Yet another feature that completely depends on your personal taste. If you want your poker game to be a relaxed activity, nothing will be better than armrests. They are comfortable, soft and soothing. On the other hand, serious players won’t be that impressed with this aspect.

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What is the Price of Poker Table?

Price paid for a poker table can vary greatly, completely depending on its design and features. Moreover, the price you are ready to pay for, determines how serious of a player you really are. Some of you only think poker to be a fun activity that comprises of snacks, a group of friends, etc. But for others, it is a serious game where huge money is involved.

For fun games, Tabletops are an ideal choice. They are pretty cheap, fairly durable and easy-to-store. You can purchase Tabletops for a price of less than $50. Professional-level high-end tables like Texas Holdem are perfect for club owners and poker aficionados. Such tables are priced from $300 to $700. Poker tables that are provided with chairs are very high-priced, generally above $2000.

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Where to buy Poker table?

You can buy a poker table from reliable websites like Amazon, or you could visit local stores for better understanding and inspection of the table. While ordering online, always get to know about the shipping and assembly charges first, and then proceed further. If you are not being able to assemble the table, the cost required to get it assembled must be discussed beforehand.


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